Friday, August 16, 2019

Honey, I'm Getting The Fuck Out!

Loving being back in The States!
First of all, shout out to all of you who took the time to comment on this blog, via other means of communication. I appreciate it. If yall could try and leave the comments here on the blog, so that it doesn't look like I'm talking to myself for the past ten years. k, thanks, bye!

Not long after my beloved came back from his weekend away, he reminded me that I was late on paying him rent. He was right. Because I was in another continent for several weeks, and was stuck in the house for a weekend, I didn't get a chance to go withdraw rent money. Excuses, of course! I went to the bank as soon as I could and withdrew the cash. He texted me to hand the money over to his brother; which I refused because, you want you money, come get, it babe! (in the words of that song I forgot, haha!). He came home from work, I handed him his money and asked for a receipt. That started a whole nother! I stood there as calmly as I could waiting for my receipt because, why not? I need proof that I paid ya boo! Eventually, I got it, after being told that I was acting suspiciously, why did I want a receipt, what was I trying to pull, blah blah blah! 

I folded my receipt and put it in the wallet. That's all I wanted it for. Just like the rest of the world, when I spend money, I would like proof that I did. In the words of the late Whitney Houston, 'Show me the receipts!"

Day after paying rent, I got yelled at and followed around the house. What now? Gosh! He went on and on and on, reminding me that I was a mere immigrant in The US, I need to get the F*ck out of his house, hanah hanah ha! I was like, but I just paid you rent? See how that receipt was coming in handy already? He told me that my rent money meant nothing, he was willing to give it back to me if I promised him I would get the f*ck out of his house. It got super escalated. The sad thing is, even though at this point in our relationship, I was staying in a separate room, I didn't have the privilege to go in there and lock the door. He would and had broken into it to get his point across. Rent or not!

I asked if hubs was sure he wanted me to move out, because I was ready to hear that sht for the last time. I had just gotten back from a nice trip in Africa, I wasn't about to have this person but me on another roller-coaster. Not today, Satan! He apologized and told me that I made him very yangry. I promised him that I would get out of his hair and when I did, he wouldn't like it.

The search for a place to move to was still on. My initial plan was, that, maybe, boo and I could work some kind of arrangement out, and stay together until I was really ready to move on and then take that step, but, civilly. When they yelling came that soon after I got back , I was like, yeah, no!
I got two prospective places, that weren't that far from each other. One, I had a really good feeling about. It was managed by a company that not only used pay stubs for proof that you can afford to pay rent, but had other back up situations, in case you don't have a regular job; such as myself. I went ahead and applied to both. Long story short, they invited me to view the place. Viewing process was similar to my premarital home, in Beverly Hills. I decided to view the place I didn't have any butterflies about first, save the best for last, right? They told me I was second in line, if the first one didn't want or qualify, they would screen me. I was like, deuces! 
I headed straight to my new home, as my gut feeling was telling me. I got there, found a spot to park right in front, opened the main door to the building as if I'd been living there. By the way, outfit of that day?

Dressing Room selfie
I had a list with a few things I would need in an apartment. One of those things, was a spot to place a full length mirror for my instagram selfies, vanity is real, yall! (follow me on Insta @Babalwa.Brook). When I walked into the apartment and found that they already had a full length mirror in an entire dressing room for me, I was so sold! I knew the place was mine! I had the same feeling I had when I went to view the apartment in Beverly Hills that ended up being mine. You know I'ml very big on gut feelings. Visualizations and manifestations. This place, just like my old one, had everything I wanted and then some. I paid and got it. 

Honey, I'm getting the f*ck out of your house!

I had to go back to the apartment to do a check list, so I picked the list up from the office, Calvin, my hubs, let me use his van to run errands because my car was still parked in by his truck. I dressed cute, see pic up top, in black jumpsuit. I drove to the apartment and back, singing, waving at strangers, being my redneck self in a van. I loved that day. I got home and he had been blowing up my phone, telling me that I stole his car. I had no right, blah. Am I going to entertain this mess or am I going to continue riding my wave? You pick!

The told me when the earliest date was that I could pick up the key. I was ready! Everything was happening so fast, all of a sudden. First, I spent months looking for a place, take a break, not, everything is accelerated. What is life? I. Am. Here. For. It! 

Liquid diet after African vacation

I needed to start over after eating take outs in Durban for weeks on end, so liquid diet it was! That was not without challenged, check here to see. And click on below video which was during my liquid diet but I was munching on nuts. SMDH.

Body Shot after liquid diet period...
Press play!


After a week on fluids, I decide to try this Keto everyone had been talking about for myself.

Ketogenic groceries and breakfast

I just followed the basis of keto, which are, high fat, next highest; protein, then carbs. I watched my macros, weighed myself in the beginning and the end of that period. I did a video or two on this, check it out here
Or click below.

Press play!


In other random news, the Steve Madden boots on the right, were in my eBay store, one day, I saw Christy from Little Women LA wearing their jacket version. Kinda cool, right?


That's me, squeezed into his corduroy Levi's that I love. Prolly cos I got them for him

Making my own delicious body lotion
Who else makes their own concoction of body loction? Mine is luxurious, lots of oils, smells divine and has glitter, haha. I'm girly like that!

Getting read to move out and on
Packing ain't no joke! I don't care how long you lived where for.

One of my progress photos, before and during
Thanks to those who share their weight loss / struggles with me. I am here for you! And thanks for those who are there for me in return! 

Until next time, by the way, I'm going to update my Youtube for the first time in ages. I needed to update the blog to a certain point, before spoilering by posting the video. I think yall are ready to see the video now, so go on over there and please subscribe and comment. Thanks tons.

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