Saturday, November 09, 2013

Back Together Again!

Husband had once told me that he wasn’t impressed with how Cindy was not taking care of the car. She never serviced it! Apparently! He was hoping that one day, while he was out of town, it would give in, just to teach her a lesson. When the car was broken into, I tried really hard not to suspect him. Cindy suspected the ex girlfriend. Soon, it was time for me to head to work. I didn’t want to be late, so I left two hours early. It was going to take me forever to get there anyway. Might as well be forever and thirty minutes. I hated to leave Cindy in that condition but I had to. I took the twenty minutes walk to the buy stop and waited thirty minutes for the bus. It got there on the dot at 8:30pm. Nice driver, Her name’s Nicky. I always said, Hey Nicky, hey Nicky when I saw her (Nicky Minaj Voice :)). 

While getting ready for work, I overhead Cindy talking to her husband over the phone. They were talking! Yippee?

My first night was great! I shadowed a guy who was so so cool. He takes his work so seriously, like me J We were on our feet all night long. The following day, my feet! I took the bus right in front of work, it took me downtown Salt Lake City to the main station, where we changed buses, same driver, then headed where I lived. I would then get off twenty minutes away from the house and walk the remained of it! My feet! It was worth it though, I had a job yall! Cindy had already left for work when I got home.

That night, after work, she told me about this brilliant plan she and her no longer estranged husband had cooked up; long story short, I was supposed to bear witness to the fact that they lost things that they didn’t really lose from the break in. Use your imagination J . I neither agreed nor disagreed. The last thing I need here is to end up in jail or deported because I did something I had no business doing to begin with. I went back to the bedroom for a quick nap before work and just sat there thinking what the heck have I gotten myself into. I was working on a way out of that one without hurting anyone’s feeling or getting kicked out again. Fortunately, she didn’t bring it up again that night. I was still panicking when I got home from work the next morning. She took a few days off work to work on the car and everything. Suddenly, they were so tight with her husband, it woul have been cute if it weren’t weird. I noticed that the more Cindy and her husband were talking, the less she talked to me. It’s like for her, it’s either or, she can’t talk to both of us at the same time.

I was working part time, so majority of time, I was not working. I was seriously looking for a place to stay though, especially now that nobody was talking to me in the house. I knew my time was really up. Cindy had told me that she was arranging for her son in South Africa to come over and go to school here. She also invited her daughter to come visit. Clearly, it was time for me to get out. Where were all these people going to sleep? I guess that was her way of telling me that she was going to need the bedroom. I wasn’t going to get paid for another few weeks, I missed the first cycle, had to wait another two weeks to get my check (cheque). It wasn’t gonna be much cos I had only worked a few days, maybe 5 in total. Since they started talking, they stopped dishing up for me whenever they cooked. I stopped cooking. I didn’t want to come across a situation where I had to dish up for people who were no longer my friends. I would just go out to eat or fix something quickly when they were out. They would buy KFC, the entire house would smell like chicken, and eat the whole thing up. Good thing, I always had some money aside, I could always afford buying my own food. I could KFC if I wanted to, but that was not the point. When you live with someone, even if it’s just a roommate, my mom taught me that when you buy something that smells good or something like a cake that everybody likes, share. Even if the other person is not greedy, it’s human nature to want some, share! Clearly these people I have been living with come from a different background.
I would say hi to Husband and he would pretend like I don’t exist. Cindy would only say hi and bye, that was it. They used to say when they were going out, in fact, they used to take me with them. It had gotten to a point where one minute, I would hear their voices, the next, they would be gone. Wow! Who knew that a car break in would change so much between friends! You would swear they blamed me for breaking into their car! Which would be interesting considering  I don’t even know how to get to Cindy’s work.

I started working first week of May 2013. My first day, was the day, they broke into Cindy’s car. The following day was the last time she and I had a conversation. I had moved in on March 27th. So within a month, I had been kicked out and ignored and everything. Just four weeks! On the flip side, within the same amount of time, I had got me a job! Hallelujah! On my off days, I was viewing places, seriously looking for a place to stay, with Cindy not talking to me, I was fcked! I remember one afternoon, I went to the kitchen, bumped into Cindy, I had just done my hair, the thick long braids (Da Brats), She looked at me and burst out laughing. Here’s the thing about me, if I like it, I pretty much don’t care what you think of it! We won’t get into details about her hair or lack thereof. I ignored that and just said hi. I soon left for the library. Once it gets unbearable to be home, I head for the library. It’s more peaceful there! Also, I had noticed that I didn’t have internet on  my PC, the last few days. I still saw them using the PC downstairs but for some reason I wasn’t connected. I think they changed the password. Was I gonna ask them for the new password, knowing that they changed it to prevent me from using their Wi –Fi? From the llibrary, I headed downtown to view an apartment. They gave me application forms, to fill out and return them to their office. It rained on my way back home. There were no more buses, it was the weekend. I was rained on, my new hair and all. And I had my laptop with me. I walked home for about 30-40 minutes from the train station. Where I once got stranded.

When I got home, Cindy was sitting at the computer, I went over there to try and break the ice. I told her about my day, that I had just viewed an apartment. I also wanted them to know, as if it wasn’t obvious, that I was looking for a place, I didn’t intend on living in that uncomfortable, spotless house forever. All I got in return was mh, ok, ok, oh, oh ok, ok. That’s it! You know when someone really doesn’t give a fck? That’s what was up.

I didn’t follow up with the application, I didn’t have a nice feeling about that place. I went back online on my phone. Might as well, it’s not like I don’t have a phone with internet which I pay for! I put it to good use when they blocked me from their internet. She was doing exactly what that Chinese woman did to me. How was she different?

I went and viewed another apartment, it was supposedly closer to work. Work was South of Salt Lake City, Cindy’s was North. I was looking forward to be closer to work and not have to travel an hour and a half to get to work. This was a rooming situation, I was open to rooming with one other person, not more. I don’t like me crowded place. I am used to living all by myself, so. It was a lady who lives by herself in a condo she is renting. I saw pictures of the place, looked cute in pictures. I saw a man’s reflection in the bathroom mirror. I expected it to be a guy until I got there and out came a female. Anyway, we hung out for a while. I left after about two hours. I got a call from my supervisor just before I walked into her condo to give me my schedule. I WAS GOING TO BE FULL TIME! Yay! I liked the condo. The woman had a ton of stories to tell, she talked fast, I think she was trying to make sure she told me as many as possible. She’s American, has had her own businesses and was screwed over by her business partner. Apparently she used to be a millionaire. Anyway. I told her I would take the place. I told her to come with me to the bank to withdraw the deposit to I could get the key and move in the following morning after work. She was like, no, you’re fine. I want you to move in here, so I will wait until you are ready, you can pay me then or whenever you have the money. What? That never happens!

I rushed home to sleep before work that night. My bags had been packed, I woke up one morning and just packed, so yeah. Don’t ask! When my gut tells me to do something, I do it! You should too, it’s the best feeling :). My room didn’t have a lock, so who knows if they went in there and saw that I was packed? I guess we will never know cos they were not talking to me.

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