Monday, June 20, 2011

Easy like Sunday morning. Except, it's not!

Saturday, 18th June
I slept around midning on Friday, and was up around 6 on Saturday. I hung out in bed and chatted on FB, Twitter, BBM and email.
I showered around 8 and breakfast was served around 9. My (host) mom came over with the little one. They took him home with them Friday night. We all hung around the dinning room. Some of us ate, some didn't. I ran out of airtime. Our service provider deducts 0.16 Tetri (64cents) per day frm our phones just cos they can. So one needs to always have airtime. If not, you'll have a negative balance and won't be able to make calls. Even to free numbers and you won't be able to use the internet even though it's got nothing to do with nothing cos you've already paid for that separately.
It's for the latter reason that I had tp rush to get airtime. We took a walk. The stares! People were gawking at me all over the show. We then went to the marked to see the place and I wanted to buy apples and oranges, mt favourite fruit! They were more expensive than I'd read somewhere! I heard they're GEL 2 per kilo (R8 or a lil more than a $1). They were GEL 3.5 and 2.5 per kilo! I bought two each, to taste. I'll go back if I like them. Mom bought strawberries and sunflower seeds. They shared those with me. I didn't know what they were and how you're supposed to eat them. They're an utter waste of my time! the thing inside is way too small for me to spend all that time and energy opening the thingy.
I had one of 6. But that was it! I don't even like shelled nuts or pea nuts cos I'm lazy! I don't like to sweat for food.
We bought ice cream cones for 30Tetri (R1.20) and off we went. More stares and we were home! Very hot outside!
O talked to a few people from my group as usual, went on youtube, checked out some Rihanna and Nicky Minaj songs, facebook, email, dinner, talked to Michelle for 4hours and slept!

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