Wednesday, June 05, 2013


It’s not like I could call and be like, hey babe where you at? Or text and be like, “ssup, I’m outsyd, i don c u!” Do you know what I mean?
And I wasn’t about to do the walk of shame back to the house. I just kept going. I could feel Perry’s eyes on me as I walked aimlessly down the street. I saw a car that resembled El’s car down the street. I was like, could that be it? Man I hadn’t worn heels in ages, I was really not feeling walking all the way there in heels. Darn it! I kept walking though. It was very quiet in the neighbourhood, I didn’t want people calling the cops on me, or some neighbourhood watch. Ugh, where art thou? I kept looking at my phone, nothing! Shebbert!
As I got closer, I realised that wasn’t the car, now what? Do I walk all the way up? Is he gonna go back where he had parked before? What to do, what to do? I walked back up hoping against hope that Perry wouldn’t come out and ask if he could offer me a ride or something. He did ask me that when I walked out and I turned him down, knowing that my new beau was waiting for me outside. Little did I know...! I made my way back towards the house, slowly, hoping that he hadn’t gone back to LA, imagine! He came back! Whew! If it weren’t for the car, I wouldn’t have recognised him. He looked nothing like the obviously old pictures he had been sending me. He had a fat face, he still had a full head of hair but it was salt and pepper, not the image I had in my mind from the pictures, wtf?
As I was trying to figure all this out in my head, he pulled up and went, GET in! Get IN! GET IN! The car hardly stopped, he grabbed me, got me in the car and drove off............whattt thhheee ffuuuuuu

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