Friday, May 06, 2022

Honey, we're going to Washington!

 The guy from downstairs I mentioned on the previous blog? He should have not looked me in the eye after what he did or didn't do upstairs! I found the toilet seat closed. Never trust a closed toilet seat! I have brothers and I have lived with men. Just because someone closes the toilet seat, doesn't mean they're such a gentleman, they must've picked it up before they used the toilet. Also, ladies, and some of you gents, who sit on the toilet; just because the toilet seat isn't wet, doesn't mean it's clean. I know guys who will wipe their pee with tissue after wetting the seat. I sometimes prefer them leaving it all the way up. But that's also a false sense of security because, they probably put it up AFTER using it. I know! I have more issues than Vogue! Back to the (t)issue at hand: I don't take my own advice by flushing before I lift the toilet lid. And that was not a good move! That fcking Air BnB guest had had a number two and didn't bother to flush! Who are you leaving this movement for, Sir? What theeee phuckkkk? I was so mad! And pressed. Instinctively, I flushed as soon as I saw it. I wanted it to disappear, sht! ( no pun intended sht). Afterwards, I went to the landlady equipped with my translator. I told her what had happened.

It's so hard to talk to people about poo, now I gotta talk to my cell about it and have the cell talk to this innocent, amazing woman about it. Nobody needed to hear any of that, not even my cell, but it had to happen. I didn't know how long the dude was going to be staying for, to prevent such an incident from being repeated, it needed to be addressed. How gross! The joys of sharing with strangers! 

Apparently, The shitty guy complained to Tom, the landlord about the room he was in not being the same as the one he had reserved on the Air BnB website. Welcome to my life, dude! That's the exact same thing that happened to me at the previous place I stayed in. I didn't know what his deal was, but I was too busy adjusting to life after being fired to care. Tom subsequently came to me. His tail was between his leg. I thought to myself, what could it be? Did I do something wrong. Yall, am I the only one who gets to anxious when someone pulls you aside because the need to talk to you? Ugh, I can't handle that! Just talk to me already! Tom knocked on my door, asked to come in. Which was even more surprising because whenever he had wanted to talk to me before, he would stand far from my door, to give me privacy for when I open the door. Which was such a my late uncle move. Which then endeared Tom to me even more because he reminded me of someone I was very fond and respectful of. I let Tom in and asked what the matter was. He told me that the new guy had booked my room, Tom didn't realize that he didn't adjust the availability on Air BnB etc. He didn't need to ask me twice. I agreed to move to the other room. Listen, I had lived in different trucks for a couple of years. You want me to move to another room, sure! After all the poor treatment from those female dogs who couldn't care less about me, I will co-orperate in a flash. This was nothing and I was glad to be in a position to do a favor for someone who had already showed me so much kindness. It was a pleasure! Tom shook my hand, he was so appreciative. It's important you keep your rating high on AirBnB, it's business. As a former host myself, I get it. Also, Tom and I gave each other great reviews as host and guest respectively.

My new room was in the corner. I was between two empty rooms and right across the hall from the bathroom. My windows were on both sides that I was cornering; one on the street and the other, facing next door. I'm on the top floor, so nice views. It's also a nice, new,  neighborhood. Not long after moving to my new bedroom, I got a call from the temp agency who had booked me for my first job that I told you about on this blog. They told me about a position to deliver mail in Washington state for a few weeks. I'm in California state. Washington state (not where the president lives; that's Washington DC {District of Columbia}which doesn't belong to any of the 50 United States of America), is 2 states away. Oregon being in the middle. It's beautiful out there. When you hear them talk of the Pacific northwest: WAshington, ORegon and IDaho. It was April, I didn't have to worry about it being super cold and snowy, I thought to myself. The agency told me that they would fly me out there. What? I have driven from one end of the country to the other and now someone is going to fly me a couple of states over? I can make that drive in a day in a truck! But this is exciting! They would put me in a hotel and and and. It all sounded so different and refreshing. I agreed without much thought. 

Soon as the lady who had called me from the agency hung up, I got nervous. I felt anxious. I called them back to cancel.Someone else picked up. They all seemed to know about this position. They told me that it was a new client  (such as myself) and he was willing to talk to me on the phone, to explain what he needed from me. I called him. Good vibes already. I liked him. I was like, you know what? What have I to lose? We're going to Washing, yall! 

When do I leave? Tomorrow! Yup, I committed to flying out the following day. True to form, I had recently gone grocery shopping and was going to be meal prepping for the week that day. So, I went ahead and did that, spent some time on the TSA website, DM'ed tham a couple questions and voila! I was going to be flying with preprepped meals to Washington. I had just gone through a similar situation with being fired just after cooking for the week. Everything must really happen for a reason because I was feeling well experienced in traveling with ready made meals, to the point of flying with it on a plane. Cooked two to three meals, let it cool down while I packed. 

I was going to have to make a major decision of whether I was going to reserve my room for the month I was away or move out. More on that ... and more on the next episode. Click on the links below to find me in the different social media.

Love ya!


  1. I'm so glad I wasn't eating reading the first part of this post.
    I do have an issue with sharing a toilet, if I don't know the person well.
    As for the Washington OP, who knows?
    Maybe time for a change for you.
    All the best out there.
    Much Love.

  2. Oops! Sorry about the grossness!
    You definitely would have a hard time in the trucking word. The only restrooms you have access to are shared. Thank you kind Sir
    I will check your blog when I have a couple of minutes!