Thursday, January 14, 2016

San Francisco in Pictures

After talking to this new guy, Calvin, for a week about all kinds of things, I was hoping he would ask me on a date. I waited Friday night, nothing! I hoped that we would go out on Saturday or Sunday. We talked Friday, but not about the date. Saturday I went shopping, and  found myself a cute bag, then went to my fave supermarket in Hollywood, close to where I used to live with the guy from Hollywood Blvd. Anyway, I got myself a nice piece of grilled pork there and potato wedges. Which, I absolutely enjoyed.

That afternoon, back at my place, I found myself thinking about Calvin more than I cared to. I wondered if I would hear from him that day at all. The entire first week of chatting with him, I would always let him be the one who called. I hadn't called him first yet. I considered doing so that afternoon. But then, I don't really know this guy! I met him on a dating site. It's a Saturday, he could be on a date. OMG, what if he's on a date, and ends up liking her? Noooooo! This is my Calvin! I decided to call. Then, I decided against it! What if he didn't pick up? Would I then text him? Is that weird? Should Just text and hope he gets back to me? What if, what if, what if?

I took a deep breath and sent him a text. Just asking how he was doing. He texted back immediately telling me that he was having Poke for lunch, he had been surfing since 6am. It was around 2pm. He asked if I had had poke before. Whew! Deep breath! I was glad he replied, especially as fast as he did! That he was nice and that he was surfing, it all sounded so cool. I was tempted to ask for a picture, hoping he wears those tight fighting, spandex surfing gems. I didn't. Poke? I thought he meant pork. Of course I have eaten pork before, as a matter of fact, I just had pork for lunch! But first, google poke! It's some Hawaiian salad like, cold meal. My bad. I responded that I hadn't, he told me he would take me to the best spots some day. This guy and his promises! Will he remember them all and deliver? I wonder! Plus, why are we not on a date right now? I should be right there with him, eating poke! I want to watch him surf, let's go already?

We exchanged only a few texts and I had to let him enjoy his poke. I felt so much better after talking with him. Suddenly, I had lots of energy, bouncing off the walls. As if I don't already have a ton of energy haha.

Here are some pictures of my San Francisco vacation:

San Francisco Fire Dept.

Vacation nails

New Cellphone case with tables which would end up being my savior

On the Subway/underground train to the Union station in LA

My First picture in San Fran. As you can see, I was half asleep

In case you were thinking of paying the Imposter

The steep uphill street to the Hostel 

Look how packed it was at the Fisherman's wharf!

My Clam Chowder in a bun

The pigeons are always on standby

New Doc Marten boots

Look at that thick sole!

New Converse/ Chuck Taylors

My bad! I mean bed! First night or two at the hostel

Some of these are really funny

Fisherman's wharf

Ferry to Alcatraz Prison. Not for prisoners, for tourists

Selfie time! 

USA! USA! USA! Chanting

Restrooms are behind that building and fun is to the right

I want that money in this thing

Because, clearly that face goes well with those arms

Inside the museum

At the water massage place. Notice someone is giving me scalp massage while I'm getting oxygen 

Teaching my girl Bey how to nail that pose

My bed for the rest of my time in San Fran. The old lady with an iPad was in the bed above

The View from our dorm 

Freshly showered and Smelling good!

Complimentary pancakes

This was actually the first time I ever made a pancake!

On the way to the Mall

I've been to Vegas and San Francisco, Beijing? Not yet...

Trolley for sightseeing

Cute Jessica Simpson Heels

I really wanted to buy these, they were on sale but the heel is wobbly 
Welcome to Treasure Island, Brook!


Treasure island

View of Downtown San Fran from Treasure Island

Not much going on in Treasure Island that day
I found a group of random people and asked the guy who was taking their pictures to take mine too

On the way to the Golden gate Bridge. So cold and windy!

The golden Gate Bridge. 

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