Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Moving On Up!

The rest of February came and went, no check from my boss of one day! I had still been in constant communication with him. I could have let it go but not after the hell I had gone through in that job after they didn't even warn me about the real problem I was going to be dealing with! 
Eventually, on the very last day of February, the check arrived. Praise the good Lord! It wasn't much, but it was a decent amount of money. It would have been more if he had paid me the amount he offered my friend who had referred him to me. Anyways, water under the bridge! 

I got to go to The Real a few times. I hadn't seen the show in person, I may have seen one or two of their viral videos, but that's it. I was excited to be there. I had always wanted to go just for me to see the celebs who host the show. So, check that of my list! I got to see everybody from Tamar Braxton, who is now no longer on the show, Adrienne Bailon, Loni Love and my girl from How do I look, Jeannie Mai. I love her now, Jeannie, but I couldn't stand her on How Do I look with that blue hair of hers. I have nothing against the blue hair, I was so accustomed to the previous host, Finola Hughes. Totally different personalities! Anyway, my first day at The Real, was awesome! They tape at Warner Brothers Studios, so it was a bit of a drive but we're in LA. Any drive is a bit of a drive. One of the guests on those episodes was Traci Braxton. I had already seen her in person at a reunion of Marriage Bootcamp. If I can help it, I would like to see someone I haven't seen before. I can't tell you of all the shows I've been to, how many times I have seen someone more than ones. Back in the day, when the Queen Latifah show was still on, I saw Trace Adkins on one of the episodes. I love him from The Apprentice, so it was nice to see him. The following day, I went to Chelsea Lately, Lo and behold, Trace was the guest there as well! It's like, come on! LOL. I ain't complaining though. It's still a dream to see these people so much, you get tired of them.

I had already started packing, getting ready to start moving my stuff to Calvin's. I was meant to move out on the First or April. Fool's day, haha! This was going to be my biggest move since living in The US because I have never had such a full house before. I used to rent rooms. Movin' on up!

Last day of February. I had all my checks that had come in the mail together and the cash I had gotten that month together, ready to deposit it in the bank. I was waiting for Rene's rent for March

In the evening, I heard Rene's voice. He seemed to be talking to a woman and they were dragging something. Who knew who the woman was this time? Was he about to conduct another interview? They walked in. All I could hear were loud laughs and just, a riot. It wasn't late at night, so no big deal. I kept hearing steps coming toward my bedroom, back and forth to the living room. I am sitting there, hoping for someone to knock and give me rent money. It would have been awkward to have to go and ask for it myself, you know? At some point, I went to the kitchen to refill my water bottle. I drink minimum 4litres (more than a gallon) per day. How much water do you drink per day? 

As I walked out of my bedroom, I saw Rene by his closet, which was just outside my bedroom door. He had a stack of clothes in his hands. Dude was moving out! No warning, no nothing! I kept walking towards the kitchen.
My stomach turned, as usual, when I saw who the woman was. No prizes for guessing! ... Ok! I'll tell you! It was the Spiritual Advisor!  

He told me on my way back from the kitchen that he decided to move out. I said, 'OK', then continued to head towards my bedroom. I can't tell you if he intended to tell me that he was moving out or not. Was he going to just leave and leave the key on the table for me like Jen did? My stomach was turning some more at the thought of him planning an escape knowing that he broke my window. It was just so tacky! I couldn't even believe it! I wasn't going to go out there and try to confront him or anything. With whose energy? He stood outside my room. I left the door open because, there were two strangers in my apartment who were putting stuff in suitcases! He stood there and tried to explain why he was leaving; something about the rent being too high for his budget. He thought he could afford but blah blah blah. And blah blah blah. I was like, oh no, it's fine. You're leaving, your stuff is in suitcases, why are you explaining yourself? It's too late! You're obviously the type that moves into people's homes, damage their property and leave without notice. We are who we are! He tried to over explain himself, calling his spiritual advisor for back up, telling her, "she wants me to pay for the window!" 

The moment, he walked away from my door, I got up, shut it and trusted the angels out there that nothing would go missing; then I grabbed my gratitude journal and wrote ten things I was grateful for that happened that day. That calmed me down tremendously.

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