Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Bye Felicia!

After I confronted her about the toilet situation, Lisa left for work. Because she had only paid for one night, I told her that I would hold on to the key until she was paid up. I didn't want someone walking around with my house keys. She wasn't crazy about that idea because she felt like we had a deal. We did! It was that I would let her stay at my place in exchanged for payment. She paid for a night, I let her stay for a night! What's the problem here? Here's a stranger demanding that I give her a key to my house! She told me that, she felt insecure, as if she still hadn't found a place; that she could come back and I would have given the place to someone else. Don't give me ideas, lady! I told her that the only way to secure the place was to pay for it. I didn't understand the sense of entitlement.

When she left for work, she took all her stuff with her.  I guess she was afraid I was going to steal her clothes and her chicken. I noticed that she had used my faux leather dining room chair as a stand for her heater overnight. I mean! The thing is practically made out of flammable material and you gonna put a heater on top of it? I rest my case. 

Lisa was so scared I would give the place away while she was at work, she told me that she was going to call during the day to check if it were still available. Well, you don't have a key, so you have to call before you show up anyway! I might not be home when you get home.

That was the end of Lisa and I! I never heard from her again. I tell ya, I was relieved when she didn't call! She must have gone back to where she came from. Wherever that is! The money would've been nice but the amount of damage she cause in just 12 house was too much! Considering she spent most of those hours sleeping, can you imagine what she can do in a weekend? Weeks? 2 months? Thank goodness for small miracles.

My boyfriend, Calvin came by towards the end of the month. It was an impromptu meeting. I loved it! We went out to eat. I don't normally go out to eat, so I don't know great spots around my neighborhood, so we had to use Google to find one. And yelp! There was one just a few blocks away. Sushi! Cal's favorite food.

The ambiance was nice, a cute, restaurant with only a few tables and stools by the counter. We sat at the counter. Chef came out to meet us. I thought that was nice. The restaurant has almost 5 stars on Yelp which is unheard of. They literally have like 4.8 stars! From the way they treated us, I can tell why! 

Sushi platter

We ordered our food, well, Cal ordered for both of us because I don't know much about Sushi. Towards the end of the night, the chef brought us complimentary sushi, which was even better tasting than the stuff we ordered. Those people know how to do business, I tell ya! We left there feeling nice inside!

Free Sushi rolls. So delicious!
That was one of the two plates of free sushi the chef gave us. Sweet, huh?