Monday, September 12, 2016

Valentine's Day or Bust?

Valentine's day weekend, I went over to Calvin's as usual. The night before Valentine's, Calvin's friend and her friend met us in a Spanish restaurant. We had delicious dinner and conversation. It was my first time meeting the friend. She seemed nice and funny. Her friend seemed like he had the biggest crush on her but, apparently, she's married. I loved hearing the friend (guy friend of Cal's friend)'s stories.

He worked in construction all his life and has worked for the best of the best clients. Some are celebs.

After a fun night in Pasadena, we headed back home. I drove.

Valentine's day; Calvin had a few clients he needed to touch base with. I tagged along. After work, we got lunch and went back home. It was hot, I was tired. I couldn't wait to be at home, and put my feet up. As soon as my butt touched the couch, my phone rang. It was Rene.
Me: Hello!
Rene: Hey, Brook. How you doin'?
Me: OK thanks, you? Happy Valentine's day!
Rene: Man! I wish I was having a happy day. I don't even have someone special to share this day with. I had such a long day, running around, trying to get this book published... And now.... I done locked myself out!
Me (thinking Fck! I just got fcking home! Now, I gotta head all the way back to the west side! I am not in the mood for this sht! How is this my problem? ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?) 

All in all, Rene wanted me to open up for him. He lied and told me that he locked himself out while he went to throw out the trash for me. I think that was his way of softening the blow. Stuff like that doesn't work with me because, prove it! I told him I would have to call him back. I talked to Calvin about it. Calv and I were about to hang out and enjoy our first Valentine's day together and now this! I know that he didn't do it on purpose. That is why I felt for him.

I told him that I didn't have extra gas to drive all the way to Beverly Hills and back. This was because I could tell he was expecting me to drive and not help me out. You can't expect stuff like that out of strangers! He didn't even ask me! He told me what happened and expected me to jump and fix the problem. Locking yourself out is not the landlord's problem. Also, where's your spiritual advisor? Why don't you go stay with her until I get back home? I did tell Rene that I wasn't planning on going home that night. It was Valentine's day for goodness, sakes; of course, I was going to be with my love!

Rene mentioned that if there were an open window, he would get in through it. I told him that the living room window may not be locked. It's slid shut but all he had to do was slide it open. He tried while we were on the phone. I guess he used to much force and broke the window.

He freaked out and told me that it's best I bring him the key because he didn't want to cause any more costly problems. As, what seemed like an after thought, he told me that he didn't really break the window, it just got cracked. Nobody would notice. He told me not to worry about it. I told him that if there's a crack on the window that wasn't there when I moved in, I will be held responsible for fixing the cracked window. Meaning, he was responsible for doing so. It was going to be cheaper for him to either fix it himself or pay someone to do so than it would be for management to deduct the money from my deposit. He told me he wold take care of it. He was so stressed out that not only was my place not cheap, now he had to pay me for gas to bring him the key AND fix a window. I felt his pain. But that was his problem! He had to take car of it! The window thing bothered me because I was going to be that neighbor! The one with the broken window! Nobody wants to be that neighbor!

Long story, short, we agreed that he was going to pay me $20 for gas. More would have been great, but I met him halfway. Calvin offered to drive me. That saved me a lot of trouble. Showing up by myself, not that I was afraid of Rene but it's always nicer to have your man around whenever he's available. Especially around another man. Plus, Calvin hadn't met Rene yet. Perfect moment for them to meet! Thanks Beau!

We arrived at the house. Naturally, Rene was outside waiting for me. Calvin introduced himself and extended his hand to shake Rene's. Rene ignored him and talked to me as if he can't notices is taller than 6ft man towering over his 5'5 frame. Like, dude! Are you kidding me? We're doing you a favor here! Are you really ignoring my man? SMDH*! Calvin had to repeat himself. Rene shook Cal's hand but didn't even look him in the eye. It was interesting to watch!

We went inside. I immediately asked him to make sure the key was inside before I left. I was booked for background work the following day, so I used that opportunity to grab a nice dress for work.

While at my place, I noticed that Rene had his shoes on. Normally, because my place is a shoes off home, he would take the the trash out with his socks on. No shoes. Don't ask! I wasn't crazy about the idea but that's what he did and I was tired of  telling people not to do things they should know are ridiculous. This time, he had his shoes on. That gave me the impression, he wasn't taking out the trash. PLUS! He didn't have the trash can with him, duh! He was probably outside smoking. Listen, regardless of what he was doing, he has a right to do it and I am sure he didn't intend to inconvenience himself.

He told me that he was gong to have to pay me the $20 the following Tuesday because all he had was a couple of dollars, which he waved at me and told me I could take it and buy myself a soda. I was like, you buy yourself a soda. He's the one who's obviously so strapped for cash. How can you owe me $20 and give me $2 to buy myself soda? Come on now! The last part is between you and I. I didn't ask him that but you bet your tight ass, I thought it.

Calvin and I left as soon as we got there. Calvin took me for a spin in South Central LA. Then home, in The East Side.

*SMDH stands for Shaking My Damn Head

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