Sunday, November 13, 2016

Mt Baldy Ski Lifts

At Mt Baldy Ski Lifts
It was cold as heck. It's on top of the mountain, and it was snowing up there that day. It's beautiful and in the middle of nowhere. I had Calvin's Jacket on here. We went on one of the rides, here are more pictures from that trip...

My feet from up, up in the sky. Look at those thick socks!
I got those socks from my sister in Cape Town. She had gotten them from her German friend who lives in Switzerland. Now, they're in The US. Very well traveled socks!
Tickets Please!
Ice Skating
It was a nice time. We wanted to have breakfast but they didn't have anything interesting. So we hung out up there for a bit after the ride and then left.Calvin needed to get some plants from the nursery. We went to one I hadn't been to before. It sells only exotic plants. They have a  bookshop and some other cool stuff in the premises. 

Next, San Dimas! That's where Calvin gew up. His parents had a cabin out there. In the mountains. I had never been there before. He says there was a veld fire one day, they had to evacuate and somewhere down the line, the land ended up with the government. I am not sure of the details but everyone left but one  man. That man, locked the main entrance to the place, and that's the end. 

We drove up to the entrance and man! That place is in the middle of nowhere. Just like where I grew up. 

A cave in San Dimas

Calvin says when they were kids, they crawled into this cave. I wouldn't be caught dead! This explains why they eat things like snakes and stuff. That's rich coming from someone who ate rattle snake on her first date, right?

I told you it's in the middle of nowhere!
There were a few cop cars roaming about. I'm not sure why.

A river runs through it haha!

This river is deep as heck! but there was't much water when we were there. Calvin told me that sometimes, because the road is so windy around there, people would end up driving into the river. The cops were once called when his uncle was involved in an accident. Turned out he was ok, but human remains from a couple of people were found in the river. I wasn't surprised to hear that.

On our way back, we went to an animal sanctuary. Another nice and peaceful situation. 

I was going to go to The Real the following day. I didn't have appropriate clothes to wear. We stopped by at Ross and I bought a dress. 

Speaking of TV. I booked a commercial that was going to be filmed at the LA Dodgers stadium. I was excited about that as I had never been there before. I did have a job, working as a caregiver in that vicinity back in the day. The shoot was at night, which is only fitting considering the caregiving job I had around there was at night as well. I drove there from Calvin's house, piled clothes on me and took more options along. 

At the Dodgers Stadium

Fortunately, there was someone I knew working that night as well. We sat next to each other. That helped. It was cold and wet. There was dew on the chairs at the stadium, I tell ya, because we had to move around, I wiped until I ran out of tissues. 

This was the best part! It was sheltered and therefore no dew

The shoot itself wasn't bad and they had tons of delicious craft service.

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