Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Designer Wear Shopping for Upcoming Birthday!

My birthday was approaching! Do you celebrate birthdays? I do! I celebrate everything in the form of gifts from myself to myself!
This time, because I had been working so hard, and always deserve the best, I decided to
buy myself some designer stuff, maybe a handbag, a watch or even just a wallet? Oh! And! I had been walking around with an Android phone with an iPhone sticker because, Vision board, hello! Right? I wanted to be those people who have an iPhone, just cos! I kept looking at the price and, just like Calvin,  I couldn't justify spending all that money on a phone. Also! You're talking to someone who got her recent cellphones for free. Just by changing networks. Now, from zero, to a gazillion dollars! How many houses would I have to clean for this iPhone? Is it worth it? YUP! If I want it, it's worth it!

I didn't invest a lot of energy shopping for an iPhone. Calvin asked what I wanted for my birthday. I told him I'd think about it.

             I was still working out, Zumba and Yoga, on average every other day of the week, including weekends. Weight was coming off. It could've been doing so faster, but I'll take my weight loss however I can get it!

One Saturday morning, I was on the app looking for a job and saw this cleaning job downtown Los Angeles. It's pretty close to me. They described it as a space with no furniture. They were moving out or about to move in. I thought, perfect! How hard can it be to clean an open space? I submitted myself. As I did, I felt this shift in the way I felt! Do you ever feel that way? Where one minute you're excited for something, then, you're dying to get out of it? I decided to ask them for photos. Lucky I did that! The place was, for a lack of a polite word, a dump! It looked like what a bridge that has people do all kinds of things under it, would look like. They want me to clean this? With what? A vacuum and a mop? How am I going to clean concrete (cement)  that's turned charcoal grey from dirt? It looked like it needed to be bulldozed down and built up all over again, if you ask me. But nobody asked me, so!  I'm glad she sent me the photos, I politely turned the job down and didn't even bother looking for another one. That was my cue to take the day off!

               I can drive to Rodeo Drive and window shop or I can lie down on my California King and shop online. I did the latter for a while, looking for what to treat myself to.I found a bag, or two or six, crap! Which one to choose? I decided to get myself a Louis Vuitton bag. I wanted one that I would be able to carry all the time. Not a super special one for special occasions. Last year, I wanted to get myself a pair of Christian Louboutins, because, why not? That didn't happen. I thought that this would be the perfect time to get myself a pair. I wanted a color and design that I would be able to wear with whatever. I wanted to be able to go shopping in Loubs. Or just for coffee in them (even though, I don't drink coffee, haha!). These are some of the things I had been hoping for.

I ended up ordering an LV Bag (Louis Vuitton). While out there in these streets shopping (aka online), I saw a nice Coach watch, so we grabbed that, and a Michael Kors Wallet. I know I'm name dropping but I also told ya I was cleaning houses for a living; yin and yang! I saw an iPhones online at a reasonable price. I went back to Calvin and told him what I wanted for my birthday. Cash! The amount the iPhone was going for, haha! I didn't tell him what it was for. I didn't want anybody to tell me that's too much to spend on a phone or whatever.

I got my iPhone! Whoo Hoo! Remember how I got my iPad, right? Click here for that story! My iPhone and my iPad were the same color. Winning! Thank you, universe!

             Envelope in the mail! What could it be? It's from USCIS aka Immigrations! It was interview appointment letter. Oh my Gosh, Calvin! It's here! They sent us this a month in advance. I remember everything! Calvin, is the opposite, I remember all his things as well. But in this interview, he will have to answer questions as himself, not using Lil Brook's memory. We need to practice! Whenever we had a chance, I would ask him random questions about our relationships, see if he remembers the dates and stuff. He mixed everything up! I tell ya, he would say something like, oh yeah, that's easy! It's just before this and that holiday, I won't forget that next time! Hello, next time! Guess what? Calvin completely forgot that same thing again! Golly! I was getting anxious! Our relationship is legit, you can read all about it on my blog! It's just that my husband is very forgetful! I don't think that'd fly with the Immigration's interviewing officer!

Come to think of it! Should I wear my new stuff to the interview? Will they be too fancy for the situation at hand? Which look are we going for? Does it matter? Will the officer notice? Will he or she care?

I will leave you with this fun video of Meghan Trainer and I, Me Too!
Press Play!

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