Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Final Good-Bye

Stuffed Mushroom. 
The last thing Jim, Calvin's dad cooked for us. Pretty right? It tastes just as delicious. We definitely lost a great cook!

After Jim's passing, Maggie, his wife & Calvin's mom, was over at Calv's discussing stuff with him. Calvin stepped outside for a bit and came back with Maggie's favorite flower. apparently, the tree has been in the backyard forever and the flowers had never blossomed until that day! [Edit: Just as I was typing this, Calvin called, I had forgotten the name of the flower, so I asked him. It's a Camellia. Maggie's favorite flower]. Did you know that there are societies out there dedicated to Camellias? It's a thing! Maggie was so excited to get one of these! Especially so randomly. As luck would have it, my favorite flower, that Calvin planted last year, had blossomed as well!
Calla Lily

Calvin found this out the same time he found the Camellia. Coincidence? I don't know but I'd like to think that it was Jim's way of saying, 'How y'all doin'?' 

Loving my flower!

The night before my big move in with Calvin and out of my dream apartment, I headed back to my place from Calv's. As you know, I pretty much spent the entire month of March at Calvin's. I needed to do finishing touches. While we were at the desert, I bought paint to freshen up my apartment wall. What? Yup, I did! My mom used to paint our home herself with the help of my older sibling, I didn't see why I couldn't do it. Management had told me what color paint to get should I decide to take care of that myself. I'm sure what they meant was if I decided to hire a painter.. Well, I hired myself! That's why I spoil myself from time to time because I do so much work for no pay! For myself! I got a small can because the walls were pretty much in great shape but you know the parts where the furniture touches the wall always need a lil some some. I got a small brush from the 99 cents store. $5 for paint and brush altogether. Labor: Free! I moved furniture to one side, took legs off the furniture, the whole nine! I went to sleep pooped and got up early and finished up. You know when you think you're almost done but the final things take forever? Man! I was just like, what in the world! Am I going to get done tonight? I was even thinking that if I wouldn't be done that night, I could spend another night at the place, sleep on the floor and finally move out the following day. There was no pressure because I was moving out early. I just wanted to get it over and done with! 

I found my Vacuum Cleaner Gift card from The Doctor's TV Show just in time. It was to expire in a few days!

Calvin showed up on schedule with his friend the following morning. They took all the big pieces of furniture with them. Calvin's guy had brought his own truck as well. That was such a great idea because both trucks were packed! No pun intended! The guy was so sweet, he told Calvin that he wouldn't charge him for the move. It was his gift to us moving it together. I was so touched by that! 

After the furniture was gone, it was easier to see what's going for what. Everything needed to go. They don't even want you to leave your lousy broom or what not. If you do, they will deduct money off your deposit for it! I put some stuff on the curb. I texted my Emmy Winner neighbor and gave some stuff to him. It was getting dark by the time I freshened up the paint. I got it done, though and it looked great! 

By the time I was really done, it was around 10pm. I got in the car, the thing was up to the brim packed but I got to take everything with me. I drove to Culver City to drop off the key in the office. When that was done, I knew it was final! I was out! Good Bye Beverly Hills! I had a blast living there! 

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