Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Don't Let the Door Hit You

Before I kicked Rene out, he had asked to take pictures of the apartment to show his spiritual adviser. He had all the pictures he needed! Remember he had even shown me that he saved my Craig's list post? He had the camera facing me when he asked to take pictures. I could tell that he was trying to take a picture of myself to show his spiritual adviser.
I don't know if Rene and his SA are swingers or what that he so desperately needs her to approve of me. Of course, I didn't let him take a picture of me. I told him he could take as many pictures of the house as he wanted and quickly got up and went to my bedroom. He took one or two pics of the living room, dining room area, even though he knew he didn't need them. That's not what he was trying to achieve.

I couldn't tell Muscle Head I had picked someone else because this dude and his spiritual adviser hadn't paid yet. By the way, Rene did ask if his good friend could spend the night, every other week. I told him that just like I mentioned in the ad, I didn't want overnight people. I would rather, no guests at all. Not to be mean but please! One minute you told me you will hardly ever be here, now you're telling me that your friend might come hang out for hours at a time. I was so over all of it, quite honestly! I rarely have visitors and even when I don't have my own place, you will never find me renting a place where there are two or more other people living there. I'm just not a crowd person. Now, I'm gonna have this person and his spiritual adviser hang out here, who knows if this SA has a place to stay or not?

The following day, I went to the Dr Dru Show. I texted Rene that day and told him I was going to be in Hollywood, thinking it would be easier for him to meet me there than go all the way to my place again. He was adamant, he wanted to meet me at the apartment with his SA. OK!

After the show, I headed straight to mine for my 7pm with Rene and his SA. As soon as I got home, I heard his voice in the veranda. He's kinda loud. He told his SA to take off her shoes. I had already seen pictures of the SA the previous day. When he told me about her, Rene made sure to show me pictures of her that he had taken. She looked very happy and cheerful in a polka dot dress in the middle of the street. apparently they were on their way to church when that shot was taken.

It seemed to me that Rene and his SA are inseparable, which begs the question: Why not just live together? Maybe that's what they were working on! Finding a place for both of them! All of a sudden, when I heard their voices, I had a weird feeling. I just wanted to shut the whole thing down. I don't wanna say the SA has weird energy but I was picking up strange vibes with them showing up like that. I already felt like they come in pairs and that's what I was going to have to deal with. I put my best smile on and introduced myself to the SA. She shook my hand and had a seat on the couch. There was nothing really to talk about. I was all talked out from the day before and I had just got out of a Talk Show. All I wanted was the deposit, give them a receipt and send them on their merry way. This is business after all! We're not creating a friendship or swinging couple-dom here!

Rene sat in the middle couch, SA on the couch to his right and myself on the one to his left. He looked so happy! He had his shoulders over the back of the couch, as if to say, these are the best times of our lives! He had scored big! He had two beautiful women on either side, and life couldn't get any better for him!

I was sitting there forging a smile ready for them to leave. The thing is, he doesn't live here yet, so he doesn't need to be here any longer than he should! I don't need to put up with him just yet because we're not roommates yet! Even after he pays the deposit, he still won't bee my roommate until he actually pays and only from the days that he will have paid for will I have to put up with him. Hopefully not!

I gave Rene a receipt. He told me that he would pay on February 1st. I was so glad to see their backs as they were walking away! Don't let the door hit you where the good Lord split you!

After he finally left, I texted Muscle Head and told him the news I had been dreading telling him since I met him, that I had given the room to someone else. This to me was a case of the lesser of two evils.

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