Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Real

Yup! I'm at The Real!
The Real is tapes at Warner Brothers, Burbank. This is the dress I bought last minute at Ross because I was at my boyfriend's when they booked me for The Real. If I were at my place, I probably would have worn different shoes with this dress. In fact, I would have worn a different dress. I have one similar to this, so. You may not see the entire dress in the link, but they're pretty much made out of the same material and all.. They have a bunch of hashtags for you to choose from in the waiting area. There was a long line just to take pictures because some people wanted to take pictures with all the hashtags. I get it though. They were excited. Some of them, would probably never get the chance to go to the show again. They may be vacationing in LA.

I quickly snuck a picture before show time.
As you can see, the people in this picture are all taking photos as well. You do what you can. I didn't see anyone I knew that day, so I just grabbed a sit and enjoyed the show. I freaked out when the co-hosts came out. Finally!And stole a couple of shots and hoped not to get caught.

You might need to squint to see who's who but Tamar is on the left
While they were loading us, I saw this girl I know show up late. She was a few minutes late. The told her to go home, sorry! She pleaded with them and while she was still doing that, another lady showed up, about five minutes after my friend. They let that lady in. That didn't sit right with my friend, so she complained. Long story short, my friend had to go home. I told her, there's a good reason for anything, not to stress much over it. She would see, something nice was waiting around the corner for her. She left sad. Lo and behold, the lady who was unfairly given my friend spot found me on our way in! This is during the half a mile walk to the studio. She was like, "hey! how are you? You're the one who always wins stuff at the shows!  I love your energy!" I had to suck it up and be nice. After all, she was being nice to me. We ended up talking abuot energy and all that good stuff. She told me that she is just like me, but is working on her boyfriend. She wants to make him as positive as she is. 

At some point, the lady and the coordinator who picked her over my friend we joking about that. Making fun of how upset my friend was. I didn't think that was cute but I choose my battles. 

Lunch time!
Calvin being the sweetheart he is had packed me a lunch

I sat in the car and caught up on my reading during lunch. It was an hour long. After lunch, that lady saw me. I was parked by the elevator. She was like, 'are you ready?' but her eyes were all up inside my car,  like she was looking for something! We walked back to the holding area together. Turns out they weren't going to use all of us for the second part of the day. The coordinator apologized and told us that they were only going to need ten of us. People were pissed. I told myself, calm down, Brook. There's a good reason for everything, remember? The lady was so mad, she was going on and on about why did they choose the ones they did, blah blah blah. I was like, I don't know! She wouldn't let it go, so eventually, I had to say something! I told her to be glad to have even gotten into the first show considering she was late and someone who was there before her didn't get that chance. Be grateful! She didn't care, she just wanted to act up.

One of the people who were going in, was like, 'uhm, I need to go home. I can't stay!' Whoops! I jumped and asked the coordinator if I could switch places with that guy. Coordinator was fine with it. Yessss! I made it back in for part two! The lady was so mad! If looks could kill! I smiled and blew her a kiss as we were headed in. I hate to say it but part of me was taking sides because of how she was gloating when she was given my friend's slot. Now you know what it's like b*tch!  You know I told my friend how it all ended. She needed to hear it in order not to feel so sh*tty about the whole experience.

Lunch time! I went and ate the deliMore details on this experience are on this blog.

Oops! Look who's back at The Real!
As luck would have it, I got an opportunity to be at The Real again! This time, I got to hang out with my homie! A girl from South Africa who lives in Hollywood. It was our first time hanging out. We had a nice time.

After my first time at The Real, I told my niece who is back in South Africa. She flipped the freak out! She loves her some Tamar! She is the one who got me to watch The Braxtons. I thought that next time I got to be on the show, I need to win her something. I tried but winning isn't something you plan...or is it?

Lunch time! They had told us to bring a change of outfit for the second show. I brought a top but wasn't holding my breath considering the happenings from my first time at the show. The South African girl doesn't drive, I offered she sit in the car with me during lunch. We got to know each other better. We talked about all things law of attraction. You know me! I have a vision board, she has pictures of the things she desires saved in her phone. It was nice to find someone I had a few things in common with. 

Back to set!

Part II
Part two wasn't that long but I did manifest my wish and won my niece something! All I do is win after all, as the lady had said in the previous show!

Some of the things I have won from the Different shows I've been to in Hollywood

There's The Real white T-Shirt I won on this particular day.

After the show, I dropped of the South African in Hollywood on my way home. She wouldn't catch a ride with me, I had to insist over and over and over again. She told me that she is not the type to piggy ride on other people. She knows she doesn't have a car, therefore, she takes public transportation. I appreciate that but come on! Get in! Get in!

P.S. This was before the untimely departure of Tamar Braxton from The Real.

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