Thursday, August 08, 2019

Are You Cheating on Us?

Getting on the plane from Cape Town, United States bound, started interesting. I’d booked myself a window seat. It’s my favorite! There was someone sitting on my seat and someone on the isle seat. Meaning, They’d left me the middle seat? I don’t think so, sista!

I had to be that person holding the line because I couldn’t just chuck my suitcase overhead and sit like a normal person. I had to try and get this person off my seat! Sad thing was, said person was either mute or didn’t speak nor understand English.

She just sat there and stared at me! I didn’t know what else to do! What we were not gonna do was let her seat on my comfy seat for 28 hours. No mam, Pam!
This is not a local bus. It’s not first come, first served!
I got a little frustrated that she was looking at me like, “whatever could his woman be talking about?”
What do you think I’m talking about, pointing at your seat and my ticket and all that? Gosh!
Eventually, she moved. Her friend, by the isle talked to her. Turns out they were together. Later on, during the flight, the same seat stealer, got her food. She used a spoon to eat a piece of chicken and a fork to eat rice, something interesting line that. Maybe she’s got some sort of a situation going on. She turned out not to be a problem, other than the seat misunderstanding.

The flight was OK.
We stopped off in Ethiopia. Unlike before, we had some time between flights, so i got to go into the airport. Wow! It’s a trip! Kinda like a huge shack. No offense, just reporting what I saw.
Restrooms were in a mobile container. I was just thankful they had them. It was overcrowded in there. I was glad to not have had to stay long.

I took a selfie. And as I was about to take a second one, you know? For luck! my phone slid up out of my hand. What? That was some upside down force of gravity sht! My heart dropped! It was airport security. He didn’t utter a word but signaled that he wanted to see my photos. I guess. I offered to delete the selfies. I did. He wanted me to scroll. I guess he thought I lied. I scrolled just a couple photos back cos fck you! Who gave you the fcking right? There aren’t even signs not to talk photos or our own selves in this dump!
Lesson: take one selfie and keep it moving.

Their alleged wifi was choppy at best. I kept trying to log on so I could call husband and confirm pick up. I finally got through! He sounded angry. ‘Hello, Brook!’  Great! This should be fun! I confirmed my itinerary with him. He told me he was going to be at work and wasn’t willing to lose his job for me. I thanked him for taking my call and told him I had to board the plane. I knew that next stop, I’d have to arrange for transportation home. At that point, I wasn’t even surprised with his response. Disappointed, yes, but not surprised.

I got on the plane and slept as much as possible. I was going to need to be alert for when I’m in public transportation in LA.

We didn’t stay long in The UK. Then, States, here we come!

What if they don’t let me back in what with all the deportation threats and what not? What if he contacted immigrations again while I was gone? Nah! Don’t even think about that. Positive thoughts all the way! I tell ya, it’s not always a breeze to be happy go lucky, but it’s got to be done and it’s hella worth it!

I arrive in LAX. My US sim card is already back in my iPhone but I haven’t paid for service for the current month. Thank goodness for wifi.

I didn’t need to call anyone cos no one in particular was picking me up. I was going to have to use an app or something.
I took my time in the port of entry. They sent me to a separate room to verify my paperwork. I must say, I wasn’t really concerned. I’d done a lot of visualization about going to Africa and back, It was harvest time!

I sat in the separate room with a few other immigrants, took out my gratitude journal and wrote a bunch of things I was grateful for. I was out of there within 30 minutes! They just asked me to confirm my personal details, apologized for the wait and sent me off.

I picked up my luggage, lots of people had collected by now, so it was easier.
I turned on my phone and ring! Ring? It’s my wonderful husband, Calvin!
“My Brook! You’re here! Welcome home! Where are you? I’ve been driving around the airport looking for you”
My heart smiled! I tell you, great things happen when you maintain a grateful attitude!

I was so relieved!
I rolled my stuff to the pick up area, he was out there, ever so excited to see me. I was excited to see him! We got in his van and he was like, I need to go check on a job I did around here, South LA. Do you mind? I told him I’d only been on a 28 hour flight, what’s another few hours?

On our way there, I got a call from the supervisor at my property in Durban. He was so excited to have found me the perfect tenant, his fiance’s family. It was going to be a win win, he told me. They were gonna love him for the nice place and I found a tenant. I was like, yeah, that’s not gonna work!
I need to screen the people myself. This deal is too close for comfort. Feel free to do as I requested and refer people to me. You don’t have to make decisions for me. I got this! Thanks. He was bummed. I didn’t care. The whole thing Had a very strange smell for my liking. He was taking over my situation. Buy your own house and impress your in laws that way.

After husband’s client, he took me to lunch. Southern food. Soooo good!
We feasted and headed home with a bunch of left overs.
Southern comfort food from Inglewood 

Calvin told me he was going away for the weekend. I asked who with. He told me with friends.
Who else, though? Honestly? Right? Well...!
I was in the kitchen, Brooking about when he made a call in the backyard. I could hear he was talking to a woman. Listen, we’re not doing great in our relationship at this point, but we were working on things, he was the one who wanted us to fight for our love and our marriage. Maybe that’s why he took the call outside? He was being respectful? Haha! #sarcasm

He came back inside. I asked if that was the person he was going away with for the weekend. He sweated a little bit on his nose, his voice shook from anger, and he said something along the lines of, it was So and So (a female friend of his who called me the N word a few months prior), she called to tell him he should get me deported.
See! Here’s the thing! All that was a lie! He got caught in red handed and is so good at being a monster that he twisted that sht so fast and threw me right under the bus! That wasn’t who he said it was, but he wanted to instill pain for busting him. How dare I question him? Who do i think I am? Just a fcking immigrant that deserves deportation. So I’m gonna go ahead and remind you of exactly what you care, you second ass citizen, you!

My car hadn’t bn used the whole time I was in Africa, so I was parked in. He wasn’t able to remove the truck that had parked me in at he time. I told him i could wait until he got back from Big Bear (where he was going with his “friends” for the weekend).
He stayed longer. I was trapped in the house without a car. Not even a courtesy call to say, blah blah blah. I didn’t bother to call because that wasn’t going to enable me access to my car. And it would just set me up for a little yelling and some back handed sht I didn’t need. I used that time to have peace and quiet and adjust from jet lag.

It also solidified that thing I wasn’t sure about of moving out and on with my life. I got on line and searched and searched and searched for a place to live. It was hard to find something before, how much harder now that I don’t even have pay stubs for almost two months of vacation overseas? Positive thoughts, my Brook!

Hubby came back in great spirits. I just played along. A nice, positive atmosphere is very important to me. If he’s happy, I’m ecstatic!

I was doing laundry when I found a woman’s do rag in his vacation luggage. I decided to leave it there and just wash the stuff I know is his. He later found the rag, which happens to be similar to my scarf I wear to bed. He took it out of there brought it to me at the dining room table... your scarf, little Brook!
This guy! I was like, I know why you’re confused. It really does kinda look like mine but this one belongs to the person you were on the phone with the other day. The one you spent the weekend with. He froze! I told him to text her that he has it and see what she says. Not long after that, I saw him him hiding in the bedroom, texting. 5 cents says he was texting her!

How would you have handled this situation?
I’m curious to hear your views. Please leave comments below.

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Tkarter said...

You’re such a strong woman. He couldn’t break you. Such evil deeds. You deserve all the best.

Brook said...

Thanks so much, Tuharah. So do you!

Nobz_G said...

"My heart smiled! I tell you, great things happen when you maintain a grateful attitude!"...
Thank you for this ❤.

Brook said...

You’re welcome, Nobs. Thanks for reading