Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Welcome to Tbilisi, the city that loves you!

Friday, 10 June
I arrived in Tbilisi, smallest airport I've ever come across. A little interrogation from the passport control, supervisor was called cos OMG! THERE'S AN AFRICAN IN GEORGIA! Supervisor was like, so? Then I was let through. I couldn't find my luggage. I looked all over the show. Eventually found it with a huge red sticker on. There was aready a police guy standing by to ask me if I had anything I needed to declare. I was like, 'like what?'. He said 'anything you think we need to know about?'. I'm like ' well, here's my laptop, camera and...'. He said, 'no, here in your suitcase! What's in there?'. I said 'my clothes!'. He said, "ok,". And removed the sticker.
In my head, I'm like, why not just search the bag, and leave me alone dude! Gees! Anyway TLG was waiting for me at the entrance with 2other teachers who arrived in the same flight as myself. We all had a 7hr layover in Istanbul. But didn't see each other the whole time or something.

We were then whisked off to Bazaleti hotel in town. Had a shower and a meeting in like an hour and a half of arrival. Yup, they waste no time here! We got our work cellphones, and talked basic stuff. Got introduced to each other. We are one of the smallest if not the smallest group. 15 people. 4girls. This is the only group of people I've ever seen where there are more guys than girls. Ever!
Dinner at 8. We hung out after that. I went to bed around 11pm. My feet were sooooo swollen!
Saturday, 11 June.

Training started at 9, breakfast is every morning at 8. I have muesli and yoghurt every morning. They also serve dinner and lunch stuff every meal, like, they have pasta at breakfast, so yeah, it's different!
The food is like interestingly prepared. The potatoes are never cooked, just half way, and there's very little salt in the food. I noticed when I was in turkey that the salt was very weak, like almost salt-free. You can't add enough salt in the food cos it itself is so weak. You'd need to salt the salt first.
Other than that the food is not so bad. I'm looking forward to home cooked meals though. I think that's where the nice-ness will be.

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