Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Welcome to Los Angeles

El asked where I wanted to go in LA. I was and always am game for whatever, I like to be surprised and am all about spontaneity. We checked out, he dragged our matching suitcases, we headed for the car. LA, here we come! It was a beautiful morning, the sun was out as in any other day in Southern California. We left Orange county and headed for the City of Angels. You couldn’t wipe the smile off my face if you tried! I was falling more and more in love with El, just for allowing himself to be the instrument though which my dreams were being made to come true. Perry made lots of promises but he couldn’t fulfil one of them. And none of them were in LA, which is only a two hour drive from San Diego. It wasn’t a competition but Perry had an opportunity and he messed it up because he was so caught up in things he had no control over. I hope I am never ever that kind of person. To never live for the moment.
WELCOME TO LOS ANGELES! F*ck me! If you’re my friend on Facebook, you may have seen an influx of pictures of the City around Christmas day. I was too happy not to post. Normally, I don’t state where I am until I blog about it so as not to spoil it, but LA is LA, I had to! He asked me what I felt like having for lunch, I was PMSing and had all kinds of cravings. He suggested we went to Hometown Buffet, great choice! The smile on my face, the entire time! Just before we walked in, a couple that was ahead of us, an older Gentleman and a younger exotic looking woman, the man held the door open for us, and smiled at me. I thought that was sweet. When we got to the cash register, he offered to have us use his pensioner’s card for discount. We weren’t allowed to. Just as well. Who was cheap food at a discounted rate? Before you know it, they were going to have to pay us to eat it! Not my idea of a date.
I had all kinds of meat, from Beef to Pork to chicken to sea food and cake for desert. El had a healthy, green dish, good for him! I’d have had more, if I weren’t on a date with someone I didn’t know that well. From there, he took me to his favourite store ever; the 99 Cents Only Store! Where as you may have guessed it, everything is 99 Cents only! We grabbed some Diet Pepsi, El’s fave Soda. When we got to the cash register, (or Till), the lady recognised him, apparently he sold her and her husband a TV set a month prior (and she still remembered him, HANDS OFF B*TCH, HE’S MINE!). J
He then took me to a shoe store, and asked the assistant to help me find matching comfortable shoes because we were going to do a lot of walking. SCORE! It’s been a while since a guy did that for me. I was over the moon. He sat aside while I chose a pair. I put them on immediately. I still didn’t quite know where we were going to spend the day, mind you?
Perry who?
While we were driving, I had my cameras in hand, snapping away. I saw the Hollywood Sign, OOOHHH MMMMMYYYY GOOOOSSHHHH, Are you kidding me right now?!?!?!?!? I could’ve died! I was in LA for sure! I tried taking a picture but we were on the Freeway, there was no time to stop. When we got off the Freeway, he asked me to trust him, I was so in love that moment, I could trust him to take my own life! We drove around until, boom! The sign again, Whoooo hoooo! So nice of him to do that for me! I snapped until I couldn’t snap anymore! #Happiness
From there, we kept driving, for me seeing the street signs I always hear about in TV shows, news and songs was a very surreal experience, Hollywood Boulevard, Sunset Boulevard, the works. As we were driving, I saw a sign <<<< UNIVERSAL STUDIOS . Of Course I took pictures. He told me stories of when he was young and he and his friends would park outside the premises and walk all the way up to the studios and gallivant there all day. I can’t imagine how it must have been like growing up in my favourite city in the World.
Before I knew it, we were at the Gate at Universal, WHAT! I couldn’t believe it!  Me, here, now!?
He paid Entrance fee and voila! We found parking, and walked in, hand in hand, I couldn’t have been more in love with him, than I was that day! At least that’s what I thought. We browsed around, the entire place, well as much as we could. The place is huge! Everything is huge and exaggerated. I would recommend that If you are ever to visit LA, do yourself a favour and check it out. They still had Christmas decorations, seeing as Christmas was only the previous day. He got us Tickets to The Terminator Show. Wildest show I have ever seen! The thing was on 4D plus it had live actors! As if that was not enough, we, the audience were part of the show too, what!!!!!!! Yup!
They gave us out 4D glasses, we awaited our turn. While we were still in the foyer, they told us a bit about the Terminator’s mission. Then we went in, took our seats and the show started on the screen,3D or 4D, who knows anymore, whenever there was water splashing on the screen, some of it sprinkled on us, I was like,am I imagining this? Then while they were fighting, someone would break though the screen and come out of the screen, literally, and run in between us, What the heck! It was way to cool! You’d have to see it to get what really happens, I don’t have words. They even made out seats shake when the ground was shaking on screen, I mean, our hearts were beating fast throughout the show. What an experience!
I came out of there, like whoa! That on it’s own was enough to take my breath away, but that wasn’t all. As we were walking around, we saw movie memorabilia, like Mr. Bean’s green Mini Cooper? Yup, it was parked on the side of the road, in their Little London Town. Snap, snap, snap! I saw a vampire, took a picture with him, he covered me up in his cape and bit my neck, rrrrrrr. He smelled good too! I didn’t want him to let me go! Sorry El. I took pictures with Shrek, etc  etc etc. Then we went for a ride around the different film sets. I can’t remember all the movie names but as we are touring on the bus, the guy was showing us the sets and the scenes would play on a tv screen in the bus, too cool! Do you remember the movie, Psycho? We saw the house, the car and Him, or somebody putting a body in the trunk (boot) of a car outside the house. Creepy! We drove on Wisteria Lane, what! They showed us which house was whose and all that, it was fantastic! I love me some Desperate Housewives. It was unreal to be on Wisteria Lane.
There were streets of New York, Canada, London, you name it, right there. Nicole Kidman’s movie Dead Calm was filmed there as well, I think. JAWS! So here’s what happened with the whole Jaws thing, they told us about it, I was sitting on the far right side of the bus right by the window, only it was a “convertible” bus so there were half walls and no windows, we drove over a bridge, they literally made it rain on us and then boom, the shark was coming for us, it stopped just before it got to me. It came out of nowhere, I was like flipping hell, what’s next. It was such a thrilling experience! You have no idea! The bus was shaking, I thought we were going to tip over and get bitten by sharks. Fast and the Furious? Same story! They cause a wreck while we were watching and then the cars went on fire, it was real fire, or not, I don’t know but we felt the heat on the bus! Insane!
By the time we were done with out tour, it had got dark and cold outside. Good thing I had my sweater because El’s Leather Jacket never would have fitted me. He wanted us to do more stuff but changed his mind, he didn’t want me to freeze to death. I didn’t care. I was on the roll, Go gO GO!

P.S. Pictures will follow when I have faster internet xoxo

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