Wednesday, September 28, 2016

There's a Stranger in My Bed!

After the Awkward Valentine's Day, life went back to normal. As normal as normal can be. Having quit my new job, I was still waiting for my check (or cheque) in the mail. It was a no show. I texted and called the guy on the phone. Whenever I talked to him, he was so promising but the check wouldn't come!

I was really losing my cool! Calvin told me that if 30 days passes without  my check, to sue the guy. That wasn't something I was looking for ward to. If you work for someone for a day (even though it feels like forever), it would be nice to receive your check ASAP. Right? This was a Drive by! A one night stand! Let's not make it look like something it wasn't!

February is not a 30 day month! If by law, you are to wait a month before you sue someone, surely, that doesn't apply to February!

One night, Calvin came by. Rene wasn't home when Cal came by. He must have gotten home in the middle of the night, because I heard his voice talking on the phone the following morning. Normally, Rene leaves the house as early as 07:00 or 08:00. This time, it was later than that and he was still around. That was unusual. He must have known I had a man over because Cal's giant shoes were in the living room where by the rest of our shoes. Rene's shoes are more or less the same size as mine, so Calvin's stuck out.

Whenever I have a guest in the living room, I try not to go to the living room until I know for a fact they are up. OR unless they leave for the day/morning. This day, I had to go there and make tea and breakfast, etc because the guy wouldn't leave but I could tell he was awake. I had seen him standing outside my window smoking. I walked into the living room, greeted him, you know, the usual! He looked me deep in the eye in a way that made me feel slightly weirded  out. I don't want to say it was because I had a man in the house but he had never gave me that funny look before.

Not too long after the stare, did Rene head out. I had already told Calvin that I had a suspicion that Calvin being there overnight might trigger Rene wanting to have his spiritual advisor over. Which was STILL not part of the deal. The deal stands! Plus, when are you going to fix my window that you broke? I feel like when you owe someone money, you shouldn't expect favors from them. First pay your debts, then you can call me! I'm getting ahead of myself here! The guy did nothing but look at me funny and I'm getting all worked up.

One day, I was at home, minding my own business, then.... voices...loud voices! Who could it be? Who am I kidding? I knew who it was! It was Rene. This time, he was not with the woman who had come by previously. Oh, I didn't tell you? One morning, Rene got all dressed up, early in the morning. He always dresses well.  He told me that he was expecting a woman who had applied to be his assistant, or something of the sort. I guess the woman was there for (a *carpet interview) an interview. Not long after he told me, the girl showed up. I wondered how many candidates he was going to be interviewing for the job. Or rather, how many women.

The noises went passed my door. It was Rene and his spiritual advisor. I don't know what it is, but there's something about that lady's energy that my stomach reacts to! They hung out. Fine. I was going to stay in that day, so I did my thing in the bedroom. I may have walked out once or twice. I said hi. She didn't reply. He made small talk. OK, you wanna come to my house unwelcome and sleep in my blankets but you don't have the decency to say hi back to me! It's a free country, so do you thing Ms Holier than thou.

I had this weird feeling, where I thought that having seen that I had someone spent the night, Rene would probably try to do the same. On Valentine's day, when he had locked himself out, Rene had the decency to ask in Calvin's presence if he could have his spiritual advisor spend the night. I think that was his way of not only catching me off guard but also put me on the spot in front of my boyfriend. Of course, I said no! Boyfriend or not, no! Go to her place! She told me she had her own place, why don't you hang out with her there? I'm not cleaning your semen on my couches, are you kidding me?

10pm came and went. This chick was still cuddling in bed on my living room floor. I didn't want to be the micromanaging roommate but I wasn't going to have them tell me the following morning that OOPS! They passed out in bed! I went there and reminded Rene that no sleepovers. I didn't care if he saw my boyfriend or not, that's not what that's about. If he wants sleepovers, he should not have taken the place because he knew from day one that that was not allowed. Don't come here and expect to change the rules because you have a spiritual advisor! The woman tried to talk to me. She tried to explain how she blah blah blah, who even cares what she said? I was talking to Rene, the person I had a deal with.

Here's the thing! The night, they had to spend the night, was a Sunday. It was after 10pm and they told me that it was unsafe for her to go home alone that late or something to that effect. This evening in question; was on a Sunday and it was after 10pm. And she's still under the covers spooning? What's different between this Sunday night and the previous one?

*carpet interview is when you sleep with someone to get the job

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