Thursday, June 02, 2011

FNB shoot and missed connections.

I cleared my place, gave away stuff, sold stuff (for close to nothing), ate junk food, moved stuff to my sis' and left her place a complete mess!
By night time, my mind was too busy to fall asleep.
I had my friend's hard drive. She needed movies from me. PC acted up. Omg, you've no idea! It would stay on for a few minutes to an hour at a time and then die! Then it wouldn't switch on AT ALL. I stayed up until just before 1am. Hoping to fall asleep and copying movies.
I managed to copy a huge chunk, on and off, eventually I gave up. After all, I had more pressing things to concern myself with.
I met up with Asa who had taken my 2TB (terabyte. An equivalent of 2000 GiGs) hard drive to a friend of hers who was meant to fill it up for me. DID NOT HAPPEN. I got it back and was pressured by my sister to ask an old friend of mine who stays in the same complex. Things ended weird for us and I wasn't prepared to humble myself before him. After an hour's persuasion, I did! He said he'd do it the next day. But refused to keep the drive with him until then. RED FLAG!

Thursday, 1June.
No word from the old friend!
I rushed to town for my shoot. I got there 5minutes lates. My first time ever being late for a shoot. Fortunately it was still dinner time and we started shooting half an hour later. It was nice to see Royden there. We did the Renault shoot together, the Wimpy and the kalahari as well. so at least I knew someone there.
I met a nice lady, I hope to stay in touch with. I'm trying to hook her up with my sister, they're the same age, I hope they get along. Neither is gay (no offense to gays) but I'd like them to be friends. Get it? Good! Get your mind out of the gutter!
I wrapped up at 3:35 and went to bed an hour later.
Thursday 2 June
Four hours later, I was up. Body felt like crap and I just wanted to stay in bed FOREVER! And I did! I'm still in bed, haven't been to the bathroom, nothing!
Just kidding!
My niece had a driver's license test. I took her to the grounds to practise. We got back home 2hours later, I had to take a bath, book my bus, tie some loose ends up and be on my way in 3hours. A story for another day! All in all, I'm still here, loose ends and all.
I took everyone to Mc D's for Oreo Mc Flurry's, we had pasta for dinner and called it a day.

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