Saturday, August 13, 2016

All's Well That Ends Well

When I finally gout of that hell hole; I couldn't wait to jump into my car that was parked all the way down the down the street and head the heck home to the writer dude. I stopped at a KFC on the way home and got myself dinner. Just as I drove into the parking lot, a car sped into the spot next to me, the lady flew out of it and right into KFC. WHAT NOW? I got out of her way because I was done with drama for that day! She threw her food on the counter and yelled at the staff about how they gave her chicken that wasn't cooked. She was hungry and how dare they, what if she got sick, they did that to her because she was black, blah blah blah!
I was just standing there waiting while the entire staff of that KFC addressed this one customer. I wonder what they would have done if I had started flipping out after that lady and told them they made me wait so long because I was black haha! Eventually, I got my food; which I made sure to first check in case the chicken wasn't cooked. Mine was great!

As I drove into the parking lot at the apartment, I could hear RnB music blasting from the direction of my apartment. Great! I thought this guy had told me he was very quiet and peaceful. What in the heck is this? My neighbors are gonna call cops on me! I didn't want to address the noise thing as I walked in. There's nothing worse than someone who 'whines' as they walk into the door, or as you walk in, either way, it's not cute. I decided not to even talk about that that night. I wanted a nice evening. The day had been challenging enough. Plus, the guy was moving in, he needed to have a nice day too. I walked in with a smile on my face, asked how his day was. He seemed to be in a good mood; asked if I liked his music. Was that a trick question? I told him it was OK. In my experience, when someone you share living space with wants to know if you like their music, they are looking for an excuse to play their music really loud, their excuse would then be that they are playing it for both of you, cos you said you liked it, right?

I love music. I am crazy over it, but what if I just wanna meditate today? See? It's tricky. Rather let someone plays their favorite music when they feel like it. Don't make it your responsibility to have them depend upon you for happiness. How do you think they survived before you?

Anyway, he talked to me about his day, showed me his nice clothes. He was right! Rene has a lot of clothes! All his clothes are very nice. He has lots of shoes too for a guy. Sneakers and boots. He definitely has great taste. He had already filled the closet up. I made room for him in the 'pantry/closet' in the kitchen for more of his stuff. There, he put the stuff he doesn't wear often. The stuff he hasn't worn yet! he had a wad of clothes with tags on them!  You know who Rene looks like? Wesley Snipes. When he has glasses and a hat on, which he does a lot; he tends to favor Arsenio Hall. I wonder if Wesley and Arsenio look alike? Anyway, now you can put a face on the name!

We chatted for a bit, until my chicken got cold then I had to excuse myself. I wanted to have a moment to call my boyfriend and relax before bed. Instead of talking until I fell asleep while standing in the living room haha. It was a nice chat, I had a feeling I was going to enjoy having Rene's company. That was a nice way to end the day and start my partnership with Rene.

I'd called Calvin and told him that I didn't think I was going to go back to that job ever again. I explained to him in fear that he might think that I don't want to work and just want him to support me. He understood and told me to move in with me, he would take care of me and I wouldn't have to take the first job that comes along. That was the nicest thing ever! I called him again before I went to bed and ended the day on a high note.

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