Monday, June 20, 2011

Caves, CNN, Supra and Happy Endings

Friday, 17th June cont...
We were told to dress casually.
I had track pants on and training shoes (snickers).
We sped through to some guest house, saw some normal looking people or atleast non-Georgian looking people. Who probably were Georgian. Someone whispered to us 'CNN'. There were cameras. And Chefs. I immediately thought my sis would've loved whatever is going to take place here cos she's all about food. Then I wanted to cry again. We were told to take a seat and that we'd leave in a minute. the nice looking cameraman did his thing (I've a thing for cameramen). He must have caught a 2second snippet of us chatting to each other. In exactly 60seconds, we left for Vardzia.
OMG! First of all my entire region is surrounded by a huge river! Then there are mountains all over the place. It's summer now and rains a bit so it's green everywhere! we parked the car and hiked up the mountain to some 12th century caves. You can google the history of these caves. It's amazing! We got up there, one of our police people needed to tell us about the place so he yelled and asked if anyone speaks English. The person that did, came forward! She spent the entire tour with us, translating for us out of the goodness of her heart. Which reminds me, I've to add her to facebook. She's a gorgeours girl frm Ukraine. They speak Russian there and so does our guy. We took some pictured. There's also a monastery up there where we were not allowed into and a small church, where we went in, lit 2candles each and left. we drank water from a well, I believe, the most divine water you can think of! And it was freezing cold, which helped cos it was scorching hot outside. You have to make a wish when drinking the water and it will come true (not the water, the wish!). Done!
We went back down, got in the car,btw one of the guys that went with us was kind of nice looking. So my type! I didn't like his voice though. It's like he doesn't know that he's nice pff. 100metres down the hill, we parked the car to a bunch of police barbecuing (braaing) for us! It was a nice surprise! There was a huge table set, the works! The braaid a goat for us! The entire thing, with its head still on, eyes, the works! It looked scary, I apologised to it inside before I had some. We had a supra (georgian feast). Lots of alcohol, tons of toasts and good food. The men were serving us. There was a huge cake as well that I didn't see anyone eating. I wonder what happens to the left overs at these supras!
There was a journalist frm CNN at the table who was our interpreter. Her name was Nino. So far, all the Ninos I met speak English.
We left about 4hours later. I was tired and sleepy and full.
We drunken drove to one of the guy's house and met his family. Then they dropped me off. Apparently they took Harriet somewhere and introduced her to some people before dropping her off.
When I got home my family offered me food. I declined. I saw the new computer with internet, got a call frm the mother asking if the internet works and if I like the computer. I was verklempt. I talked to a few people, and to Michelle, one of our group members for 2hrs and slept. A fabulous ending to a day that started very sadly.

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