Monday, May 30, 2022

Mail Delivery | Team No Sleep

  So, my new boss is hot! i.e. handsome and tall. California guy lookswise. Not necessarily my type, just saying! It was around 11pm that I first met him. He had asked me to go to work even though I had just had an entire day of traveling across a couple of states. I tried to reason with him but he told me that they really needed me. Someone had just quit. I don't know if it's quitting or AWOLing if it's at the time of your shift. I was adamant that I was in no condition to drive that night from how tired I was. One thing about truck driving,

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Trucks, Plains and Automobiles. California to Washington, Via Arizona

Here’s a story I haven’t told on the blog. Press play then send hugs

I talked to my landlady about my new venture ahead. I was sad to be leaving so soon. I had already taken a liking to my new housemates, i.e. landlord and his wife. She told me I was welcome back anytime, I may have shed a tear. She gave me gift, lots of gifts and a suitcase to put them in.See this video for what exactly I got! Tom, the landlord wasn't home, so I was going to miss him, or he was going to miss me! It's also all systems go with my pre-prepared meals for the week ahead. We're taking it with me to Washington! If you think I'm going to throw away good enough food, you'd better think again, my friend. You know what happened when I was uhm expelled. I took that food along with me to two different homes. And I didn't even know where I was going to end up! Why wouldn't I fly across two states with freshly prepared meals to a hotel that I know will have a refrigerator? I know this because I called in advance and asked. 

I committed to working the Washington for minimum of a month. The deal was that I was going to be put in a hotel but there would be times where I would have to spend the night in the truck. What that meant was that I had to also pack as though I was going to live in the truck full time. That's a different kind of animal to staying in a residence and traveling to work daily. All that AND I had cooked food to take with me as well! Man! Also, I like to prepare my own meals, what's gonna happen when I'm out there? I don't want to have to buy fast food. these were all real concerns I didn't have that much time to entertain but had to. By the way, my car wasn't going to be able to stay at Tom's (my landlord) because I had told them I was moving out.

Thursday, May 12, 2022

My Path to Financial Freedom

Press Play!

The Above video is follow up to previous blog.

Why do I think I told you this, but I find no trace of it on these pages? A couple of years ago, a really great gal I know from doing background work, offered the services of her husband to me. I took her number and let her know that I would reach out when I was ready. You know, because beggars / choosers? Just kidding, she had just offered because, apparently her husband is very good with personal finance stuff and loves to help people. It did seem too good to be true. I was living with my lovely then husband, Calvin at the time. All my energy was going towards survival but I never forgot the offer. A Few years later, I am now working as a trucker, I'd saved a decent amount of money for buying a house. We were in the middle of a pandemic, I was sitting with what I considered a ton of money. Opportunity cost anybody? My head was spinning, and my hands itching.

Friday, May 06, 2022

Honey, we're going to Washington!

 The guy from downstairs I mentioned on the previous blog? He should have not looked me in the eye after what he did or didn't do upstairs! I found the toilet seat closed. Never trust a closed toilet seat! I have brothers and I have lived with men. Just because someone closes the toilet seat, doesn't mean they're such a gentleman, they must've picked it up before they used the toilet. Also, ladies, and some of you gents, who sit on the toilet; just because the toilet seat isn't wet, doesn't mean it's clean. I know guys who will wipe their pee with tissue after wetting the seat. I sometimes prefer them leaving it all the way up. But that's also a false sense of security because, they probably put it up AFTER using it. I know! I have more issues than Vogue! Back to the (t)issue at hand: I don't take my own advice by flushing before I lift the toilet lid. And that was not a good move! That fcking Air BnB guest had had a number two and didn't bother to flush! Who are you leaving this movement for, Sir? What theeee phuckkkk? I was so mad! And pressed. Instinctively, I flushed as soon as I saw it. I wanted it to disappear, sht! ( no pun intended sht). Afterwards, I went to the landlady equipped with my translator. I told her what had happened.