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How to Liquid Diet

My birthday has come and gone! His birthday has come and gone! Back to real life! some weight loss challenges were arising. I talked about those and what I did about them in the below video. Press play!

It's not all smooth sailing, folks!
It hadn't even been a year since I got engaged  and my ring was already too loose on me. At least, I had already been married, or else, we would have had to do something come wedding day.

I had to do something about the weight loss or lack thereof, so I got back on liquid diet.I must tell you; I don't love being on liquid diet. I do it as a last resort. What I love to do is eat. Food! I love to chew, I love to eat and not get full, so that I can keep eating. This, of course, being the reason I ended up looking like this

My liquid diet consists of:
* Low carbohydrate soups that are very low in sugar. Preferably, those without added sugar. Stuff like tomatoes, and other fruits and other vegetables naturally have sugar in them; hence the sweet taste. What you don't want is added sugar. Examples: bean soups like split peas, black bean soup, muschroom soups, tomato soup, chicken broth, veggie and beef broth also come in handy. You can use those to thin your soup up to make it look like more food than it is or to drink on their own.
I watch my macros, as in, Carbohydrates, Fats, Proteins, etc. Per day, I try not to exceed a certain amount of each of those macros. You can look up what your amounts should be on the various websites that offer that kind of information. It depends on several factors, such as, height, weight, gender, activity level, etc. None of this is gospel, of course! At the end of the day, do whatever the heck you want! Or what your doctor / nutritionist / dietitian recommends. 
* Low calorie protein shakes with low sugar content. These aren't hard to find. You just gotta familiarise yourself with the nutritional info of all the foods you consume. 
* Sugar free Jello / Jelly. As low as 5 calories per tub
* Herbal teas. I usually start my day with green tea (and apple cider vinegar tea). The rest of herbal teas depend upon what's available in the store when I go shopping. I drink anything from rooibos, which is a South African tea.. They have this at stores like Trader Joe's if you're interested; Lemongrass tea, Ginger, chamomile, hibiscus, the list is endless. I am neither a coffee nor a tea person. I drink these teas for their health benefits as well as to keep my stomach not empty. If you struggle with downing clean water, drink sugar free tea and count that as your fluids. Or add lemon to your water.
* Sugar free powdered drinks like Crystal water or stuff like that. These are cheap and come at 5 calories per half a litre, mixed with water. In the summer, you can even make your own ice cubes / popsicles out of these and not feel guilty.
*Sugar free popsicles. I buy regular kind and chocolate kinds for variety. Be careful how many of these you have per day. The carb content can creep up on you. 
*Protein powders. I like to have the basic chocolate flavor, vanilla and unflavored one. The unflavored is good to add to soups when you feel like you may not meet your protein totals for the day.
*Greek yogurt. I buy the flavored ones and the plain ones. Plain can be added to soups to change taste, to prevent monotony of eating same tasting food all week. Also, plain yogurt is a great low carb substitute for mayonnaise.
*Sugar Free pudding. I usually can only find vanilla and chocolate flavors. The vanilla flavor, unfortunately makes me nauseous, so, I stick to the choc. I eat these sparingly because of the carb content. sometimes, I will do half a tub with plain yogurt. The outcome is not for the faint of heat. I have a very open minded palette as you may know
*Milk. Anything from regular cow milk, non-dairy, soy, nut milk or whatever you can stomach
-Sometimes, I make my protein shakes with milk, sometimes just water, to save calories, sometimes I make them with warm fluids, sometimes cold. Anything to add variety to what I eat.
-Off the top of my head, that's what I would consume on my liquid diet days. 
-Watch your calories! At the end of the day, it all boils down to that! Please double check your calories with your medical person. I try to keep mine not less than 1200, not more than 1500. With liquids, sometimes, it's easy to under eat. So, check that as you plan your means. I recommend planning your meals whether you're on liquids or not, at least a day in advance. 
- If you're active, you may find yourself hungrier than if you weren't, naturally. Try not to overeat just because you worked out for 30 minutes. This could be all in your head! 
- If you go on fluid diet for more than three days, you may suffer a bit of a headache by day 2-3. this is not permanent.
- I use liquid diet as a means to kickstart my weight loss and not as a diet in and of itself. I will do it for a week, or even just five days, and then work my way back to solid foods by way of eating mushy foods first, for a day, and then, more solid foods until I'm fully back on regular foods.

I get a lot of questions on social media and beyond regarding liquid diet. I sometimes have a feeling people may be under the impression I lost all my weight through consuming fluids only. That's not the case! I thought I'd dedicate this blog post to fluid diet, to give you an idea of what I do consume on them. You can adjust it according to your own situation.

Please, please, let me know if you follow this, how much weight you will have lost, any side effects? After effects? I wanna hear it all! Feel free to share this with your people or on your social media.There's more on this and other diet tips on my youtube channel:

Weight loss and exercise video below + If you suffer from dry eye and want to know what I did to remedy mine, click below. This is an alternate solution that may not work for everyone. Press play! 


After Zumba!
I remember how skinny I felt when I took this photo. 

Yoga day! Hence the head band
My least favorite thing about working out is the sweating, followed by the need to wash hair often.

Off T the gym! Come along with me! Press Play!

Wearing his clothes. 
Of course, the Hello Kitty Slippers are mine. I even had his underwear on, for good measure! Look at the definition in that leg!  Yess to results!

I leave you with my feedback on Fasting. My sister, was kind enough to suggest we fast for a great event I had coming up. I was touched by the gesture and went along, even though it wasn't something I would have done. I had been meditating on the idea, visualizing and all that. We did a one day fast, and here's how it went! Press Play below:

Also, I added a bit of a review on Biotin in the above video, if you care.

Have a fabulous weekend! I'm outta here!

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