Friday, July 06, 2018

Stay Woke!

Speaking of being too tired from tasting for TaskRabbit; I had a number of recurring clients. Which was nice! They would just message me when it was time or tell me at the end of the task, when they wanted me to return. Inasmuch as I was flattered that they liked my work that much, I get bored doing the same thing. One of the things I enjoy about doing all the jobs I do, is because no two days are alike. Some clients have a tendency of
taking you for granted after a while. Which can cause problems. One of the jobs was with some nice people, in a cute, contemporary house that wasn't that far from me. It was only a few hours but the people were nice, so I kept going back, instead of standing by for greener pastures. One time, I went there and the energy was different. Nothing was said to me specifically but the vibe in the house wasn't the same anymore. I knew there and then I wouldn't be back, so I contacted the app and told them to cancel the recurrence. I am big on vibes. I try and avoid situations where my gut tells me not to go. You should too, if you don't already. Actually, as I am typing this, I just got off a call where the conversation was ok, but the undertone was weird. You know when you can tell specifically when the energy shifted? I could and even though they were the ones who told me to call, they will no longer be hearing from me.

I worked in West LA one time. The client wasn't home and parking was scarce but I could tell from our texts that even though they have paid for guest parking in his apartment, he wasn't willing to pay for parking. I didn't want anyone to do what they didn't want to, so I drove around a little more. At this point, because I have already arrived at your place, you will be paying me for this time spent driving around. Fair! No? I found a spot as someone was leaving, walked to the apartment. Nice place! I love guessing people's personality just by seeing their homes. Especially when they are not home. This was a single guy, metro-sexual, neat, decent paying job. His house was easy to clean. He may have been expecting an overnight guest. My favorite was the full length mirror he had in the foyer. You know I took some selfies in front of it! I showed Calvin the selfies when I got home, he was like, "Where was this, my Brook?" Oopsie! Haha! I wasn't even thinking about that! Just that I looked nice and skinny in those.

As soon as I was done with that simple job, I texted the guy, he didn't even respond, thanks or anything. Some folks don't, until they get home, then they either thank you, give you a thumbs up or even a tip. I got neither from this guy. But I did get what I went there for - payment! And for that, we're thankful. I refreshed my app as I was about to pull off and saw another job closer to Calvin's. I pulled aside and confirmed with the client. She was awesome! From the lingo she used to the energy she emitted. I loved her. She looked kinda Asian. I wondered to myself, could this be my girl, Bai Ling? That would've been the best of the best. I love me some Bai Ling! If you don't know her, she was in the movie I never saw, The Crow, with Bruce Lee's Son, Brandon Lee. There's a whole story about the filming of that movie that resulted in someone dying for real.

I arrived at this very interesting location. I had driven past there a few times, when the freeways are busy and my driving app takes me through parts less traveled. I never knew that that was a residential building! I went in and wow! Where am I? It was kinda like a refugee camp and I don't know what.... There were a few units with the same number as the one I was going too, only different color doors. I prayed as I went deeper into the building. There were steel doors that looked like they won't open from inside once I shut them behind me. OK, I'll go ahead and say it, the place resembled a prison! Respectfully! But wait! I walked into her apartment and she just needed me to clean her fridge because she was out of the country for a few months and something something something. OK! She couldn't decide whether to get rid of the fridge or clean it. Her friend told her to have it cleaned. There must've been some sentimental value to the fridge because my rates to clean it were higher than I paid for the fridge I had at the time, so, there's that. What? I don't come cheap? Why else do you think I was doing this silly job? All due respect to all cleaners out there, of course! I hope they pay you well!

When I was done in the kitchen, she was so impressed, she asked me to do the bathroom as well.While I was wrapping that room up, she got motivated to clean the entire apartment. She was like, 'you're so good!' She had me help her in her bedroom. Her apartment is so dope! I'm here to tell ya, do not judge an apartment by it's cover! That place is so cool! She's so cool! She had vintage designer clothing on one end and regular clothing, not my kind of regular, expensive, designer regular stuff. I even asked if she were a fashion designer. She told me no, she just loves Chanel. She's a filmmaker who is based in Asia and here in LA. She told me that those apartments are for artists only. You have to prove, one way or another that you're in the industry to qualify to live there.

Several hours later, mind you, I only took the job because it was for a couple of hours, just to clean a fridge,I got done. She gave me a ton of things she no longer wanted, some Designer. Thank you, kind lady! Then, she thanked me like I was a gift from the heavens. She's one of a kind for sure. The kind of person you want to work for, not because of the gifts, but because of her kindness. As I got home, that lady had transferred my payment together with the biggest tip I ever got working that job.... yet! Wow! I was so glad I soldiered on, period pains and all and did her nice house.

Speaking of large tips, this one time, I had a job in Hollywood. It was an AirBnB Apartment that needed to be cleaned between guests. Sure! I am very familiar with Air BnB , I used to host myself. I arrived at this fancy, high rise building with underground guest parking (I say all this because, there is hardly parking for tenants in Hollywood. For them to have guest parking is really fancy). I parked and went upstairs where I met with the tenants as they were vacating the unit. The tenants are in the industry, they had a cool story about doing charity work in Africa and all that. I met some inspirational people cleaning houses, to be honest with you! They had other, weird stories about the places I was going to clean, but who's counting? I finished cleaning this insanely nice place, that had mirrored everything, from tables, to counters, to walls, to everything was a mirror! And really nice artsy pieces. Very "Hollywood". When I was done, I texted the guy who asked me to drop off the key with him Downtown LA, he was going to pay me in the form of a tip for the trouble. There I was, rushing downtown to hand over this key, trying to beat LA Friday traffic. He was waiting for me on the curb, I handed the key over and rushed home.

Alas! They only payed me for the work done! No tip! Meaning, no pay for my gas and my time, driving to another zip code to drop the key off! I filed a thing with the app, they told me, I can't demand a tip. I showed them screen shots of the conversations to justify why this wasn't really a tip, they were like, yeah, no! I had already tried calling the client several times, his phone was disconnected. The same phone number I had talked to him prior. This went very hand in hand with the stories their tenants told me about dealing with them, but we won't get into that.  I had to dig deep to get over that situation.

As soon as I made peace with this and moved on, after several more attempts at getting hold of the guy, to the point where I almost knew his number by heart, Not really, it's easy for me to memorise numbers; I was in the bathroom, when I checked the app and saw an Air BnB apartment that needed cleaning. Deja vu? Can't be! This apartment is downtown Los Angeles, while the other one was in Hollywood. I looked up the phone number... lo and behold! Same client! Oh my goodnessssssss! It's true that if you want something badly enough, let it go. Lord knows I really wanted my money back from those people, haha! I called and you know what? The guy himself, was like, wait! I know you! Aren't you the same lady who cleaned my place in Hollywood? ya betchya! I explained to him about the money I didn't get blah, risking him canceling this jobs altogether, of course!  He apologized and told me that someone else is responsible for the payment part, could I bill them in the form of time forked for what they owed me? Yes, please. I learned from that experience that if you do something for a client with your own money or they tell you to pay for parking, and they will pay you back to bill them in the form of time, add an equivalent of minutes, or hours, for them to pay you or for TaskRabbit to be able to follow up for you if the client dodges you. Also, if the client doesn't pay you at all, TR will pay you from their own pocket or insurance or whatever, when you do the hours thing, you get your money, regardless. Stay woke, folks!

This apartment was different from the one in Hollywood, in that,  they had paid parking only. Guy told me to park in the street and bill them for a half hour. That was so good, cos street parking wasn't that expensive. I tell ya, by the time I was done, I got paid for way too many hours than I had worked! Also, he was home this time. The place was pretty much empty, looked like a party / event type spot. high Rise as well. He had some of his clothes and his fashion design portfolio there.  All his shoes are Christian Louboutins and a couple of Versaces and maybe a Giuseppe. Like, wow! Some of these situations make you really reflect on your life, like, what are you doing differently from these people?

At the end, he told me to add another hour for tip. Already, they were paying more than regular people on the app and I was getting all these random extras, I left there with my pockets ready to burst open with all that cash, haha. Not really, but you know what I mean.

On the weight loss front, I had reached another milestone: I was under 100kg! I reached more weight loss milestones ever since and will tell you about them as we go along. 

Weight loss update Video

In relationship news: Calvin came home one day and told me we were going to the bank. What for? To open up a joint credit card account. I'll be right out! He didn't have to tell me twice. This was as spontaneous as our wedding, or a close second! That's why you've always gotta be ready. It's like the coming of Christ, for those to believe, you don't know when that will be either, so stay woke, friends! We used his awesome vintage truck and headed to the bank. The lady who helped us looked to young to be working. She told us to expect the cards in the mail in a certain number of weeks. Wow! This guy really just did this for me! I was dumbfounded. Like I mentioned in the post about building your credit score, I didn't care if he kept both cards, I just wanted my credit score to be good.

Our credit limit for the new card was so high, it was in the thousands. This was a lot for me, considering mine was only $200. Calvin insisted we both keep our own cards. If one uses the card, to ensure they pay it back. I used it for groceries and paid it off the following day, and used my older one for gas. Calvin suggested, I only use the joint card and not worry about the old card. When I next checked my credit score, the points had gone down. I am not sure if it was because I wasn't using my old card or because they had to pull my score to qualify me for the joint card. I did take a precautionary measure by continuing to use both cards. Just in case.

My score went back up.

Calvin's birthday was around the corner. What to get him? What to get him?

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