Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Greatest Story Ever Told

I'm back! I quickly had to go to the Bill Maher show. It was so funny! I also made friends with a very musical guy who takes demo tapes and turn those songs into sheet music for people who can't write sheet music. Very impressive, if you ask me! After all that musical talk, I am now listening to Frederic Chopin as I type this.

Time seemed to drag as I was waiting for Calvin considering I am not one to wait, usually, I am ready just in time, never a moment too soon! Apparently, Calvin couldn't find the flowers somewhere, so he had to go home and this and that and the other. I was just like, omg, get here already! By the way, he had sent me a picture of himself looking like a Sotho guy the day before out date. He was outside his truck, writing a receipt for a client or something. He had what looked like a Sotho hat on. I was like, this guy! While we were at it, I asked him to send me a picture of himself where he didn't have sunglasses. I wanted to see his eyes. He took a picture of just the face, the eyes were so pretty. I wanted to lick them.
My mini photo shoot before Calvin arrived

As I was taking photos, there are lots of them, but  I won't bore you. I thought to myself that I will show him on our one year anniversary. I am not one to think that far when it comes to relationships on account of my past but I was really positive about this one! That and the fact that I am changing the way I think about things period! Calvin finally arrived! When He called and told me he was outside, I almost farted my insides out. The excitement was too much! I have never felt that way before. OK, maybe once! I was so excited, I had a pep in my step. It was a good day! This person could turn out to be the love of my life. The one! I thought as I went outside to meet him. He saw me and walked towards me, before I saw him. He had a hat on, He was tall, he was not Mexican, he had beautiful blue eyes, our eyes locked for the first time and I felt at home! I felt like I found someone that I can trust, someone I want to be there for, to protect from the outside world. I felt like that was the person I had been trying to get to all my life. It was great! I had never felt that way before meeting someone. Something about his soul. Deep inside, not just the blueness of his eyes, which I have never made no secret that I love. It was more than that. More!

We hugged, he had a vase with flowers in it. He had already told me that he was going to need it back because it belonged to his late grandmother. It was the only thing he had of the grandmother. I liked that he was sentimental. The reason the flowers were in that vase was because when he couldn't find the calla lilies, he went to his house and picked me flowers from his own home. That meant even more to me than any flowers he could have bought. He had also brought me a lei (as in Hawaiian lei?). He told me that as he was driving back home, he asked his brother to make him a lei.. His family lives quite close. I loved it! That was a special touch. I had never been leid before haha and I hadn't been laid in a while either, so it was about time! The smell of those lei flowers, my gosh! Best smell in a flower I have ever smelt! I am obsessed with frangipani flower, look it up if you didn't know of it and do yourself a favor! You're welcome :)
The lay and behind me the flower Calvin brought me. 

I I invited him in while I put the flowers in my own vase, etc. I never do that! I walked in first and, as you know, my house is a shoes home, his is too, by the way! How awesome is that! He already knew he was going to have to take the shoes off if he were ever to come into my home, so that wasn't a shocker. As I was busy trying to unzip my shoes, I tried not to have him stand behind me because the dress was rather short, he might have seen things nobody was ready to see, so I faced him. But, as you can see in the above picture, my cup overfloweth, so he was going to see way too much if I had bent over facing him too. While in the midst of that dilemma, he went, 'I got it!' HE TOOK OFF MY SHOES! I mean! Come on! How amazing is this guy? As I saw him on his knees in front of me, my mind went to how that was what it was going to be like when he goes down on his knee in front of me in the future. It was so symbolic to me! I was so charmed by his chivalry. I really was! That was a first for me!

We sat and talked a little bit. He complemented me on my cute place. We had talked so much about so much that he already had an idea of what my place would look like. When he saw the massage chair, he was like, 'you never told me about this!' I smiled and told him I wanted to surprise him. When I heard of the kind of work he does, I knew he was going to love me when he found out I have a massage chair. I still didn't tell him I'm a massage therapist as well. It's only a first date, you know? Plus, remember the last guy I talked to about massages on a first date? If not, here's a reminder! I offered Calvin something to drink, we sat and talked for about 30 minutes before I said, do you wanna go? He went, 'thank you! I'm hungry!' haha. We walked to the car, he opened the door for me, I hopped on. We talked some more as we headed to Santa Monica. Remember how he had offered to take me to the beach on our first date? Well, he remembered. We went to a German Sausage type place. Service is really good, the guy was so sweet. Calvin ordered some Filipino type and one Italian, it sounded like he was ordering prostitutes in a brothel. I asked if they had anything out of the ordinary. They told me they have Rattle snake and rabbit sausage. Remember the conversation  Calvin and I once had about eating rattle snakes? Click on conversation, it will take you to that blog if you wish. I decided it was then or never, so I went for it! I'll have that one please! Thanks! You're welcome! coming right up!

And right up, it came! 
I was so excited! I was about to eat something I never even thought it was going to be possible to get a chance to eat! Snake! I had eaten rabbits growing up in the farm. We used to hunt for them, barbecue them and dig in. That was forever ago. I had almost forgotten about all that until I met this guy. He was pleasantly surprised that I was that brave. He told me  he was impressed, he never dated someone that brave before. Well, mutha fcker, you better buckle the phuck up then! I am into all things different!

I enjoyed my snake, I got to taste some of Calvin's as well. Everything was good! I really enjoyed the date. I didn't want it to end.
The rock came off, so I wore the ring without. 

After the date, Calvin drove us back to my place. He looked like he was gonna dump me outside the building and leave. I asked if that was the plan, he was wishy washy with the response,because, you know, you don't know why someone is asking! I invited him over. He found a spot to park around the block form my place. As we were walking to my place, he told me that he was so surprised when he received the text about how that first date could be the beginning of the greatest story ever told. He said that, he was contemplating sending me a text to that effect but he didn't want to scare me away. I told him I wish he had. I asked what he wanted to text me, he told me it was something along the lines of, 'this could be the first brick to the foundation of our relationship'. I thought that was sweet. He said, he didn't want to send me that and have me thinking, 'this guy! We haven't even met and he's already thinking about cementing walls haha! I'm glad I didn't overthink mine because he loved it.

We chatted some more over a nightcap. I found out that Calvin used to be a graffiti artist. I asked him to write me something. 

Calvin's art in my gratitude journal.I'm definitely grateful for that!

I was so impressed with that! He seemed to have more and more layers, the more I got to know him. That fascinated me! He told me that he has a friend who is a great tattoo artist, apparently Calvin once took the needle and tattooed SGV (San Gabriel Valley), his hood, on his lower belly without ink. Apparently it healed fully. He still showed me where he did it. I got so excited seeing a little more of his flash. Not too long after, he had to head home. I walked him to his car. 

By the way, since Calvin and I started talking, I had these feelings that were overwhelming, before I said anything stupid to a stranger, I opted to write him letters that I will never mail. I call them Letters to Calvin, they are my dear Calvins. I wrote him a short one the morning of our date, in it I wrote, I wonder if we will kiss today.

I gave him a hug and he grabbed me and planted a huge one in my lips. It was nice and long and good! While we were kissing, I remember taking in the moment, thinking to myself, this is me and he is here, we are making out in the middle of Beverly Hills, the moon is shining bright. It's a good day!

After he left, he texted me, Wow! Your kiss! I feel so rejuvenated! It's stronger than a RedBull!


  1. Lovely story. Worth the wait! -Tuharah

  2. Wow! What a romantic story! You're such a good writer Brook. I hope this is just a beginning of a great life for you

    1. Oh, thanks, Mrs Z. That's a great compliment!
      Thanks. I hope so too.

  3. Blue eyes hey!!!! You are making me believe that our conversations are not in vain. What a great first date love story. I am stoked for you.

    1. Yup! Blue eyes! :)
      No, they're not, girl! Never!
      Thank you

  4. Oh goodness you ate the snake???