Sunday, April 29, 2018

Bye, Bye, Blackbird!

Hello, dear brethren! I've gotten older since the last time you heard from me, April 10th was my birthday. I can't wait to tell you all about it! In fact
, I can wait. Therefore  I will. For now! I am behind, so I will tell you about the last time I got older. Excuse me if I sound like I'm all over the place; I'm on a liquid diet and wish I were eating this food right now.

I'll tell you more about the liquids I'm on, why and what not at a later stage. In the meantime, if you would like to go on liquid diet or are on one, you can check out my YouTube channel for inspiration. I went on liquids about a year ago for an entire month! And lost a bunch of weight. My youtube site is . I'm very easy to find online, if you can just remember how to spell my name, haha! While you're at it, find me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram under that same name.

Where were we? My credit score is on point, I've got a job, life was wonderful.... Or was it? A week came and went. It was time to get paid . I was looking forward to seeing what was going to happen with regards to the situation I mentioned in the previous blog. Rubbing my hands, I went online to see if my money was in. They had my banking details, so the money was going to go directly into my bank. One of the things I loved about this job.

I had worked about 3 jobs plus training. One of the jobs was at another Victoria's secret, downtown Los Angeles. The first one was in Hollywood, remember? Anywho! The downtown one was closer to my house. They had us drive our own cars there, unlike with the first gig. We were to keep the parking receipts and claim back from the office. Nice, right? I realized as I kept doing that job that I didn't love scanning every itsy bitsy G-String and then adding them up by type. It was too mind numbing for me. Don't get me wrong, I love to not work for a living, but this was a different level of it.

I heard as people were chatting between scans that the parking I should have used is across the street. They one I had parked in, where the store was, was the wrong one, in that, it was going to close, probably before we finished. Ugh! I specifically confirmed this with the supervisor. The same one who had me waiting in the parking lot on day one! Man! I spent my lunch time running up and down, from one wing to another, because elevators and stairways and escalators and blah. Eventually, I got to my car, and found out I was supposed to pay first, so, of course, I ran back to the machine. The machine wouldn't take my coins. I looked around for someone to ask for change. Luckily, there was a parking marshal who was probably eying me cos I was acting very suspicious. I asked him for change. Long story short, got my truck out of one parking, drove around, missed the street to the parking across the street because downtown Los Angeles is full of one way streets. Instead of making one turn, you have to make three turns to the opposite direction. Very fun #sarcasm

I eventually got to the right parking. There's no guy. Do I just park here and leave? How much longer are we going to be in that panty store? OK, I'll pay. Even though it looked free to me. I got a ticket, what do I care, the company is paying for it anyways, put it on the dash, and dashed back to work. Thank goodness I had started losing weight already. I was pretty impressed by my pace in all those stairs.

By the time I got back to the store, I was late. I didn't get a chance to eat or anything. Good thing, it was like  1 or 2am. I wasn't hungry, cos I don't normally eat that time. Do you?

We worked a bit more. After checking your area, you submit your ticket, someone logs your stuff into the system. Some of the guys have been doing that job so long that they can tell if your numbers are off. Something was wrong with one of mine. As soon as they pointed that out. I know what the problem and rectified it. They would have none of that! I was to go back, take out all those tiny panties and recount them, fold them up and put them back again. Father, Lord! As if this job isn't killing my brain cells enough, I've gotta be treated like I have no brain. Alright! I wasn't about to insubordinate or none of that. I went ahead and did what I was asked to. Everyone was nice. Which is always welcome.

I have to tell you,when I was moving my car, I was tempted to keep driving but I didn't wanna show up at home, talk about, "babe, I quit!" Especially, when I drove past that parking long and had to drive all the way around to get all the way back, like a fool.

We got done before dawn. No traffic. Yesss! I breezed home from DTLA (downtown LA), ten minutes, tops! My feet were killing me. Straight to bed. First, I put my uneaten snacks in the fridge. I felt bad to be waking up Calvin. Nobody deserved to be woken up for the amount of money I was making in that job. I job is a job though.

I had an opportunity to work a TV show in Hollywood in between the inventories. I didn't because I was too tired from scanning. Thank goodness for massage chair at home! That was another thing to think about: Working several hours for a bit of money and have to take the entire following day to recuperate. Did I really want to live like that?

They booked me again. Not a Victoria's Secret store. It was a hardware store. Very organised. I was tired but looking forward to working something different. They cancelled last minute. Then booked me in a VS store again. Different location. This one was nuts! Everybody was there! It was a stampede! I prayed for time to fly. It did. The plus side about that job was that they pay you minimum of 4 hours, regardless how many hours you worked. could be 2 or 3. I didn't get to get paid for no work. I always worked at least 4 hours.

This was in Pasadena. I think that store was called PINK. Still Vic Secret. I love Pasadena. It's so beautiful to me. So romanticle. I really enjoyed driving home. I had my windows, sun roof and moon roof open. Took in all the nice air. Trees everywhere. Nice houses, for the most part. It was a nice drive. I love scenic routes. I turn off the radio and take it all in. My mind comes alive. I start visualizing all kinds of beautiful, optimistic futures. Traffic or not, I do it. I suggest you do it to. Get out of the present and let your mind wander. Don't worry about the guy who cut in in front of you. Leave your house early and you will still make it wherever you're going on time, regardless if someone acted like you don't exist and disrespected you on the road. It's not personal. They don't know you. Plus, you don't want to think about them more than they're thinking about you. Otherwise, they're winning. You don't want them to win, do you? Think about yourself. Invest that energy in your self and the wonderful future you can have starting from an hour from now! It's up to you, you know? If you can see it, you can be it!

Not long after, I got my pay for the previous week and guess what? They short paid me the hour I mentioned on my first day. I was like, oh heck naw! Did these people just give me a reason not to go back to this god forsaken job? Hallelujah! There's somewhere on their website where you query your salary. I did just that. When you 'work' for someone and they don't pay you and you query it, and they still don't pay you. If you go back to that job, if they screw you over again, that's on you! They have to fix it first or bye bye black bird!

Please check in in the next few days, for the rest of the story. It's been a long day. I love you for reading, let me go to bed.


Have a fantastic Monday, Week ahead and let's start May off on a high note. With tons of positive energy. "You can do, be, and have whatever you want" Lets use that as our guiding mantra for the month and see what we can achieve with just a positive outlook.

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