Thursday, June 21, 2018

My Big Birthday

The Koreatown  Grasshoppers mentioned in the previous blog were crunchy and bony. In case you were wondering. I only had a few, just to taste and ordered regular fish. I didn't have that much of an appetite, what with how our Green Card interview had gone.
Not long thereafter, I checked my credit score online. After getting no results for several weeks, my credit score had finally updated! Remember I had started from zero, so, when I saw 669 as my credit score, I was elated! I felt like such an American! Credit scores and sh*t! 669 is average credit. There's Poor, Average, good and there's excellent. Calvin's is up there! I'm just a baby. Still crawling. I was crawling and proud! I was doing the best I could to improve on that score! I only started off with a credit limit of $500. I used no more than 30% of that, maximum. That's $150. I would then pay my bill as soon as the amount I would have spent clears online. I mainly used my credit card for gas and food, but mainly gas. Half of my limit would fill up my tank, There was enough time for the amount to clear and for me to pay that amount and have it clear before the next filling.

Not long after our Green card interview, Calvin went to his tax lady and filed our joint taxes. Too little, too late!  Our refunds were in the mail in no time, flat! It was the most Calvin had ever received! Well, we're married now and filing jointly, one of the benefits of being legally married. I would like to know how other couples split up their tax refunds if at all? Do you put all that money into a joint account and spend it around the house or couple's vacation? Do you go according to who earns the most, and thus pays the most towards taxes? If one of you is a stay at home, does the one who has a regular job, get the whole check? Thoughts? Please mention in the comments section.

You bet your sweet ass, I couldn't wait to show Calvin my credit score. He had a very poker face about it.

I got my iPhone Plus just like I had wished. 

My mom's birthday came and went. It's a few days before mine. We're super thankful!

Mine came! I was in an awesome mood! As usual. I went into my closet that came straight out of my vision board. I don't know if I told you this, but I had always wanted a walk in closet. I had a lot of closets in my Beverly Hills apartment, but it wasn't a walk in closet! Granted, I got what I wanted in that case as well, manifestation-wise. I had had a brown (only choice I had in the catalog) walk in closet picture in my vision board. I didn't even pay mind to that as I had other 'pressing issues' on there that I paid more attention to. When it was time for me to move in with Calvin, my boyfriend, at the time, he had me move my stuff into the spare room that he was using as an office. Turned out that room was meant to be the main bedroom. It had what was going to be now mine.... a walk in closet! Guess what color the walk in closet is? You guessed it! Brown! I was so happy to have one of those but still didn't connect that I had asked the universe for this. One random day, as I was removing things that had manifested in my life from my vision board, including a Chanel logo, because one holiday season, Calvin had gotten me a set of Chanel perfumes, which I still have. I ask for all kinds of things, big and small, as you may be able to tell. That's when I saw the brown photo of a walk in closet. I was so over the moon! This thing really does work! If you don't believe in this kind of  'new age' stuff, it's cool! I'm just having fun with it. 

We weren't going to Catalina Island this time for my birthday. That was one of my favorite trips with Calv, I would like to go back there. Maybe another island? When we went to Santa Barbara, the plan was to sail the different islands out there but unfortunately, we didn't get around to it. Have you been to any islands, which ones? Did you love em? Would you recommend em? Let a girl know! 

I put on a boob tube dress that I bought in Las Vegas, that I never wore because it was too tight and looked more as a top. 

Boob Tube Birthday dress
Never mind the gun situation behind me in the above photo! The shoes, I got from my sister, way back in Joburg. Cute, Aldi booties!

Calvin was working, so I was flying solo for my big day. I did what any self respecting individual would and went for a free birthday meal at Denny's. I picked Denny's because they had a high protein breakfast. It was still breakfast time when I left the house. There are a lot of fast food and other places that offer free birthday meals. Check them out if you like free stuff like me! I had bacon, eggs, sausage and burger patty. The guy was so nice, he told me that if I was still hungry, to feel free to come back or go to a different Denny's. My pupils dilated, WHAT? YOU MEAN I CAN DO THAT? He was like, "I mean! It doesn't say not to do it!" After my own heart! I went shopping but didn't find anything I wanted. 

Remember, I had already placed orders of the things I really wanted online. Also, I wanted a backpack, so I bought that for my birthday, whatever! lol. Everything was for my birthday at this point! 

I drove around, ate, shopped, drove back home. To be honest with you, I was still tired from all the tasks I had been performing for work. I got home not long before Caving and he brought me flower.

Birthday Roses
I always love the flowers Calvin gets me. He always does an amazing job.

Calvin Klein Birthday backpack
I probably wouldn't carry that backpack with that outfit, but it was my birthday and I was gonna get high if I wanted to!

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