Wednesday, October 23, 2013

From Ontario to Utah via Phoenix

Later that morning, Mae came back home, she cooked one of her lunches. think, tons of mixed vegetables and macaroni all in one big pot, add salt, done! Nobody eats those though, they always end up in the garbage bin.

The second time, she had told me I didn't have to pay rent, never mind, that's what she told me the first time as well. Anyway, she told me to just buy myself food. I am not sure what caused the change of mind. Anyway, I just went with it. I made sure I had money for rent just in case, she changed her mind again. I don't believe in free lunches.

I got a call from my fried from Ontario that afternoon, she picked me up, we went over to her house, chilled. Always  a fun time with her. She always has a ton of stuff going on in her life, boyfriend, and all. She's originally from Colombia, South America; gorgeous girl. She took me home that evening. Mae was like, tell me about that b!tch, what happened, I didn't trust her from the get go. I thought to myself, is that why you went out of the room to take her cool about me that day and talked to her for thirty minutes? By gones!

Cindy and I talked more and more often. Her lifestyle is very different to anyone I've met here (even though I hadn't met her haha), she's is married, has a kid and a job. Very stable.

Two days back in Ontario, I got an email from Dave, It went something along the lines of, FYI I washed my phone, I will be getting a new one tomorrow. I thought to myself, Apology accepted for standing me up! FYI? Really? My response = k.
He messaged me back, I knew you were not interested in me, that's why you went quiet and blah blah blah. I was like, you asked me out again, I accepted, got ready, waited and you were a no show. How do you deduce from that that I am not interested? Needless to say none of that happened. He was right, I wasn't interested. He has a rotten tooth somewhere in the back which I blame for his breath stinking so much. I'm glad he didn't try to kiss me that night. Plus he creeped me out with his random deep stares and awkward silences. He rambled on and on, I tell ya, I have never met such petty men, people in my life! It's like there's no difference between dealing with a twenty something year old and a fifty or sixty year old. It's exhausting! #ICan't

Cindy invited me to move to Utah, live with her and her family, apparently there are lots of jobs over there. I stood a great chance of landing one. Of course I accepted! Anything to get out of there! I was ready for change. And a job! I went there as soon as she said I could be there! I got my ticket, my bags were already packed, I lived out of my suitcase at Mae's. I didn't tell her about the move right away. I had to move in a few weeks and anything can happen in that space of time. I waited until I had everything finalised, the address and all that, and a ticket. Her mood suddenly brightened up! She was so nice to me from that day on.

She would buy me lunches and donuts and all kinds of things. I think she was ready to have her room back, poor thing. But you know what, no matter the reason, at least, she was being nice! I'll take that any day! Of course, she told the entire town! We would go to the mall to hang out, window shop the entire afternoon and she would insist on buying lunch, I would too, and we'd end up going Dutch simply because, we don't have that kind of coolness, where we buy each other lunches. Why all of a sudden are you treating me so much? Nah, thanks, I'll pass.

The day drew nearer and nearer. We spent more and more time with my friend, she literally is my only friend in all of Southern California, so I treasure her. She invited me over for breakfast one morning. She cooked, it was great! My last night in California, we went out for Mexican, I treated. She was also my date on Valentines haha, we were like we'll be darned not to go out on Valentines! So we went out to a Mexican restaurant. It was nice! We even dressed up :)

I was over the moon to be going to Utah, not because I have always loved the state blah blah blah, no. On the contrary! I always imagined it to be a very village like state. Change is what was exciting to me.

I had been talking to Dan, the entire time. My sister's old online flame. They never got to meet. He lives in Phoenix, Arizona. My itinerary was Ontario to Phoenix, three hours layover in Phoenix and then from there to Salt Lake City. I told him about it. He had always told me I should go visit. When he found out I was going to be in Phoenix for three hours, he said he would meet up with me. Which was even more exciting. I wasn't going to get bored at the airport. The longest I have ever been at the airport, bored out of my mind was Istanbul, Turkey. Seven hours or so. In fact, that wasn't the longest, Heathrow, London, on my way from South Africa to the US, that was long, about eight hours but I wasn't bored. All Virgin Atlantic flights were delayed, so The airport was packed. If you have been following my blog for a while you will remember that story!

Mae promised to drop me off at the airport, she also told me her house is my home. I am humbled by that. The fact that she took in me, a stranger, let me share her bed with her, and still took me in after that Chinese experience, and was still nice to me, in fact, nicer! I haven't had a lot of that in this country, I must say. I appreciate her for that. Forget all the other things in between, she was there for me when it counted. My flight was early, nine am. It wasn't easy to say goodbye to her. Especially since we had gotten so much closer after she found out I was leaving. I remember her finally having a revelation that I was funny and I do not bad impersonations. I thought to myself, I have always been this way, it's just that you didn't give me a chance, it was always all about you and the fact that you got yourself this little person who was going to listen to your stories and your rambles. All good though.

She dropped me off at the drop off zone, I dragged my bags into the airport. I really should get rid of some, well, more like a lot of my stuff so I can travel light for a change. So far, it hasn't happened. That's why I won't buy furniture! Imagine having to move around so much with a ton of furniture! I was really early, more than an hour. I checked in and took advantage of the free wifi. I watched the rest of the bachelor, Shaun's season. And real housewives of somewhere or other. I was so excited, I literally was on cloud nine!

I had on my heaviest outfit to save space, you know how it it! I had on these knee high suede boots with rubber soles, and a velvet or whatever that material is called, tracksuit. It wasn't warm, just ok, so I could get away with it. And I heard that it was already called in Salt Lake City. An hour and a half later, we arrived in Phoenix! Phoenix is in the desert, IT.IS.HOT! I didn't take that into consideration I guess. Dan was there within minutes of my arrival. It was nice to meet him. What a pleasant guy. I don't think him and my sister would have hit it off though. Just Saying. He told me to take a few pictures of the two of us and send them to my sister to prove to her that he really does exist. You know, seeing as they met online and never really met met? I was like, come on, you guys talked over the phone for more than a year!

He took me for a spin around Phoenix. Big, Beautiful city! Very clean too. We went for lunch at a Jamaican Restaurant. We sat at a table for two, so we were seated across from each other. The restaurant was also part supermarket, very eclectic! I liked the setup. Dan was telling me about himself, his dating experience and how he hasn't had s3x in more than ten years and has no intention to until he gets married. I literally could feel the other patron's eyes on us. I was like, For goodness Sake, Dan! People will think I'm begging you for s3x, lower your voice! It was all in good fun though. We pretended we were on our first date. He has a girlfriend, South African girl from Thembisa, who when he went to see her for the first time (they met online), took him to her church; Zion. He was like, tell me about that religion.

After lunch, we drove around some more. Then he showed me the mountains where he normally hikes. We parked and went for a stroll. It was scorching hot out! The stroll turned into a hike. I was like, uhm, what are we doing? Where are we going? ARE WE HIKING? In the middle of the day while I'm on a layover, dressed as warm as I am in this weather? He was like well, we have to do something! I was like, with all due respect, Dan, I am not going to go on a hike, sweat up a storm and then go on a plane and sit next to people! I will not be that guy. Nobody likes that guy! Even though he didn't get my point, he just went along. We headed back for the airport. I was still on time.

I waited for them to announce check-in. I heard a few announcements about the flight to Salt Lake City, soon after that people formed a line, so I stood in line. I kept looking at the clock, it was time to leave and the gates were still not open. That's when I went to the guy and asked if there were delays. They told me my flight was about to depart, they had changed gates, that's what that announcement I missed was! I got a ride from those car things in the airport? The guy rushed me to the other end of the huge Sky Harbour Airport! We got there 15 minutes before departure. The gates had closed. I had missed my flight.

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