Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Happy New Year!

El was in such high spirits after I gave him all the money I had in my wallet and then withdrew some from the ATM for him. He could care less! On our way back to San Diego, we drove past Disney Land. That was a nice surprise! I didn’t see that one coming, I took a few pictures. We didn’t stop though. The atmosphere was awkward in the car, only from my side though, partner here, couldn’t be bothered. He was glad he was going to buy his cart. He even made me call the lady to ask if it were still available. She didn’t pick up. I had to keep trying and trying. It’s like, dude, c’mon! First of all WTF? Where is your shame? Why do you have to keep pushing? Why don’t you have your own phone? Gosh!
We got stuck in Traffic forever. What should have taken us 2 hours, took us 7. I didn’t feel sorry for him one bit. I wasn’t in no rush, he had to work the following day, oh well, too bad, too sad. That’s what happens when you weird people out. We finally got hold of the lady, she gave us her address, El doesn’t have GPS in the car, I used my blackberry and we all know how much power GPS drains from the battery. We barely made it to the lady’s house and the thing died. The lady tried to make small talk asking where we were from etc, El gave her all the wrong information. I still don’t know why he did that, I never bothered to ask.
From there, we battled getting back to Perry’s. It was dark, we both didn’t know where we were. El was getting frustrated and started driving like a maniac. That was not how I wanted to die! I tried to calm him down, which I think made him feel like the Main Man and act up even more. I resorted to prayer. I said a never ending silent prayer. We finally made it, after stopping at a few gas stations (garages)  for directions. He dropped me off around the corner from the house. Kiss and good bye. He had another Two hours to drive back to LA, hopefully, without traffic. He made it! No traffic!
We stayed in touch, my time at Perry’s was running, remember the infamous 30 day notice he had given me? Yup! I was pressed for time! I was even thinking of going back to the East Coast. My Jamaican friend, who is such a sweetheart, told me her house was open for me whenever I needed a place to stay. I hope I never have to take her up on the offer though. She’s a good friend and I don’t want to mess it up by us living together. Well, she has a live-in position, she’s always at work, I would be alone at the apartment, but still. NO!
Perry, and I were still cordial towards one another. This one time, she told me I must be bored sitting in the house, all the time, he offered to drop me off at walmart. Oh Gosh , not another one of those forced trips to the mall again L. I didn’t want to argue, I just went along. He told me to take my time, blah blah blah. It’s walmart! What am I supposed to do in there? Buy more luggage sets that Elvis was going to diss?
He dropped me off and off he went, he was going to see a client, and had a few other errands he had to run. He didn’t have his Cellphone with him, so no matter what, I had to wait until he was back home for me to call him to come pick me up. He wanted to make sure I was going to be gone a while. I wandered about aimlessly trying to keep the tears from rolling down my cheeks. I was sad. Sad someone could be that mean for no reason. He was lying, I wasn’t at the house all the time. I spent more time at the library than at the house. Anything to stay away from him. It had been raining those few days, so I wasn’t going to walk 30 mins one way to the library in the rain to use the internet which we had at the house. I went to the Dollar Tree (just like the 99 Cents store, only you pay a cent more), got myself some snacks and walked up the street to a park I saw on our way to Wal-Mart. People kept complimenting me on my boots, which was nice cos it put a smile on my face. If only they knew. I got to the park and found a spot with a bit of sunshine and had a little picnic for one. It was cold. I called my Jamaican friend, we talked on the phone for a while, then I walked around some more, then back to Wal-Mart. By the way, before Perry drove off, he wound down the window and told me to buy a few things for the house while at WAl-Mart. Someone drives you to the store without your consent, then forces you to buy groceries, what the heck’s wrong with this picture? I asked what he wanted me to buy I already had a list of things I was going to get for the house but he’s so smart, he told himself that I’m that useless. Even though everything I used in the use, I bought myself. It boggles my mind why people can never acknowledge the things I  (I’ll speak for myself) do. They act like you’re just sponging off them, when you don’t. So annoying! Anyway, he was like, “butter, coffee, bread, sugar, creamer......” I told him I have all those things on my list, anything else? Mind you, majority of those things are for him. I don’t drink warm beverages, he’s the coffee person, using a Coffee machine I bought him with my own money my first week there because The Ex took theirs, he was the one who was going to drink the coffee, with the creamer and sugar. I don’t use sugar and I don’t like eggs etc. But I humoured him, I even bought treats for his dogs.
When he came to pick me up, I had a cart (trolley) full of stuff, he got out, helped me. Then felt bad and told me I didn’t have to spend so much. Uhm, I did! This was all your idea Jass A**. One minute I am spending money on Elvis, the next on Perry, can a sista get a break? He was in such high spirits when we got back to the house. I wasn’t. Not really! I went straight to my room and talked to El on the phone for ever and felt better. He told me that he wanted to spend New Year’s together, he was then going to buy me a luggage set and give me my money back. I could’ve told him not to worry about refunding me but I wanted to see if he meant it. Even though I had already wrote the money off, I was going to learn a lot about him from whether he was going to pay me back or not.
Closer to New Year’s El got his work Schedule and he was going to be working that day and on New Year’s Day. He told me, I could take the train to LA, he was going to refund me. Yeah sure! I believed him. NOT. Plus, I wasn’t about to travel all the way to LA in hopes that he was going to pick me up at Union Station, he doesn’t have a Cellphone, I mean he has a landline, but what good is that? It’s a magic Jack, it only works when the computer is turned on. I didn’t really know where he lived, so what would’ve my backup plan been had he not shown up? I wasn’t willing to risk it.
I used to go for walks or go to the library and just tell Perry, I was going for a walk. When he, out of the blue mentioned the he knew I was seeing someone. I blatantly refused it, just for the heck of it!
Me:        What on earth would possess you to assume such a preposterous thing?
Him:       Well you went away for a few days around Christmas.
Me:        I went to the library.
Him:       Dressed like that?
Me:        Yup, why not? It was Christmas day!
Him:       But you stayed overnight?
Me:        So? It was a Christmas day special!
Him:       you’re messing with me
Me:        What about you? Are you seeing someone, Perry?
Him:       Who? Me? What? Why, Whaaat? Why are you asking me that?
Me:        hahahahaaaaaa
The dog’s had a birthday, well, their birthday’s are a day apart. One was adopted, so they just picked a random date as her birthday. Perry got an email from The Vet wishing one of the Dog’s a happy birthday, that’s how he remembered. He told me how the dogs love birthdays. We quickly went to Wal-Mart to get stuff for the party. We were going all out. I was excited, something different, you know? We got German Cake mix, Lots of meat, Perry told me how much the dogs love meat and cake, especially on their birthday, because, somehow, they know! Great! Let’s do it!
I was so hungry, I got us some chicken wings and potato wedges while in there, yumness! He got fire wood and all, it was gonna be a party up in there!
We got to the house, he started the fire (I can’t help think of Billy Joe’s song, we didn’t start the fire typing this J), and started baking.  It was dark and cold in San Diego that night. He played music outside, the dogs were hanging out by him as they always do. I remember Perry gave me a piece of meat to sample, The dogs were all over me like white on rice, I gave them both small pieces. He was like, “don’t give the dogs any meat! This meat is for us. They’re not getting any of it?” I was like, what in the heck is going on here? I thought this was the dogs’ party, how come we get to eat all their stuff, this can’t be fair! He asked me if I thought he went all the way to the store and went through all that trouble for dogs? He loved them bug not that much, I guess. He had told me they also love cake, but they got none of that. You bet I snuck them some when he wasn’t watching ;) 
New year’s eve came, Perry was invited over to his Rich Friend/ Partner’s Mansion for a barbecue (braai). He didn’t really want to go, he wasn’t feeling well, he had a lot of work blah blah blah, Go! Just go! Nobody wants to spend New Year’s eve with you! Get out of here! I said it more politely, of course. We went to Walmart, he bought me Red velvet cake mix and Oven Pizza. He knows how domesticated I am, He knew I wasn’t going to cook, so he got me easy to fix stuff. You should’ve seen him work me through how to prepare everything, even though they all had directions on the box, sweet J
He packed an overnight bag and was out. I couldn’t wait! That month, I’d been obsessively watching Serial Killer Documentaries (and Friends). I brought the dogs inside the house, locked up and watched Some Scary stuff. There’s this one, he was Italian, they couldn’t prove he was the murderer so they had to film him. I remember watching a real video of him stalk a woman in the bushes. It was in broad daylight! He parked his car, and “went for a walk” in some deserted park/bushes. This woman was walking through the area, serial killer dude, hid behind trees and literally stocked him. The thought that she wasn’t aware that someone was out there planning to kill her creeped the living daylights out of me! He had what looked like a laptop bag with him with a change of clothes. More like his murder kit, balaclava, gloves, etc. Anyway, my point is, when I saw that, got up to get some water from the kitchen and saw the Canyon which was literally out back yard, I died! I was like, what if there’s someone out there coming for me. If I looked close enough, I could see him, I tell you! It was too late to talk to anyone back home, in South Africa, so I had to suck it up. There are no blinds or curtains at the back, facing the canyon. Gosh, what to do! What to do! I brought the dogs in my bedroom, I was so convinced I was going to be serially killed that night haha. I don’t even scare easily! Do you think I stopped watching? The more scared I got, the more thrilling the shows were, I wasn’t about to stop!The dog started barking non stop, I could swear it knew something. All of a sudden, I got all superstition, I remembered how they said bitches (or female dogs ) can tell when there’s a bad spirit around, oh Lordy. How I wished those dogs could talk that night! In fact, it wasn’t even night time yet, it must have been around four in the afternoon but it was so quiet!
Early evening, I baked my red velvet and pizza and had some for dinner with the dogs ;)
I finally changed channels and watched Friends cos I was killing myself. Later on, El got off work, he called me. We stayed on the phone until the New Year. It was lovely!

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