Friday, October 28, 2016

Tree Trimming

Going 'home', to Calvin's house after spending the night at the hospital; we were all so pooped. Calvin had a tree trimming job that afternoon. His brother, who usually works for him, wasn't up to it that day. Calvin said, it was really a one man job, he just wanted someone there to make sure he's OK. He didn't know if he was in decent shape to be working, especially with dangerous tools with everything that was going on around him. I offered to go along.

We had a few hours between getting home and the job. While Calvin took a shower, I called my mom. Everyone in my family knows about Jim. They know how I feel about him. I was tired, emotionally drained and I needed to talk to someone other than Calvin's family. I had been so strong throughout the whole thing. I didn't want to be the one breaking down. I wasn't going to put them in a position where they had to console me. That didn't make sense to me. Fortunately, mom picked up! She hardly ever does. We talked. I tried to sound normal but she could tell something was wrong. Mother knows best, right? I told her what happened and couldn't hold it in anymore, I just broke down. Softly! I didn't want Calvin to hear me. My mom was so saddened by the news. I hated being the bearer of bad news, but I needed to talk. I was imploding! It was night time in South Africa, which is where my mom lived. I had to make sure the entire call wasn't about the sadness that was going on on my end. I didn't want to leave her depressed as she was about to go to sleep.

Turns out, Calvin came out of the shower while I was weeping. He went and cried in the bedroom. Great! I tried to comfort him, thankfully, he was so tired, he went straight to sleep. I set the alarm for a couple of hours and continued to talk to mom. After that call, it was time to take my shower. Then, we headed out to the job. Nice house. We were going to trim a tree. It's such a turn on watching Calv climb a tree with just a robe. That must take a ton of skill. I can't get used to it. I would try, but Lord forbid, I bring the whole tree down with me!

Handling that chainsaw like a pro!
When he was done trimming the tree, I helped chopped down the branches. He loaded them on the truck, collected the check, done! I'm telling you, I need to get trained in that because that pays way more than most of my background acting gigs.
Calvin was so impressed

On our way home, we stopped by a pizza spot and got a vegetarian pizza. Calvin isn't vegetarian but he loves to order vegetarian. I don't mind that because a lot of vegetarian foods are tasty! They will surprise you! I just love ordering meaty dishes more!

Everyone was at Calvin's parents' house. That's another thing. I don't know what to call Calvin's parents' house anymore. I'm not gonna call it his mom's. That's too weird! His friends were all hanging out at the parent's house, naturally, Calvin was like, 'let's go join them, babe!' I'm just like, nah, it's OK! I'll be at your place! I get overwhelmed sometimes. Inasmuch as I have met just about all his friends, it's too many people for me. They are not my group of friends. PLUS, the most important thing, I didn't really want to be around his mom! What were we going to talk about? What if she didn't want me there? Awks!

I finally went along. I told Calv, I wasn't going to be long. Maggie, his mom, saw me as we walked in. She was like, 'Hey, Brook! Thanks for everything!.....' She gave me a giant hug. I felt welcome. She started telling me stories. We went to her Woman cave in the back of the house. I sat on the couch. She told me all kinds of stories. It was really nice. I was glad I went along. At some point, I was trying to stay awake while she was talking. It was hard. The eyes were closing. I couldn't get up and leave. She was in the middle of telling me a story. Eventually, Calv came in and told his mom that it was my bedtime. She and I should arrange to hang out again some time, but I needed to go to sleep and was too polite to tell her. He read my mind!

Maggie and I hugged. I left feeling better seeing everyone having a nice time. That was my first time at Jim's house. Calvin's brother thanked me for hanging out with his mom. He told me that she needed it. I was touched! Calvin told me that his dad would've been so glad to see that; that he had always wanted Maggie and I to meet.

Tree Trimming

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