Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Happy Birthday Hubby!

Gifts for husband, designer gifts
Hubs' Birthday Gifts
It's Hub's birthday! I had gotten him the Steve Madden watch in Long Beach after one of my gigs. You may already be able to tell
what his favorite color is from the color of the two gifts. The Guess high top sneakers were more something I would have loved for myself. I wish they had them in my size as well. We'd be twinning. Remember  I bought him two pairs of sneakers for Christmas, pictured in this blog? He wore the Fila ones to death, which  I took as a compliment. Wouldn't you? I bought these as a replacement, sorta kinda. I was very lucky to get both in a similar shade of green. He wore the sneakers almost immediately. Yassss! Winning!

Between the stuff I got him for his previous birthday, Christmas gifts and in betweens, I've taken over as his stylist. And I love it! I hope he's not noticing though! Do you shop for your man/woman? If so, does he like what you buy him/her?

I made a nice birthday dinner for him after work. I was lucky to have had a quick, few hour job in Silverlake with a nice client who was going to rent out her house and go crash at a friend's down the street. Very interesting dynamic but at my age, she owned that nice, double storey house in a nice neighborhood. I wasn't mad at that. Do what you have to to keep your house, lady! As usual, I was inspired with her story. And her niceness. When she found out I was South African, she played me a Documentary about this regular guy who moved to South Africa, performed there, and became a huge success in the country. He is mostly known for the song Sugar Man. Apparently, he disappeared in Africa. They looked everywhere for him, eventually, finding out that he wasn't aware he was famous in South Africa. Something to that effect. The guy's name is Sixto Rodriguez, if you care. I didn't know the story but I know the song! The lady was so nice, she would call me to see some scenes on the screen, I was mainly just cleaning and listening to the audio, cos work! I don't want to take advantage.

She complimented me on my work and told me she was going to try and convince her dad who is a hoarder, in her words, to have me organize his place. Apparently, he is also a recluse, so I didn't hold my breath. I never heard from her. I guess her dad didn't budge. 

Back to Calvin, aka, hubby; he had gone to the desert prior to his birthday and had a bit of a hiccup while out there as usual. One time, Cal was out in the desert, he got bitten by an ant between his legs. Just imagine! Apparently, he was sleeping outside. He does so a lot out there because the sky looks closer to the earth and stars bigger and brighter. This just reminded me of my time sleeping outside in Eastern Europe. Mine wasn't  by choice but in hindsight, I'm glad it happened. We got Cal antihistamines and all that. Eventually, the issue went away. 

The night Calvin proposed to me,  he got bitten by a mystery bug in the arm. To me, it looked like a giant, brown mosquito. He insisted it was a brown widow. I supposed that's the brown version of the black widow. Was that an omen? I don't believe in such. The arm got swollen in no time, flat! I was like, let me take you to the emergency room. He refused. We did a bunch of home remedies. We're both big into them. On his birthday, he had a situation with his arm. He came home with that from the desert. He wasn't sure where exactly the pain was in the arm, which made it hard for me to rub him. He was in agonizing pain but would neither take pain medication nor go to the doctor.

In the following days, Calvin reported the issue to work. He has an on and off problem with the same arm that resulted from an on duty injury. From then on, they gave him time off and referred him to their doctor. They are very meticulous about this kind of stuff, I assume, in case someone sues or ends up having to be on permanent disability and for them to pay him for not working, forever! It took Cal a lot of thinking before he reported the problem. He kept playing up all kinds of scenarios in his head. I'm like, dude! The longer you wait, the more questions they are going to have. Just do it, already! 

Random meal I made for Cal
I had the same thing, sans the bed of rice

Some of the food from a Chinese Restaurant
It wasn't a buffet, but we had three different shrimp dishes, ribs and more. The food looked better than it tasted but it was inexpensive and restaurant wasn't far. Cal was trying to take me to an old fave of his, turned out it moved, haha.

Weight loss update video from back then

Looking back at my media, I must say, I'm very proud of how far I've come. If I must say so myself.

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