Thursday, October 21, 2021

American Green Card Update

If you’ve been a reader of my more than ten year old blog for a while, you’ve seen me go through ups and downs in this beautiful country of America. The promised land. I’ve had visas, they’ve expired, I’ve had the renewed; I’ve been honored to receive different visas with different privileges and I’ve had the revoked. I’ve even been deported! Kinda! They’ve sent me the paperwork to vacate The US in 30 days. I’ve been through it all! I didn’t want to marry someone for a green card and have that hanging over my neck for life. Nothing against those who do go that route. This is one of the reasons when my ex husband,  who was emotionally and verbally abusive, tried to use American citizenship as a carrot to dangle over my heard, I noped the f*ck out. You found me in this country! It is not because of you that I’m in America, and it will NOT be because of you that I leave. Good bye! That backfired on his ass! Go tell all your friends who suspected that I married you for a green card that I left! You’ve been yelling at me in public, making a spectacle of yourself, saying you pay for everything but now I’m leaving. Was I as dependent on you as you claimed I was? The joke’s on you, Sir! Biggest mistake you’ll ever make in your life! You can’t say you have not been warned! 

Ooph! I went on a bit of a rant there, my bad! I’ve an issue with people who like to flex their muscles when they think they have the upper hand. No! You don’t have the upper hand! I’m a good, kind, genuine person! I have the upper hand! I will always come out on top because I’ve my head screwed on right and I am not afraid of hard work. F*ck off with your muscles. I get it, yall are narcissistic and need the world to revolve around yall. We all want attention, we all want to be treated like humans. You’re not better than anybody else. This second paragraph is meant for all the self absorbed folk out there. 

Ok, back to the topic at hand. You’ve heard of the law of attraction, right? I think those folks maybe onto something. They may also have just made something up and it’s making them money along the way. What I like about it is that it aligns with how I’ve always lived my life, not even knowing that there was a name to the process. The things I’ve learned,  and continue to, about the application of ask, believe, receive, seem to work for me. I’m here for anything that works. I’ve posted a few blogs on my visualization to manifestation life. There are a few wishes that have always been constant for me over the years, a Green card, finding love and losing weight are among the top three. I can apply myself into losing weight but the other two, I’d have to somehow manifest. I guess that involves applying myself somehow. After my deportation scare, which lit such a fire under my butt, I was that much more determined to get a green card. I had a new reason to wanna achieve it: to spite my ex husband , Calvin. I did the dreaded paperwork. I stayed up for hours on end, changing positions, typing and writing. I was intentionally shifting my mind to thinking positive thoughts only. This was my last stop to Green card application. I was going to give it my all. If it didn’t work out, I was open to whatever was to follow. The countdown was on on my 30 days notice to leave the US. I submitted my application in that period and hoped that it would land on someone’s hands then. I had to think positively that of all the mail Immigrations receives on a regular basis, mine was going to be received ASAP and they were going to respond in my favor. Tall order! I received a work permit in no time, flat. I get verklempt at just the thought of that period in my life. I was renting a room in my ex husband’s house and still being yelled ar. Some days, it was the yelling, some mornings, I would wake up to him next to me, because “I love you so much, Brook. You’re the love of my life. Let’s get remarried!” He had moved on with his life. He was seeing another woman. None of my business. My energy had to be tunnel visioned towards achieving what was most important to me. I achieved the first most important thing! Thank you stars! Now, I can get out there and work! I could also legally sign official paperwork like a lease. I apologize if some of this sounds familiar to you. I’m Trying to put everything in sequence for anyone who needs to see this and happens on just this one post. Cut to, I had been visualizing a green card approval that didn’t require me to go to an interview. I had already gone for an interview with my ex husband when we were together. That was draining on me and it didn’t yield positive results. I got an invite to go for another interview. By myself this time as I’m soloing this ride out. I didn’t know what my work schedule was going to be for that week and didn’t want to just apply for a day off as I didn’t want anybody knowing about what I had going on. There was paperwork I needed to complete to take with me to my appointment. It’s the medical report. I tried to take care of that while I was on the road. That didn’t pan out. Luckily, I was able to get it done at the same doctor  went to years ago to do the first one. I like it there, everyone has great vibes. I did have to drive more than an hour there and be in my ex’s neighborhood, which was a bizarre experience but I’m glad I went. I received the green card interview notice about 14 days before the appointment! I was nervous about whether or not I was going to be able to get the medical results back in time. The doctor’s rooms did everything they could to accommodate me. I felt so lucky that things were so nerve wrecking but working out in my favor. 

Day of Green card interview: I had to work but I schedule myself as to what time I do the pick up as long as I do  the delivery on time. Delivery was going to be in two days in California. I had time. I took my most formal looking clothes from the truck and lace up shoes I hadn’t worn yet, ear rings my sister had sent me from South Africa. I looked decent. 

I had pants in bottom

I was hyper focused as I wanted to make sure I remembered everything! I remember having to run back to the truck from my car for something and someone knocking on my truck door. This was 6am. For those who may not know, I’m a truck driver and I lived in the truck full time at the time of Adjustment of Status interview. This guy, one of the stalker types mentioned on this blog, wanted to ask me out. I was like, I’ll think about it. Like, NOT TODAY, SATAN! Gosh! I had to recollect my emotions. This was a special day! I made it downtown Los Angeles where Immigration offices are situated. Not a lot of people in holding area. The ladies at the window and the guards were friendly. I saw an African American lady come to call someone for their appointment. I had a feeling she was going to do mine. I didn’t have a preference. Just someone who was going to approve me! Lo and behold, I got the African American lady. My heart skipped a couple of beats. “Breathe, Brook!” 

The lady had a fat stack of what looked like ALL the paperwork I had ever submitted to Immigrations over the years in front of her. She asked me a series of what sounded like standard questions. I answered honestly. I hadn’t done any preparation work, unlike when I was going to be interviewed with my then husband. This time I was going to talk about myself. I was just going to answer honestly. The interviewing officer then looked at my paperwork and seemed shocked that My first application (with hubs) was never approved. You and I, both lady! She then said, (Omg I getting teary eyed!) I’M GOING TO APPROVE YOUR APPLICATION! Hearing that was just like… I have no words! It felt like the logical thing to happen because of all the spiritual work I’d done around that aspect! (And all the prayers from my family. Thank you, fam!). It also felt like an alternate universe where one’s wildest dreams come true! It felt like the biggest gift anyone can receive and I was the chosen one. I felt the feeling I always wonder what it’s like: the feeling of feeling SEEN and HEARD, the feeling of your presence being Acknowledged. I felt like I mattered. The Officer congratulated me and apologized that it took so long. She told me how impressed she was by the role I am playing in US economy, holding a job and being an overall upstanding citizen. It felt like an electric blanket in the winter! She wished me well in my future endeavors and told me to expect my card in the mail in ten days. She did ask for my number should there be a need for them to contact me. My voice cracked halfway through my number and that’s when I broke down and cried. Tears of joy. 

Getting back to my car, I saw a ton of missed calls from my job. They saw that my truck was still in the yard and wanted to ask if I was going to make the pick up. They never ask this. They then took the load from me. I called them back and they got me another load. They told me to communicate. It’s very important. Oh fck off! As if you guys do communicate! I just apologized and thanked them for accommodating me. 

I received my Green card on the 10th day. It looked nothing like I imagined. I called and told my family in Africa. This is my first time sharing telling anyone else! You’re welcome.

I hope you gain something from my stories of courage and resilience. Not to toot my own horn but they say know thyself, and I’m here to show you what can be done! It’s not just about living overseas; you can apply the techniques to various aspects of your life! 

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  1. Thank you for your bravery. Baddas woman I know. Your resilience will help a lot of people who doubt they own strength.

    1. Thank you, Pru! I appreciate this so much! Even though I'm responding 6 months later, smdh.

  2. Hi BB,

    In reading more of your posts, I'm developing a better picture of you.
    You are obviously an independent and strong lady.
    Obviously you overlooked certain warning signs with your ex, which has ended up with him being your ex but you are obviously better off without that relationship as it was.
    It was good to read that you and your ex have a cordial relationship now, where he would ever offer to help you move if you needed it.

    I admire your determination, with immigration and also with the jobs you needed to do in order to advance towards your vision.

    We did the Ebay thing to sell to move, it was hindered by the lockdowns but was helpful.
    I hope it's going well.

    Much Love.

    1. Hi Dr Phil!
      By the way, great show to see in person, if you're ever in LA!
      Thanks for stopping by. My situation with my ex is / was complicated at best. He will offer to do anything for me. Offer being the operative word. I appreciate the compliment. eBay seems to have changed this time around for me. Traction is different, thankfully, thee are other platforms. But I still list on eBay for the odd chance. I'm happy it worked for you guys. You seem to have dabbled on a lot of things yourself from what I'm learning!