Friday, November 20, 2015

Dot Com

After I stopped working for the lady who used to book me often, I started getting nervous about income. I also needed to furnish my amazing apartment. I was sleeping on the floor! Something had to be done! I started scouring the internet looking for furniture. While there, I decided to rent out my living room short term: nightly to weekly, nothing major. I posted an ad with pictures of my living room with the camping furniture haha. What a trip! You know what? People were interested! I be damned! I was clear on my ad that whoever was going to stay here was going to be sleeping on the floor. It was pretty clean but it was still the floor. I got a call from a lady one night while on set. She left a message. I checked it and had a good feeling about her. I emailed her back. I didn't want to call because it was very late. She called me back as soon as she received my email. She had already found a place for the night but wanted to come over the following day to check the place out. It was a date!

The following day, the lady came by. We both were so excited to see each other when she knocked on the door. She told me that she knew it, then pointed at her skin. I guess she knew I was back? I didn't even think about that, she had a bit of an accent, part English, park American, so even if I tried, I never would've been ale to guess her skin color. I just was happy that it was a person with a nice aura. We sat on the camping chairs and chatted the night away. Literally!

She talked to me about the lady who hosted her the night before. The lady lived in Brentwood, nice neighborhood. It's where Gwyneth Paltrow lives. Apparently the lady advertised a private room to rent but when my lady got there, it was a studio that was shared by the lady and her three children. She was looking for the fifth person to squeeze in there because, clearly, four people in a studio aren't enough. I was like, wait! Did this lady post something about having other property elsewhere but this is her weekend spot? My lady, we'll call her Dot, was like, 'how do you know?' I told her that that lady advertises all the time. I saw her ad a lot when I was looking for a place to stay. I even considered it at some point. Dot told me that the lady is very nice, so nice that when Dot arrived, the lady left her with her children and spent the night at her friend's. She let Dot sleep on her bed because she was telling her oldest child to sleep on the floor and let Dot sleep on the couch but Dot wasn't ok with that. Confused yet?

Dot told me how the lady left her cellphone with her oldest kid who was at the apartment with Dot. Meaning, should Dot need to contact the lady, it was going to be interesting. The lady didn't want Dot to leave the following day. She tried to scare her by asking what if I wasn't who I said I was? What if my place is not where or what I stated I was offering on the ad. Dot and I thought that was funny considering the lady herself false advertised her place. We talked about all kinds of things. Dot was really cool people.

She paid to stay for a week. I had a special offer where you got a night off if you paid for a week upfront. She went for that deal. As a matter of fact, no, she didn't, she wanted that special  but didn't have the full amount, she wanted to pay half and half. I told her either she paid the full amount upfront or paid the daily rate. I didn't want to have favors with someone I just met, plus it was business. The only reason that brought the two of us together.

The following day, Dot went to work. After work, she told me how the previous lady had been calling and emailing, asking her to move back in. I was like dang! You only were there one night! She told me that the lady told her she liked her and so did her kids. Very interesting, considering Dot was only there from 10pm until the following morning, when she left around 7am; according to Dot. Dot told me she had to be rude and ask the lady to stop calling her because she didn't understand why the lady wouldn't get it.

We exchanged stories about rooming etc. I told her that I have no intentions of having a permanent roommate here because, I've had enough. I told her about some of my experiences about you-know-who. Lo and behold, that very evening, I got a call from Carly asking what I was up to. She wanted to come by, she was in the neighborhood. Well, she works in the neighborhood, so she's always in the neighborhood. I told her, sure, she could come by. When Carly walked into my apartment, she was staring at the poor lady as if she had a third eye in her forehead or something. I introduced them, we all sat and chatted. Dot got comfortable and was sharing all kinds of information in front of Carly, I sent her a quick text telling her to stop it. She quickly changed the subject. Dot was sharing with us how she makes her money, her gigs, etc. Knowing Carly, she was never going to leave. She would've asked for a notebook, and taken down all of Dot's jobs and poor Dot would've never gotten booked ever again. Hell no! The poor lady was trying to sort her life out, she didn't need weirdness.

Finally, Carly left. Dot told me she liked Carly. I told her I do too but, she must take it from me. She didn't kneed that in her life. That's when Dot started saying things like, wait, what did she mean by blah blah blah and blah blah blah. I told her we could stay up all night discussing her or we could talk about things that mean more to us and our lives. By the way, not long after Carly got here, she asked Dot if she's my roommate or my friend. Like, are you kidding me? Don't ask my guest such questions! You came here to see me, you have any questions, direct the to me and I will answer them accordingly. Dot smiled and pointed at me, as in, ask Brook! I answered her by telling her that Dot was neither and both.

The following day or so, Dot and I were both at home, she told me a story about a mess she experienced in a nice apartment she rented on Melrose. The apartment got flooded and all her art was ruined. Dot is a bit of an art collector and, according to her, an artist herself. She told me that her art from Europe and all over the world was fcked, there was no way of getting that again. Some of it was from street artist. She told me that she has lived in London, which explains the British accent and in Paris. The story was long and sad. I asked her if she sued the apartment people.She told me that she was thinking about it, she also surprised me by telling me that she told the lady from Brentwood about that experience and Brentwood offered to give her her real estate lawyer's contact details. She then told me that, they were texting back and forth all day, the lady from Brentwood was very helpful. I thought to myself, the same lady you told to lose your number because you're not friends? That was quite something.  It made me wonder about Dot a little bit. She told me the lady left as soon as she, Dot, got there but apparently, not before she told her the story of her life. The whole thing made Dot look funny to me.

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