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Life After Divorce

New Apartment, All mine!

Thanks to those of you that have been keeping up with my journey on the Youtube Channel. The day I moved out of my husband's, I took a video of the process, click here for that!

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You want to do something so bad, you can taste it, you try everything in your power to pursue it, it doesn't work out; you try and try and nada! You take a break, and then you try again and it work out! When it does, you feel like you're in a dream! Like you're floating! When that happens, don't ever forget that feeling! Always revisit that place when things don't go the way you want. Remind yourself that nice things happen to girls and boys like us too!

I'm a little behind on this blog, so I will try to summarize to catch you up!

Tour of my new Place
I wanted to do as much unpacking and settling in as possible, PRONTO, to get started with my new life! And I think I succeeded.
More of my place
There's something about coming from the place I was at that makes you REALLY appreciate having your own stuff. I did before, because I'm someone who enjoys my own company, but I did more so after my marriage.

Job Interview

Part of starting anew involves financial stability, doesn't it? Well, here we go, job interview! Also, check out my new neighborhood! Pretty and serene... just what the doctor ordered.

Temp agency quickly started sending me out to assignments. I had never really had a temp agency before, so it was something different. I am my own agent for acting gigs, so there's that! One of them were at the Natural history museum in Los Angeles. The funny thing about this is that, I had a friend with whom I had plans to meet up. I suggested some place, she suggested this museum. I love museums and intend to see all the ones around LA. I hadn't been to this one yet. Turns out, her boyfriend lives around the corner from there. My plan was to treat her but I am not one to make promises, so I was going to surprise her once we got wherever we were going. She kept complaining about how funds were low. Totally understandable but this wasn't about food or spending money, it was about catching up. One could always fill their belly at home and come as they were. Feel me? This location was going to be so convenient for her, she was going to walk, I was going to drive, but it didn't matter. We talked one weekend, she called me the following Friday to finalize. Saturday was our date. I got ready, called her that morning, no answer, voicemail, whatsapp, text, the works. Because I was going to have fun that weekend, nothing was going to stop me! I left her a detailed message about what time I was going to be there etc, in case she decided to meet up still. 

At the Rose garden of the Museum
I recommend a trip to this museum, they have a lot of events around the year, so, it's not just yawn fest, there's more to it! I wore my new Doc Martens that I bought during my trip to San Francisco may moons ago. I was in high spirits, I visualized and found free parking right across the street, it was a good day! I am here to tell you that, I never heard from that friend again! Well, months thereafter, I sent her a text asking if she was ok, she replied, "yes, I'm fine" or something to that effect. No, sorry about last time or anything like that. I was happy to hear she was fine.
      The following week, I got a call from my temp agency about an event they wanted me to work at, it was at the museum! How's that for coincidence? Now, they're going to pay me to be at this place! It was a fun gig, I met a nice girl with whom I chatted for hours and hours and hours. And I met someone whose energy I didn't love. She was very interested in me, but not in a positive way, she asked for my contacts. That person, may be in my blocked list! Long story, but we're summarizing now, remember?

Gigging at the Museum. Free T-shirts!

I got another job, it was an office gig for a week. I had fun dressing up everyday and driving to work like a normal person, knowing that it wasn't permanent, or else, that would've killed me!

Some of my looks, the Pink one was a Friday

For the above job, I was paired up with another temp, she was a minister, as in church minister type person, and all that! Caucasian lady, who asked me such questions as, "So, Brook, how did an African lady end up with a name like that? Did you pull it out of the hat when you arrived at the airport in America?" This and other weird sht about her, were the reasons I refused when they extended the assignment. I had been trying not to quit the whole week anyway because of her. Alas, I went against my gut feeling and stayed. Generally, given a choice between how I feel and money or anything else, how I feel comes first! Sometimes, you use your head and make not the best decision, cos logically, you need a job, blah!

No, thanks! I took a break from dating to sort out my emotional self first. The intention behind that was to not attract the same energy I just got out of. Did it work? You will soon find out, dear brethren! Oops! I thought I was the minister now! My bad! 

Selfies and low carb food, the usual!

I lit a candle with my meals because aromatherapy is life! And because I wasn't allowed to light candles in my marriage, so freedom! 

I made low carb pizzas and tried other recipes from scratch! Some of the recipes are on my youtube page

I got another gig, where my friend from the museum was working as well, so, it was a nice reunion. After work, we sat in my car and talked for hours! The above pic was taken when I arrived. I saw a car that looked like mine, and decided to pull a trick on them, haha! The fun thing about people who drive this car is that we like each other, we honk at each other in the street, and everything. It's a fun community!

More low carb recipes. I even made a keto ice cream! What the Martha Stewart is going on?

I came this close to getting a job in the airport cleaning planes! I wasn't excited about the drive and the hardness of the job but it was paying decently. The background checks! My goodness! The process took weeks, maybe months! The guys that do the hiring are rude as heck! I even got fired at some point, before I even started! Then they realized it was their mistake! Then I was back in the swing of things! Driving all the way to LAX for sht and back! It wasn't cute! I kept asking myself, why am I doing this? One day, I decided to set myself free and trust that I was going to be OK with or without that job; moreso without! 

Gotta Stay cute
My husband and I had been separated for almost a year at this point, even though we lived together most of that time. He moved on, I didn't. Nothing wrong with that, at one's own pace. When I moved out, I wasn't ready to talk to him. I wanted to be left alone and not feel manipulated and overwhelmed for a change. I deserved that! We all do! I told him that I wasn't against being friendly in the future, I was also not promising anything, but right there and then, I needed to be left alone. 

It was different, coming home to a house where it was just me because even though he and I didn't have kids nor pets, other than the spider, there were always visitors in the house. Even when he wasn't home, there were people around. I enjoyed being able to walk around my place naked without his mom budging in! 

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And last but not least! I tried keto for weeks and here's my review below! Press Play!

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within you, that is when you can make sense of the disturbance going on around you thats the power of law of attractions

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