Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Welcome to Palm Springs

After our nice lunch at Mt San Jacinto, we made our way to Palm Springs. I was excited! Calvin was too! He hadn't been there since his early teens.

Welcome to Palm Springs!

Short drive and boom! At our hotel! Or were we? I hadn't paid attention when Calvin made reservations the previous night. Turns out, he wasn't sure where exactly he had made reservations for us. Two hotels had similar names and they had both hotels not far from each other in Palm Springs. At first, we were sure where we were going until the eating guy at the desk told us he couldn't find Cal's name on the thing. That's when Calvin was like, wait! Was it so and so? I was like, great! I just wanna take a bath, put my feet up and watch good old fashioned TV. I didn't have a TV in my apartment; this was before I won one on Let's Make a Deal! Calvin has two TV's but we never watch it when I'm at is. We always just used the projector for movies. I sometimes would take my hard drive along when I go to spend the weekend at his or we would hire/rent movies from Red Box. I just wanted to watch TV. Why not? I always watch TV at hotels! I told Cal to call the other hotel and check. He couldn't be bothered. He told me that he would call his Credit card company and have them reverse payment. I'm like if the hotel's policy is no cancellation, no refund, what are you gonna do? He didn't care. He was adamant that he would get his refund from the credit card people.

Is that a ghost? That white thing wasn't there when I took the picture! 

If you're ok with it, why should I be so bothered? Is it my credit card? No mam! I dragged my bags and tried to find our room.

View from our room

The room was a few feet from the pool. Which was nice, even though it was winter. One can always appreciate a beautiful view. The room was cosy. I liked it.

 In a very strange way, it reminded me of the hotel 'daddy' took us to  when I still lived in San Diego with Perry. First and foremost, I turned on the TV. The remote didn't seem to work. It only worked when I held it right against the TV, which means it's note a REMOTE  controller. If it doesn't work from remotely. Right? Calv told me not to worry about it. I was like, you don't worry! I ran back to the chewing guy, he was still eating. Dude ate the entire time he was helping us too! He gave me a new remote. They're all universal. I ran back to the room, tested the new remote. It worked, I found a decent channel. By decent, I mean, some crime documentary. I just love those! I found a show where they documented real life criminals while doing crazy ass crime like stealing cars and selling them or selling drugs. It was crazy! They were dealing with wads of cash! I still don't know how real that show is. the 'criminals' had balaclavas on.

Before I got too comfortable, I went for a nice bath. Turns out Calvin had brought the bath salts with him. they're really amazing, they're in some therapeutic oils, so it's a double whammy. I soaked in the tub forever! Best bath I'd taken in months! But then again, I didn't really take baths at home when I had airbnb guest. You never know what you could be soaking up into your openings. Just saying!

From tub, to bed! We watched a little bit of tv and passed out. I went first!

Later on, Cal woke up and woke me up. He told me we didn't go there to sleep. He was right! We both have very comfortable beds back home, we didn't need to drive two hours to sleep in a paid for bed. We got ready and took the bus downtown. We decided to take the bus because the eater had told us that there was a free shuttle from the hotel downtown Palm Springs and back. Why not? Cal and I had never taken the bus together. here's to our first time! It was dark outside. We found the bus stop and eventually, after missing two or so buses, we took one. There were only a couple of passengers inside. We got off downtown. Palm Springs is a small town. Cute, but small.

I wanted to check out whatever there was to see. Which included everything because it's a small town. I also wanted to see the walk of fame or whatever they call it there. I wanted to see Real housewife of Beverly hills, Lisa Van der Pump's star. I'd seen her being honored with one on the show, why not pose for a picture at it!

Found it! Lis Van der Pump's star in Palm Springs

It was dark out, we walked from where were got off the bus one way, crossed the street and walked back. It wasn't a very long walk, but I started itching. Dang it! There goes my fun! I needed to stand for several minutes for it to get better but I didn't have several minutes, it was cold outside. I told Cal to find a restaurant and call me. I had to stop after a while. I was dying. If you have never had this issue, I really can't explain to you how much of hell it is. However, we soldier on! This is not going to ruin my vacation! Heck naw! There were still lights from Christmas in some of the shops. All the lights gave the main street a Bourbon Street feel. Even though, I've never been to New Orleans. By the way, that's in my list of places to visit!

Day before in San Jacinto

Calvin didn't want to leave me behind and go to a restaurant, he felt bad. He also wanted us to pick the restaurant together, so he found a bench and waited for me. When I caught up with him by the bench, I just wanted to sit there myself. Not long after, we went to a Belgian/French restaurant. It was cute. Cosy. They had a covered up outside part, which is where we sat. If a restaurant has outside dining, we always sit outside. We like to live it up! They had heaters on in the outside and it was enclosed with a tent like thing, with big windows. Our server was French, he had the accent and everything.

Seafood for dinner

The music was from both countries, Belgium and France. Calvin had steak, with apple and stuff. I decided to have Frog legs. It was my first time. I told you I was going to try them out! You know what? I hate to say it but they taste just like Chicken! Frog Legs in Garlic sauce. Not half bad!

Frog Legs in Garlic sauce

Don't they look like chicken wings?

Calvin's dinner. Steak with apple as you can see the slice on top

The food was delicious and warm, service was ok, thanks for the heaters. Now, back to the hotel!

Au Revoir!


Unknown said...

Mhhh 🐸 legs?? I think you mentioned once. 💭. No thanks.

Brook said...

Yes I did mention them before when we went to the Orange County Fair. I didn't get them then though.
Look at it this way, if you love chicken,you will love frog legs too!

Unknown said...

Lol no thanks. I don't want to eat frog just like I don't want to pat a python or eat 🐍 meat.

Brook said...

LOL The shade!
Or have a pet spider.