Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Spoiling Myself

before weight loss, before and after

Now that my Immigration application is done and dusted, I can put some lipstick on and take a selfie.

Babalwa brook before weight loss

The second selfie, I posted because it's a good reminder of how far I've come weight wise... and lipstick-wise haha. That was my around the house lipstick. Not flattering but nice and moist for the lips.
Remember that Michael Kors Hamilton bag I tried to get my husband to buy for me during Vegas Trip to no avail? Well! Someone bought it for me! ME! I found the only one they had in the store! It was definitely a good day!
It was the exact color that I wanted and the only Hamilton in the store!
dusty pink Michael kors hamilton
My New Michael Kors Hamilton purse
Purse bought, problem solved! Now that I have this bag and the  Coach Purse, I wonder if I shouldn't get a few more designer bags? Just a thought.

Back to reality! Calvin got me a Costco card. Costco is like Makro is you're from South Africa or Sam's Club if you're from The US and don't know about Costco. 

As if I didn't just go through enough paperwork with the Visa situation, I realized that my passport was expiring soon. I went through more paperwork with that trying to get it renewed before the expiration date several months down the line. According to the South African passport website, you need to allow 6 months for the renewal. I didn't really have that long but when I went to submit the application, a kind gentleman told us that we should get our passports in 3-4 months tops. Exciting! I left there feeling exhilarated. 

More paperwork! I went for a check up at the doctors for the first time in a couple of years. That's where the above photo was taken. In the waiting room. All in order, thankfully. I got a referral to OBGYN or Gyenocologist for that regular check up. The waiting period was a mutha! More than a month! Of course, I had to wait for the letter in the mail from my regular doctor to see who he was referring me to, turn around and call that office to find out what the waiting period was. I then called Physician and asked him to please find out who has the earliest appointment, male or female and refer me to them. That worked! I got an appointment in just under a month. 
Favorite Betsey Johnson Shades

While waiting for those situations to move along, I got several texts from immigrations alerting me that they received my application forms. That was a relief! A week later, I received notification in the mail of the same fact. A few weeks later, I saw an update on the Immigrations website: USCIS.com that they have cashed my checkes. Whew! So that worked out as well! You want to make sure you send the exact amounts, you can't round it off or anything like that, or else, they will return it. Waste of everyone's time.
My sister brought me this top from Africa


Now that I have been doing all this serious stuff, time to take care of me! I am very into home remedies, Apple Cider Vinegar, Baking Soda, the whole shebang! I had been reading up on Castor oil and found that it needs to be another staple in my home. While at Walmart, I grabbed me a bottle. It's cheap too! Under $3
Small bottle but that's the only size they have. I started using Castor oil on my face, hair, hands and nails, the works. Growing up, we used to be given Castor oil as a laxative. I don't use it for that purpose. I don't use laxatives period. Story for another day!

Gun Show

Calvin caught wind that there was going to be a gun show in Orange County. We suited up and made a day of it. You should have seen him! He went all western on me. I was like, what's going on? He was wearing his late father's  clothes. But like, cowboy type clothes. His dad never used to combine those clothes like that! He said that he wanted to blend in at the gun show and look like a Republican. Don't ask!

There's Calvin behind me! 
We stopped by at the gas station, that's where the above photo was taken. That's him cleaning the windshield / windscreen while I hold a photoshoot.

One of my favorite BEFORE photos
I consider the above photo one of my befores, even though, I had already lost around 20lb s(9kg) by the time it was taken.

For your enjoyment, here's a video of us on the way to the Gun Show. Listen to Calvin talk poop, haha! I do not endorse his views at all! click below!

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