Tuesday, November 03, 2015

The Hills of Beverly

The apartment I was viewing was marvelous! I looked like it was double the size of the apartment I didn't get. The kitchen had gazillion cupboards, there were drawers and doors everywhere. And it had what seems to me to be a closet, it has the part where you hang clothes, a shelf above that for suitcases, I guess, and more shelves on the side for folded clothes but to sound proper, we'll call it a pantry cos it's in the kitchen. Don't judge me, I'm just a girl from a small town called Uitenhage in Africa.
The Kitchen.

There are two closets in the hallway, a linen closet and a spare full closet.
Look at all those cupboards! 

 The bathroom is blue, I took a picture of it myself just so  I can have a look at it when I got home to see if it really was that blue. I posted a picture on the previous blog entry. What I liked about the bathroom was the fact that it had a tub/shower, two medicine cabinets, you can never have too much storage, this place wasn't lacking on that at all! I also liked that the shower has glass doors as opposed to shower curtains that stick to you when you take a shower. Big deal! So big that I have the doors on the list of things I want in my new apartment.
This is how excited I was! Photo taken in the bathroom

Now to the bedroom. I walked into the bedroom and started laughing out loud, I loved it so much! I literally, stretched my arms out and spun around until I got dizzy, then I lay down until I almost fell asleep. That's when I knew I had to have the place. I was so comfortable just lying on the floor that I was like, gotta have it! I got up from my almost nap and went back to laughing, hoping no one would hear me. There's a big closet in the bedroom too. Of course! It's the main closet! I walked back to the living room and heard a knock on the door. I opened as if I already own the place. It was the guy who helped direct me earlier. He had changed into his house clothes and brought his pregnant wife. He walked around, then told me my apartment is bigger than his and  that I was lucky to be downstairs in the shade because these apartments get really hot in the summer. I was like, I like how you refer to it as my apartment. As he was leaving, he congratulated me. I was like, uhm, from your mouth to God's ears. He told me that as far as he was concerned, the apartment was mine already. I thanked him and stopped the tears from falling down as I was touched by what he said. 
The Living Room aka sitting Room

I locked the door and headed back downtown. I didn't say anything to Carly. I wasn't ready. I mean, I hadn't even filled out the application yet! That night, I completed the application on line. Application was $30. This is when it was clear to me that there was a reason I forgot to give the previous realtor my money order. That was so that I could use it in the next apartment where I had a fighting chance. When came time to make application fee payment, I realised I couldn't use money order online. They wanted banking details. I entered mine. For the life of me, they wouldn't go through. I had to tell Carly what was going on. I needed to vent. She offered me her credit card. I thought that was sweet, but I politely declined. I told myself that I would just tell them I could pop into their office and give them the money order in person. There's a part where you write a note in the application, that's where I wrote about the credit card situation. I submitted all the necessary paperwork and went to bed.

The following morning, I called the office to discuss the situation. They told me that they were actually working on my application, if I got the place, they would ask for the money order, if not, they wouldn't. Apparently, unlike all the other companies, their application fees are refundable. I be damned! This is the best company ever! They called me again, I was so nervous. It turned out I wrote my number as a reference for one of the previous apartments I had lived in. I was like my bad and gave them the correct number. Who knew that they actually do call references? The also called my previous landlord from Vegas, they called me back and told me that she has nothing but good things to say about me. I was touched. It's good not to burn bridges, you never know when you might need someone again.
There's a door from Living room to bedroom/bathroom/hallway which I love. It's one of the two brown doors you're looking at

I spend that entire morning sitting on the couch waiting for the call because they called me so many times. I tried not to get nervous but how can you not? By noon or so, I got THE CALL! I GOT THE PLACE! YYYyiipppppppeeeeeeeee! Oh my goodness, I could die! I was so thrilled you guys! I kept thinking about how amazing that apartment was and to think that my dream of living in Beverly Hills had just come through was absolutely insane! They told me how much I had to pay initially, which was double one month's rent. I was prepared for that, so it was no surprise. I told the lady that I was ready to drive to her office and pay there and then. She was like, well, ok then, see you soon! I went to the bank, got a cashier's check, I think that's what it's called of two month's rent at my new place and headed to Culver city. That's where their offices are based. 

Linen Closet

There was more paperwork to be filled out in the office, I took care of all that. The lady was so cool, we chatted about random stuff while I was there. She gave me a set of keys and told me to get myself spares if I wanted but then she was like, you know what? It's your lucky day, I have an entire other set of keys for you! That way, I got my spares as well, which was amaze! I asked if I could give the lady who was helping me a hug, she was like, of course, I'd live to get a hug from you!  I told her she had no idea how she had made my entire life. I called Carly on my way out and asked where she was. She had just got off work in Beverly Hills, just five minutes from my new place actually! My place and her job are off the same streets but on two different ones, if you know what I mean. I told her that I was in the neighborhood to wait for me. She waited at the bust stop which, now that I am familiar with the are, is a block away from my place. She was already on the bus but she got off. She hates buses lol. 
Spare Closet in the hallway

I picked Carly up and asked if she would mind if I quickly checked out an apartment in the neighborhood. Of course she didn't mind. We went to my place, found a nice free parking spot right across from it and headed inside. I was like, omg it's so clean, let's take off our shoes. I didn't want her messing up my new place :). She was like, wow, it's so big! That's what she said haha! 

I gave her a tour of the apartment, when we got to the bathroom, she was like, wait...! I said, oh yeah, I forgot you know about this place. She told me the bathroom doesn't look that bad in person. I didn't think so either, that's why I took the place. She told me she has a good feeling about the place. I was like me too girl, as I said that, I took out my lease and told her I got the place! She was so happy for me, she screamed and jumped up and down. I did too, we both went berserk!  She teared up and told me how happy she was for me. I believed her. Sht, I was happy for me too, child!
Bedroom Closet

My official first day at the apartment was the following day but I had keys so I did what any self respecting human being would and moved out of Carly's that very night! We headed back to Carly's, my stuff was already in suitcases, so I just loaded the Rover. It all happened so fast! I was at her place for two months and all of a sudden, I viewed a place and moved in within 24 hours. Crazy, right? She helped me load my car and even lent me her sleeping bag and a few bags, very sweet of her. I thanked her from the bottom of my heart, vacuumed her floor for the last time, you know after you take big things like suitcases how it can look. She walked me to the car, we said out last goodbyes, I found someone in the parking lot and gifted them the rest of my parking for the next 24 hours and drove off to the Hills of Beverly!
More of the living room/dining area facing the front door
And now, ladies and gents, it's your turn to send me pictures of your homes  :)


Unknown said...

Happy for you,girl

Itumeleng said...

That's fantastic Brook!!!

Tembz Didit said...

Yooo I can see the excitement on the photo!!! Does this match your vision board? I like!!! And it's not crowded too! Only 10 units. What more can a girl ask for. A lot of peace of mind. Next project is furnishing it the way you want your home to be like.

Tembz Didit said...

Yooo I can see the excitement on the photo!!! Does this match your vision board? I like!!! And it's not crowded too! Only 10 units. What more can a girl ask for. A lot of peace of mind. Next project is furnishing it the way you want your home to be like.

Babalwa Brook said...

Thank you!

Babalwa Brook said...

Thanks Itu

Babalwa Brook said...

Thanks Doll, yes it does indeed!

Tembz Didit said...

At the time of posting the comment above, the pictures had not populated. Only your picture I saw. Wooow. Stunning home. It definitely matches the vision board. Well done. I am sure you will be happy moving in. Looking forward to the next read

Babalwa Brook said...

Aw, thank you! Yes, it absolutely does and beyond!