Monday, August 31, 2015


In Union Station, Chris offered to help carry my luggage to the bus stop. I told him he didn't have to carry it, he could just roll it. He pulled the two pieces of luggage and was walking in reverse, facing me. I was walking slower. In the history of mankind, I'd never seen such a thing! We were going to the other side of the station, is this guy going to walk in reverse all the way there? That was yet to be seen! My concern was that he was going to bump into people. Who walks in reverse? Especially in a busy place like union Station!

As we were walking, he asked if he could visit me in Vegas. I asked why. He told me that he was going to miss me. I was like, I'm sure you'l be fine! Like, why should I have a fake deal with someone about coming to see me when we clearly are not friends, we clearly didn't get along! he had been telling me for the longest time that he has a rich friend from South Africa who lives in Vegas that he met on Facebook. She is married to a doctor and had invited him to pay them a visit. I told him maybe he should pay that girl a visit friends. They had been friends longer than he had known me, after all. He told me he wanted to visit us all at once. I was like, call me when you're in Vegas! I mean,  I had to make an impromptu trip to LA to pick up my stuff because you were threatening me, what do you mean you want to pay me a visit? We're not friends, my friend! I didn't say that to him but I sure thought it! I was an hour early at the bus stop. He wanted to wait there until the bus arrived. He's very clingy that Chris, why would you want to be so sticky to someone you don't even like? I don't get it! It was like 7am. Dude was in my face the whole time. I just wanted space and fresh air. That bad breath wasn't getting any fresher!

As we were arriving at the bus stop, I reached into my wallet to take out some money to thank him for hosting me. That wasn't part of the deal but I thought it'd be nice. As I was taking out the money from the wallet, he burst out laughing and said, "you know what, Brook? It's a pity you left LA, they have very good mental illness programs here! You would really benefit from them. I think you're bipolar!" I literally closed my wallet, put it back in my handbag and asked for my bags that he was carrying for me. He held on to them, you know, because he wasn't done talking yet, that was his way of making me hear him out. I was like, that's rich coming from a retard! I had never wanted to stoop to that level but I tried and he just kept digging and digging, finally, I couldn't not say something anymore. After that, I was fuming, but I bit my tongue and just let him have his moment. He gave it to me, telling me how I wasn't welcome in his home any more. He didn't like my attitude. He didn't know whether I thought I was better than him, I wouldn't engage in conversation with him. He never had such an experience before of someone who just wouldn't engage with him. Who did I think I was, blah blah bla.

When he was done, he gave me my bag and left, he laughed as he walked away. As if to provoke me. I was too happy to see him leave, I didn't care.

When he left, I played back all the insults and thought to myself, Brook, get over this. It's over now, he's gone. Who cares. But the urge to text him took over! I sent him a text thanking him for everything and told him I was about to give him some money when he decided to insult me calling me a mental case. He texted back, 'you're welcome, Brook. You can keep your money, you need it more than I do. I don't need your money, I have God on my side. God loves me, he will provide for me, just like he has already. That's why  I have an apartment and a job, things you don't have blah blah blah.' He went on and on. I thought to myself, damn! this dude, does not like me! In his his head,I am poor and destitute. I mean, he doesn't know the first thing about me because he never asks, he just assumed from the day he first met me that he was better than me! The day he insulted me, he was wearing Polo Sneakers that I gave him and a tracksuit I gave him when I moved to Vegas and yet I was destitute! Wow!

When he wouldn't stop texting, I blocked him. Then I sent him a 'courtesy text' telling him that if he was still texting, I wasn't receiving his texts for some reason, my phone was having a problem. I knew he was going to believe that because, well, obviously, it was a cheap phone because I'm poor and all. I don't know if he responded because I had blocked his ass.

I spent the rest of the hour trying to think of something positive to forget about the very bad experience I had just had over the past two days staying at Chris'. It was easy, my life was amazing, to top it off, I had just picked up some of my stuff from his house, well, most of my stuff, I didn't care if he 'donated' the rest of the stuff to Red Cross. I had a nice ride back to Vegas and worked that afternoon.

I had been working on achieving the things on my Vision Board. Some were in my control, some not so much but I kept revisiting it, because that's what you have to do. To keep them fresh on your mind. I was looking at buying a car and then maybe going on a road trip around Christmas time. I kept checking the car sites. When it got stressful, like when the car I wanted was way above my budget or something like that, I would get off the internet or do something else. One Saturday afternoon, I went online. I saw a white Land Rover with black leather seats. I had written down that my first choice was a black Land Rover Range rover with beige seats, second choice was LAnd Rover Discover, white with black leather seats. I got excited! The car looked so good, it was in great condition. I had a great feeling about it! That had to be the car I was going to buy! I clicked on it. I had been searching in Salt Lake City, Utah; Los Angeles, California; Phoenix, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada. That's four different states. All states I had been before and were surrounding where I lived, Vegas. If I had found a car in a different state, I would just make a trip of it, take the bus there and drive back. I was excited about that! As long as it feels good, you should do it! If it seems crazy but feels good, do it anyway! Just don't tell anyone about it, they might discourage you and plant a seed of doubt in your mind. That's the last thing you need when you're working on achieving your wildest dreams. I never told anyone I was working on buying a car. It was my little secret. I didn't want anyone to ruin my vibe. The reactions when they found out I just bought a car would be way better than when I told them I was going to buy it anyway, right?
These are the pictures on the Dealership's website. How can you not fall in love?

I called the seller, he didn't reply. I texted him. The car was in a dealership in LA. I was in Vegas, he was somewhere out of town, they were closed for the weekend. He told me to meet him Monday morning. They open at 10:00. I had an entire day in between to go completely crazy, I had to try and keep myself entertained and not allow any negative sht into my head until Sunday night when I would be traveling to LA. Time flew! I watched some TV and blogged. I packed a small overnight bag and planned to go see my Peruvian friend that morning before I went to the dealership as I was going to arrive around 5:30 am. We had been in touch, her husband was out of town filming, I knew I could just budge in on her. She was home alone.

I got off the bus in union station, took the train to Korea Town to my Peruvian's. I arrived there, called her, she never picked up. Uh oh! Now what? Someone opened the main door, I asked them to let me in, they did. Score! I went up to my friend's and knocked. No answer, oopsie! I went to the bottom floor, they had a small table and a chair over there. I was going to sit there and read a book until it was time to head to the dealership. As I was doing that, who walked through the door? My friend! She was on her way from the gym! This is around 06:30! I was like hey! She freaked out! Could you imagine! She didn't even know I was in town, now I'm in her apartment building. It was so fun. We do that to each other all the time back home with my family. I live for that reaction haha. Of course, I wouldn't do it to someone I wasn't close with like Chris smdh.

We went to her apartment, she made breakfast, we caught up a bit, I told her I wasn't staying. I needed to go somewhere. I had an appointment. She didn't ask much, I didn't divulge much. She was like, please call next time you come over. I was like, I will, girl, chill! This was a once off thing, plus, it's not like I'm moving in. I was just in the neighborhood. She seemed fine though, she did keep telling me that about seven times though. I think she wanted to make sure that I got it. She told me there was so much going on in her life, we needed time to talk. I told her that I could meet her after my appointment. She and her friends were going to go job hunting in Beverly hills that day. We stayed in touch via text.

I took the train and a bus and the train to the dealership. Talk about Nelson Mandela's Long Walk to Freedom! I was getting more and more excited, the closer I got to the dealership. I got there just as they opened their doors. I looked around to see if I could see my car. Good thing about SUVs, they tower over other cars and you can see them from a distance. I saw it! I had butterflies in my tummy. The guy greeted me. He told me the guy I was looking for wasn't there yet but I could look around in the meantime. I told him I was looking at just one car. He got me keys and told me I could take it for a test drive. I was so ready to buy the car, I knew that I didn't even need the test drive.

I used to imagine myself in my car before I even found it. I would close my eyes and see myself in the driver's seat, playing music, I could even hear the sound of the flicker (indicator) as I was about to turn into my street. I had a Range Rover as a Screensaver on my tablet and on the cellphone. When I saw the Land rover I loved, I had it as a screensaver on my cellphone. In my heart, it was already mine! It was quite an exciting trip! Try it for something you really want! You'll see! It will happen, you will get it! When you get it, message me and share your experience!

I got into the car and drove off. I was so excited and I knew in my heart of hearts nothing would go wrong! Everything was falling into place as I had hoped, wished and envisioned. I drove off! I opened the sunroof and the moonroof, yup, my car has both! How's that for the cherry on top? I went to a mall parking lot and did my reverse parking and all that, to see that everything worked. Not that I didn't  already know in my heart! I went back to the dealership and started negotiating. You have to, right? They would think you stupid if you don't :). He told me they were firm on the price. The price was within my budget but  I had to negotiate, I started looking for things that would make them go down. They gave me 10% off. The guy was like, you better get out of here before the owner gets here because he is going to be so mad that I gave you a discount. It was decent discount. We drove to the bank, I got the money and voila! Bob's your uncle! The car was mine! What? Did I just buy a Land Rover Cash? Fuck yeah!
First picture with my Landy at the dealership's lot just before I called my sister
I called my sister from the parking lot before I embarked on my new life as a car owner. My first car in America. My sister was at home (my mom's) for Christmas. Everyone was there, so that was great, all I had to do was tell one person and she would spread the gospel. I was like, ugh, it's so hot in LA, I can't wait to get into this new Land Rover of mine and turn on the A/C. She was like Whhhhaaaattttttt!!!!!!!! Oohhh mmyyyy Goddddddd, you bought a car?!!?!?!?!? I was like yup! Land Rover Discovery! I sent her pictures, well, I sent pictures to our family whatsapp group for everyone. She was so happy for me. I was so happy for me!

It was a good day!


  1. You did it!!! Gosh I am only getting excited over it 9 months later. And knowing you, you have probably moved on to a Ferrari by now!!!

    1. Yesssss, girl! Thank you! lol lol, not yet but working on it ;)