Friday, October 02, 2015

Where's Waldo?

By the second week, still staying at  Carly's, I was getting fed up of apartment searching. I had mentioned that if I had financial difficulties, in my new apartment in Beverly Hills, I would use airbnb to find people to stay there temporarily to help me with rent. She asked more about airbnb. Next thing, I knew, she told me she was going to use the couch to airbnb once I moved out. I think she started getting greedy, thinking, why do I have you here staying for free when I could be making money through airbnb that I didn't know about until you mentioned it. 

She told me that, within my first week of moving in, her roommate, Bee, told here that she liked me and I could stay there as long as I wanted to, she had no problem with that. I thought that was sweet. That certainly took the weight off my shoulders. Carly told me that. I thanked her for it and bought them both matching new dresses. Carly wore hers the very next day, she looked so cute in it. I would show you a picture but I don't like to use people's pictures. Anyway, I came up with an idea; because I was tired of apartment hunting, I asked Carly if I could be her first airbnb guest and start paying. She told me she liked the idea, she could use the money to buy new clothes. I had taken her to my favorite spot from Vegas. It turned out there was a branch just down the road from her apartment. She loved it. She bought so much stuff there, they had a gigantic sale. 75% off. I looked for the rest of February but took a break in March. I only looked in the beginning and took a break midway. I reckoned people move out end of beginning of the month anyways. I needed to recharge my batteries. I must say  I never foresaw staying that long at Carly's. I'm grateful for the roof over my head during that time.

I asked her how much she would charge me. She was like, how about $20 per night? I was like, you're gonna charge me a daily rate? I told her I was going to stay the rest of February. I wanted a monthly rate, then we would split it into half. She was like $500. I was like, I can afford any amount you want but can I just say this; Be very careful how you handle this because money is another issue. We think we don't need it but when an opportunity is presented before us where we could make money we didn't even expect, people can get greedy and want to make as much money out of that one opportunity as possible, which can in turn turn things around for them and they can end up losing that entire opportunity. Don't allow yourself to get greedy. Remember that you guys offered for me to stay free of charge as long as I needed. Now you want me to pay $500 per month.

Here's the thing; Rent in that apartment is $950 all inclusive. There are three of us, one of which has the entire bedroom to themselves, the other one has an enclosed space and a full closet, then there's me, a random person, sleeping near the kitchen that smells because the one who locks herself up in the privacy of her room is a slob and I have to pay the most? Why am I paying more than half the entire rent? Her roommate was paying $450, meaning, Carly was going to stay for free and I was taking over her share of the rent. Preposterous! Greed is a dangerous thing my friends! I told her $500 is far less than what I will be paying in BH, I could pay it without contesting it but that would ruin things between us. It would be the elephant in the room. She agreed and ended up charging me $300. Mind you, I still had to pay $100 for parking per month. That would have been $700, If I had agreed to pay the initial $20 per night. She should be grateful I have a conscience because if roles were reversed, she never would've offered to pay. She told me that she was going to take the money and go shopping. I was like, uhm, so you're not going to tel Bee that I'm paying? That's awkward! I will be walking around with a sense of entitlement knowing that I pay rent and she will be looking at me like, check you out walking around here like you're paying but you're not! Carly was like, well, I wasn't going to tell her, she doesn't care, she makes a lot of money. Again, Greed! I told Carly, an extra $300 wasn't going to change her life but it will do wonders for her and her relationship with her roommate, Bee if she split it up with her. It would make Bee see her differently. Considering they didn't even have a relationship. Bee probably can see right through Carly, that's why she's not feeling her very much. In the end, Carly put half of my share into an envelope and gave it to Bee. 

One morning, I woke up in a great mood (as usual!) and went to the hallway to check out the temperature outside the hallway windows. I had my night gown on. As the door slammed behind me I remembered, OH SNAP, I DON'T HAVE THE KEY WITH ME!  I got locked out! Story of my life! Why? Why? Why? I ask with tears in my big blue eyes, why? I continued to check the weather and went back to the door because, I was in a great mood, what could go wrong? Plus, Carly was still home. I didn't have my cell with me, but it's a one bedroom, I'll just knock.

I knocked.... and knocked....... and knocked...... nothing! I grabbed an empty beer bottle I saw in the hallway, I used that to knock. Nothing! I found a pain can lid, I used that to bang on the door. Nada! What? Is this chick still alive?  I didn't get it because I have a very sharp hearing. Not a sense of smell, but hearing. I'm that person who always tells people in the grocery store that their cellphones are ringing in their handbags, when they themselves can't hear them. I couldn't fathom someone banging on the door so loud with all kinds of stuff and still not hearing them. Granted, her bedroom door was closed but still! It probably is really hard to hear someone with the bedroom door closed but when you're the one stuck outside feeling ignored, it's hard to wrap your head around that.

I stood there wondering how long before she woke up or needed to use the restroom or something. Usually, she would get up early and come sit on the couch with me and spy on me. Sometimes, I would get up early, and update my gratitude journal. She would come stand right above me, all 5'10 of her and make small talk while reading what I'm writing. I was not grateful for that! One afternoon, we were walking on Broadway Street, downtown LA; she told me that she decided to do what I told her to; she was going to make some kind of a gratitude journal. I had never told he to do that. She told me that I told her to start all her lines with I'm grateful for.... Only, I never told her that! I have pretty decent memory, I never told that girl that! She told me that she was going to buy a box, write the things she's grateful for in a piece of paper and lock them up in a box because she feels weird just writing them in a book. What if someone finds it and reads them? 

Where is Carly now that I needed her to open the door?

I had been leaving my journal carelessly, amongst my stuff. I thought it was safe there but I noticed that I would find it on top of my stuff, knowing fully well that I had covered it up with either the laptop bag or some items of clothing. That left a bad taste in my mouth. I think that's where she got 'my advice' from. Snooping into my private stuff. That's why she felt paranoid that someone might find hers and read it because she found someone else's and read it. What a damn shame! 

After noticing that someone had been going through my stuff, I started making a concerted effort to hide my journal. Really sad when you live with people you're supposed to trust. I know it wasn't Bee because she is hardly there and she is too busy living her life. She didn't have the time. I spend a lot of time on my computer. Carly started sitting next to me in the morning, when I was so busy applying for jobs or looking for apartments. She would bring her own computer. I really wish she had let me stay in the bedroom where I was going to have privacy, she could then use the living room, because she seemed to like it to much. She didn't seem to need the privacy. I noticed that as we were talking and working on our computers, she wouldn't even hear what I was saying, she was so focused on the websites I was on. Next thing, I knew, she was on the websites I was on. So there we were, sitting next to each other, logged onto the same websites. It was rather psychopathic if you ask me. 

I started logging off other sites when she was around and just staying on Craig's list. I also had a password on my cell, tablet and laptop and I hid my journal. 

One evening, I went to the toilet and left Carly working on her PC on the couch. I didn't close mine because I knew I wold be right back. I was in there for a minute and when I came out, she was engrossed on my computer screen, she didn't even hear me coming out of the bathroom! ...


Unknown said...

Ohhh my gosh!!!? You are going to pay more that a third of the rent. Yooooo. Heee!!!!!

Let me read on

Unknown said...

More than half even!!!!

Brook said...

LOL. Read on girl! It's a long one!

Brook said...

Daylight robbery!

Unknown said...

No way!!!! Yooo please tell me that when she opened you packed your things about listed the in your car and left?

When did she eventually open for you?

Unknown said...

Loaded. Not listed

Brook said...

Let me update. It should b up within the hour. If you'll still be up

Unknown said...

Yuuu this kid is a 131TC1-1. Greedy too. Yoo. And jealous. No personality whatsoever. I know someone who furnished her place exactly like mine. From lounge to bedroom to bedlinen to canvas on the wall. I still feel like knocking her teeth out when I go into her house. Of all people she had to imitate my house. And she is those people who doesn't know what personal space is. She just opens the door and badge. And is not scared to walk straight to my bedroom. When I was driving an A3 she wanted that too. So I am not that surprised Carly does that. She looks up to you.

Unknown said...

I am waiting :).

Brook said...

Done! Here we go!

Brook said...

LOL, nice creativity there on BTCH!
I used to tell her, 'at least you're beautiful!' or 'you really are a model!' Should out to all models but this girl made me do it! It took her a minute but she finally got what I meant, haha!
Oh man, I empathize with you, it's the worst thing, they say imitation is the best form of flattery but really, it's the quickest way to get yourself punched in the neck!
Why would she budge into your room? What would she be hoping to catch you doing?