Sunday, June 05, 2011

Journey by bus

I finally left the city of Gold!
I took a bus, sat by myself, thankfully!
The bus was 30mins late. I had motion sickness frm the time we left Melville, if not before I even left the house, if that's possible. Hate it:(

Thursday night, I went to bed around 11 pm. Friday morning, I got out of bed at 11 am, see a trend? I had a bit of a slow down and eventually dragged myself out after the 10 o 'clock episode of the Tyra show. Cooked a full meal, I cooked paap, my niece fried pork, we munched away before we even started work. You've gotta love us!
12 o 'clock I started tying the loose ends, bath time around 2pm, my sis got home at 3:30 pm. I was still not done, she helped out, and saved the day as usual! Thanks Aaliyah!
We left the house just before 4. I drove!
My niece got to park station earlier from elsewhere and queued for us. So I was #2 in line. Good times!
I asked the driver if I can sit just behind him, you know the first, spacious seat that some drivers don't want us to occupy? Well, this one didn't mind. I stuffed my hand luggage above, and was ready to go, soon as I bad farewell to my fam.
As the bus was ready to leave, a short man, with a shiny face and pot belly (no offence to all those with all those, I do too!) Came and ordered me to find another seat! So much for being 2nd in line! I was the last one to find a seat! I tried to explain to him that the driver said I could sit there, he didn't care!
Tail inbetween legs, I made my way to the back of the bus (frm front to back!). I was lucky to find a vacant seat just before the back seat, aka the driver's bed.
Not long after I settled in, Shiny was back to check my ticket. I showed it to him, he made small talk, I noticed that his glasses were too small for his face (just saying). He moved right along.
Done with his ticket checking, me minding my business (read: reading celeb websites on blackberry) someone pops up, out of nowhere, 'hi!'. He takes my laptop, puts it on the luggage compartment thingy above me, makes himself comfortable and goes, 'is that a computer?'. (It's Shiny again!) I said, yeah, (no eye contact!). Oh, why is it on the seat then? 'Because it's valuable and I wouldn't want it to go missing!'. 'K, it's safe there!'.
his arm is restig over mine, and he's looking me deep in the eye as I totally ignore him, then he decides to start reading what I'm reading. I still pay no mind to him.
He goes, 'are you typing an sms (text) ?'.
Me: nope! (Like, dude! How? You're resting on my arm!)
He: oh, are you playing a game?
Me: no!
I mean really now! Dude is sitting right next to me and can see I'm doing no such thing!
He finally left promising to come back when I'm not busy.
He fell asleep right away, just behind me and snored until we arrived in PE more than 12hrs later.

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