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How to Use TaskRabbit

I would like to jump straight to the point, but I have to first apologize for the long absence. It's been hectic! ______
As mentioned in my previous blog, I was having issues with my employer. I really wanted to quit on account of them owing me pay, and because I just didn't love the vibe at work. I am just not one to continue with situations that are uncomfortable. Good thing, I am good with money. I can always up and leave whenever I feel like it, instead of staying because money. I wasn't able to
log into my work profile to check my schedule for the following week without accepting that my previous week's pay check was 100%. Thing is; my check was missing some money! How was this the only option I had? There was no going around it! You know you're dealing with a bunch of scammers when they lock you out until you agree to being f*cked in the *ss. Am I right?

This reminds me of the time mentioned in this blog, when I stayed one day too long in a job because I didn't want to come across as not serious about working to my then boyfriend. Anywho! I quit! Bye! Bye! Blackbird! On to the next!  I felt quite relieved about my decision. I got some texts and emails about coming in. I blocked all those numbers and put the email addresses in SPAM folder. PLEASE NOTE: I do not recommend this way of handling jobs and quitations, just sharing with you how I handled this particular situation. They had given me a work T-Shirt and name tag. I washed the shirt and put it in the curb with some of my clothes that I was getting rid of for someone in need to pick up.

After I quit this job, I still had my acting to fall back on... or is it supposed to be the other way round? I had to find something else to do. I always wanted something flexible, so I can still act. I had heard of this app where you can do random jobs, whenever you're available. Remember my Air BnB days when I had the lady we named Dot? She introduced me to TaskRabbit. It's an app where you perform different tasks from being an event staff member, cleaning, deliveries, furniture, personal assistant; you name it!


  • I signed up and waited for them to approve me. 
  • They do background check, because of the kind of work you will be doing. The BG check takes a minute. At the time, I paid around $20 for background check. 
  • Between two weeks and a month, I heard back from them. 
  • Next step, you have to go for orientation. I had heard that one would have to go in person to a 2 hour orientation in a city near you. Downtown Los Angeles would have been my venue. There were no openings or orientations taking place at the time, so more waiting. As I kept checking their site and the emails they had sent me, I realized that there was another option.. 
  • Online orientation: You follow a link that, in my case, they sent me. You may be able to google them or search Taskrabbit website. Orientation in person and online, takes the same amount of time: 2 hours, because you're watching the same videos they would have played for you at the venue. 
  • After every segment, there's a Q&A (Questions and Answers). Answer all those easy questions correctly and move on to the next segment. All the questions have been answered in the video. If you don't get them right the first time, replay the video and Bob's your uncle!
  • In my case, they told me to wait for someone to go over my answers in person and email me what the next step was going to be. 
  • I heard back within 24 hours via email. 
  • Ready to work!
As soon as I was ready to work, I had, at this point, already downloaded the Taskrabbit App, which is the only way to get jobs through them. You do not download the App from the App store, you can find it on Google. It's free. It's called TaskRabbit Tasker App (you, being the tasker, I guess the person hiring you would be the Taskee?). 

At the time that I signed up, they had same day tasks. You would click on Browse available tasks, and see what they have available. They list all the available tasks in the same section, you pick and choose what you think you will be able to perform. First come, first served, tasker wise. If you're interested in a task, you'd better, submit yourself ASAP. There's nothing worse than hitting that button and getting the message, sorry, this task has already been taken, please blah blah blah. I say there's nothing worse, but I used to get relieved when that happens because, is there a more valid reason not to be a work than, ' there are no tasks available?'. Haha! Not that anybody asked. I was my own boss. 

I had a goal, to save a certain amount of money and have that as my cushion in the bank at all times. Taskrabbit was paying decently. Way above minimum wage. Tasks were only for two - 4 hours. So, if you want to make a lot more money, do more than one task per day. Depending on what you do and who you do it for, you could be so exhausted, you're ready to go home after a 3 hour job. Some people tip, some tip in cash, some put it in the app, some promise to tip, but don't, some promise to give you a great review, but don't. It's a jungle out here in these streets! 

TaskRabbit App Tips:

Some Clients want you to pay for parking, they will reimburse you, you want to add that to their bill. Don't have some side deal with them, where if they end up not paying you, you have no one to go to to complain. Add it to their bill, when they pay, it gets deducted. If they want you to buy them something on your way to meeting them, take a photo of the receipt and send it to them with the app. Make all the calls and texts via the app, so that you have proof that they happened. If a client includes their number on in the app, ignore it! You don't need it! Some clients will ask you to come back, and they will pay you directly. The Task app deducts 30% from clients, so they save a decent amount of money if they hire you directly.  This is against the TaskRabbit rules. Of course! Because they lose money. If you decide to do this:  what if the client doesn't pay you? You can't call TR about it. Chances are the client will pay you but I was never interested in any of that stress. I don't know these people! I gotta drive all the way to your place and hope that you're going to pay me. Nah, boo! I know, it's weird, because you work for a company for a week, sometimes two or even a month and hope they will pay you, and I can't do it for a few hours? It's just a feeling I had, OK?

My very first TaskRabbit job was a delivery. I drove to Pasadena, picked up a small item for a client and dropped it off in Hollywood. I didn't even really understand what exactly, I was doing: I got notification that I was ready to task, and I took the first job I saw! Luckily, there was no traffic, I got to the client's office within the hour. As I pulled up around the corner; I was lucky to find the last street parking spot nearby. Hollywood and parking... good luck! As I arrived, I saw another job for delivery. I took it and as I was about to communicated with the client, my battery died. I left the phone in the car, rushed into the office, dropped the package and headed back to the car. My phone took forever to charge! I waited and waited and waited. OK, maybe not so many waits. I left Hollywood, heading back home. I wasn't going to do the second job. How was I to?

Mind you, I always use GPS to go anywhere. It's time for me to test myself cos phone still dead and it's time to head home if I wanna make it today. It was about to be rush hour. I got on the 101 Freeway, also known as the Hollywood Freeway. Thankfully, my car has directions up top. I could see which direction I was facing. I knew which one I needed to be facing to make it home. I was so focusing on that road. When I saw the 10 Freeway on ramp, my heart smiled! I hoped on that and didn't care if I had a phone or not at that point. 

When I got home, my first client had given me a good rating and a thumb up. Second job took away from my rating because I cancelled. That's not a good look but I mean, I didn't even cancel, I disappeared. It was what it was. I had ample time to make up for it. My car is heavy on gas, I had to ask myself if I really want to do deliveries for money. There are other tasks, as aforementioned. 

I saw a lot of cleaning jobs. How hard can these cleaning jobs be? I clean Calvin's house all the time, might as well get paid for it. I had all the tasks that I am capable of performing listed on my profile. I also attached a headshot. Most clients have photos on their profiles too. 

I took my first cleaning job on a weekend. It was for a house in Beverly Hills. One of the reasons I took it. I was like, let's go see how the rich and famous live! The story behind it was interesting. I didn't know what to expect. There were supposed to be lots of 'boys' staying in this house but it was supposed to be clean. It only needed light cleaning. Perfect! 

I drove all the way to Beverly Hills. This was up the street, literally! From my old place. They had parking for me, thank goodness! Well, Duh! Right? The house had 6 bedrooms, all occupied, all with their bathrooms. Kitchens, and living rooms and all kinds of stuff! Every room needed to get cleaned. I cleaned so much, I got tired. Between yoga and zumba and spring cleaning that apartment, I had nothing left in me. Mind you, there was a cottage outside, that he wanted me to clean as well. I had to come back the following day for that! I was booked for a TV Show the following day, but at least, all I had to clean was a one bedroom apartment. I could tell that the client didn't understand why I couldn't just do the apartment as well, but then again, I could tell, he had never cleaned that many rooms in his life before either, so! 

The house had young men who are in some kind of a video game league type thing. They were playing semi finals or quarter finals. They are apparently, really good at what they do. One of them, was so good to me. When I was  leaving on day one, he told me that before he started playing for a living, he used to clean houses. I was touched by his kindness.

Day II, I showed up, did the apartment. It had two bathrooms, two bedrooms, never mind, it wasn't a one bed, it was a two bed, smdh. I changed my shirt and headed to LA Studios downtown Los Angeles for filming of Candy Crush. I ended up booking every single episode of that show. Mario Lopez is the host. The show was so fun! So many hours on set! Plus, Downtown LA is closer to where I live than Hollywood, so more points for that! Needless to say, I was off TaskRabbit for at least the duration of filming of Candy Crush. 

P.S. Mario Lopez is really that pretty in person. He is also sweet and he smells fresh. And he's ripped! His kids are cute too! Who's kids aren't?

If you have any questions about TaskRabbit, feel free to post them on here an I will respond. This will also help others who may have the same questions. Also, Comments are very welcome and appreciated. Holler at you girl!

Until next time!

Rest in Peace Kate Spade

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