Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Desert Trip

Still in the process of moving out from my old place in Beverly Hills. Jim's funeral  was to be in a couple of weekends or so while they were making arrangements and family from out of town was making plans to come to LA. I was secretly glad that Jim's body was still in town, so to speak. Calvin was going to move me. I hated having him do that as he was going through a lot what with his dad's passing but I needed to move and month end was around the corner! The dude who was renting my living room was no longer there, so it was going to be smooth sailing to get out of my old place.
Between being there for Calvin and moving, it was such a hectic time in my life! I didn't have time to worry about the broken window in my apartment. I was just going to have the apartment people bill me for it. It was what it was!

Calvin and his brother were going to go to the desert quickly before the funeral. I was like, Count me in! I could use a break from everything that was going on in LA. We took Jim's truck. Maggie, Calvin's mom, needed stuff from the desert, so she let her sons use the truck (bakkie). Calv drove, I sat in the passenger's seat, The brother sat in the back. I took my iPod along. We listened to music all the way. A lot of Sia, Rihanna and Brandi Carlile. It was nice. It was my first time traveling with Calv's brother, we had a nice time.

We first bonded wen Calvin told us we would head out at noon and we ended up leaving at 6pm. That guy will not leave the house for sh*t! He walked around for six hours flat! We finally left, but had to stop at a gun shop to pick up Calvin's new gun. He always has a new gun in the pipeline. Brother and I waited in the car. Calvin told us he wouldn't be longer than 15-20 minutes. We were there around 45 minutes, when Calvin finally came out to tell us he was next in line. So, of course, we waited some more! The whole time, brother and I were waiting in the car, we were bonding. About all things Calvin and what not.

Eventually we left, bought a dozen of donuts, then got on the freeway. It was a nice drive. It was already late and there was no traffic. We stopped once or twice for a minute or two and finally made it. I love the desert house. I even wish I could switch Calvin's house for the desert one. Oops, did I say that out loud?

More music, and other shenanigans, then bedtime. The following morning, we all headed out to the 'shooting range'. It's an open area where you can shoot to your heart's content. We all shot a little. Even Calvin's brother, who is not big on that kind of stuff. Their dad, Jim, was a gun enthusiast, that's where Calv gets it from. Calvin got brother to shoot a few rounds in order of their dad. Brother is actually a great shot!
That's me with the New Gun

Brother then went for a hike. He asked if I wanted to tag along. I was like, sure. He was like, "wanna hear a dirty story?" Sure! "Whenever my dad and I would come shooting here, I would go for a hike and jerk off up here!" What the F*ck! That's disgusting! Why are you telling this? "I told you it was a dirty story!" I rest my case! Calvin found us and we all had a photo shoot up the hill.

Brother's favorite, special plants up the mountain
Calvin's family has property that they are renting out in the desert. They were going to fix it up before the next tenant moved in. That was the main reason we went out there. But the guns never get left behind when going to the desert. 

How gorgeous was the moon that night? Big and Yellow

Actually, people say nice things about the stars out there too. That they are totally more beautiful and plentiful than in LA. I haven't proven this for myself, but different people have told me this.

Brother's Legos
Calvin and his brother competed in hiking up a rocky hill up the mountain. I was watching, thinking, dear Lord, don't let anybody get hurt. They made it to the top, unharmed. 
They they are! Would you do this?

I was impressed with the brother because, he's such a softy. You tend to underestimate him. He'll tell you himself, that even at school, he was the kid who did the arts, played the guitar and wrote songs. I think that's cool. More so because, he actually is very good with his hands. Calvin hires him to do most of his jobs.

See the hole on the left? That's where we did our posing

Unfortunately, they didn't have the key for the ATV with them, so none of that!

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