Friday, August 09, 2013

Sexual Harassment

So Elvis had nothing nice to say about his sister. I mean, I have more nice things to say about her than him and He's the Daddy! Amongst other things, he told  me how the sister met her late ex-husband. He told me that he was married. Sister was single. He was a mechanic, she needed her car fixed, so she used to go to him, and paid him in kindness. Apparently she would go there even when she didn't need the car fixed. Anyway, they ended up together. The guy was married with a new born baby. He impregnated sister and subsequently left the wife and the baby to be with Sister. Apparently Sister showed no remorse for breaking up a "happy family" apparently, she and this lady were friends too. They had been friends since high school but the sister didn't care, she was doing her. Anyway, I thought wow, what kind of person does that to a friend! I had to take it with a pinch of salt because Sister was nothing but kind to me. It wasn't fair of me to judge and Elvis has been known to twist the truth. Like how he told me to tell the sister, if she asked that we knew each other before, I had to move to New York to be with my family. I had been back in the west coast for a while, the water something heater thing had broken in my apartment and the landlord kicked us out (my roommates and I), so he could fix it. None of that happened, obviously! And i had to lie and say  I was in my mid forties. Says someone who dated an 18 year old two years prior, ACCORDING TO HIM #SideLook. I never told sister that, lying is not my thing. I never told her how we really met either, I would just change the subject whenever that came up. Very uncomfortable! So at the laundromat, she asked me if he had ever taken me to a nice restaurant. That made me think a little. I mean we had been to a restaurant or two, but I don't know Nice American Restaurants. She was like, I don't mean, fast food restaurants, I just laughed that off and change the subject. she did give me something to think about though.

Anyway, one afternoon, while cleaning the house, I decided to tackle the kitchen, or the fridge because that was a project on its own. They had all kinds of old, rotten stuff in there, some from 2009, more than 3 years old, in fact, that stuff expired in 2009. Who knows how long it had been there? I cleaned the freezer, the top shelf of the fridge and Sister came home. She talked about herself non-stop, standing in front of the fridge, it's a small kitchen. It's also a small apartment, she could have just sat on her couch/bed, in the living room  and talked. I would have heard her, she was loud enough. She gets really passionate when she tells these stories of hers. All of which I have already heard from El. Only, their versions are polar opposites of each other. She was telling me about her son, how much she misses him, how their relationship became estranged, etc.

I promise, I will, as soon as the internet permits, show you pictures, I will see if I can post one of Sister's son and just fog it out a bit, dude is foine!!!! Anyway, I thought, seeing as I had heard that story a gazillion times already, that was a great opportunity for me to ask her how she met the son's father. She was already telling me about how he was so abusive, she loved him so much, but she had to leave him because she needed to live! I had to leave! I had to live! Lordy! She was on a trip about how she is so alone, the only sibling she has is a nuisance, her mother is dying, she never really loved her because she didn't do much when she got raped, the one person who really loved her was her father, but he died; he only child wants nothing to do with her and her husband died, his family didn't even tell her so she missed his funeral. HO- HOL- HOLD UP!  You missed your own husband's funeral? How did you get that right? First of all, how could you not know he passed away? excuse me! Excuse me! Sorry! Sorry, Just a sec! Can you... I just wanted her to be done with the stories already because she was standing in my way, I'm trying to clean here! When I was done with the first shelf, she told me, "that's enough, the rest of it is fine" Uhm, I'm sure it is, but I'm bored, let me do the rest of it! What the H! Don't tell me what to do! This wasn't your idea to begin with!

Anyway, she told me how she met him, he had just gotten separated from his wife, blah blah blah, they became friends, then once the divorce was finalised they got together. You should have heard me fire her with all kinds of questions cos I had already heard someone else's version of the story, I wanted to see who was lying. It was very close. Who am I fooling, It wasn't close, I still don't know who was telling the truth. for some reason, the money is on El though, his version was a complete lie! To cut a long story short, everything that El told me had happened, only it wasn't Sister who did all those things, it was an old friend of Sister's who was trying to steal him from Sister. they never had a kid together though, the friend and sister's hubby.

By the time he died, him and sister had long divorced, because she had to leave because she needed to live. For her son.

Elvis told me some interesting stories about the son and Sister too. Apparently, sister had a great job for 13 years with the same company. She lived a lavish life and I suspect El can't get over that, even though he "has a Business Administration degree" and was a manager of a few stores once. #SideLook

One of the stories are that, she was jobless on one of the Son's birthdays. She decided to take him to a fancy restaurant. They had everything they wanted, when came time to pay, she sent him to the car to get something, and followed right after him. They never paid for their meal. Allegedly! Remember, pinch of salt!

The stories are endless. It's a darn shame that a Brother will tell such character assassinating stories about his own sister, I really didn't need to know any of this, I didn't need to hear those stories, they have nothing to do with El and I. Instead of him talking about his eyes and maintaining eye contact while doing so, he would rather close his eye and talk about his sister. What a shame!

He did talk about his Exes, the 18 year old who was amazing in bed and the twenty something year old he had recently broken up with who was all boobs and a*s; the one who had videos on youtube, etc.

While he was on sick leave, he took me to his Storage garage. I had been there a few times already. It's in Hollywood right by some recording studio. I'm forgetting the name, I have pictures though, you will see on the upcoming picture blog. Everybody who is Anybody had recorded there. It was quite awesome being right by the gate of it! Anyway, we went to the garage, he wanted me to see that he had stuff, he wasn't just some guy blah blah blah, he has his car in there, a 1940 something Dodge challenger. He had owned the car since he was 16 and had been moving around with it in all his moves from all the house he had "owned".It's a project he had been working on for the past ten years. The thing is stripped and freshly painted, and he wonders why it has a few scratches already. He is going to get someone to fix the scratches, before they even work on the engine. I was like, how about you finish fixing it first, then paint it? He said, because that's not how you do it! Ok then!

He has it parked in the storage with tons and tons of stuff on top of it, I mean, he has tents, cat cages, and I don't know what, granted, he covered it up with a blanket, but still! He has a Coca Cola Fridge from some century in there, which, he says eventually, when he has his own house (without me, I ain't sticking around for that sht), he will have a man cave with all kinds of Coca Cola Memorabilia blah blah blah. He asked if I would let him have such a "cave" I was like, of course! Love you! (yuck!) He has more coca cola stuff in the apartment and another fridge! he also has a venting machine that sells everything for ten cents. He says he will have ten cents coins and give him to his guest whenever they want to buy coke. Nice idea, daddy! ON PAPER!

From Hollywood, we went to Walmart, then back home. Late that night, went to a different 99 cents store. One we had never been to before. I tell you they are a dime a dozen in LA, no pun intended. On our way there, the mood in the car was rather sombre. He asked if I trusted him. "Of course, I do! What's up?" I really don't. He told me that there's a case brewing at his work. Sexual Harassment. Tink! A bell rang in my head, he was probably suspended as a result of the case, he didn't have no flu, he was as good as rain! He told me that there's a girl at work who always goes to his dept to hang out with his colleague. She always says hi, how are you to him and that's it. But for some reason, his manager, because he is such a great employee, told him off the record that that girl filed a sexual harassment case against him. Apparently there's something she claims he said to him even though they hardly ever talk to each other. He told me that that girl is a poor employee, is still new, still on her three month probation and probably wants to get permanent by throwing him under the bus. He doesn't think it's personal, just his luck that she picked him.

He told me that he knows things about that girl, things that if he would tell she could lose her job but it was too late for him to say anything because, why was he quiet all along? It wasn't gonna be a good look. He told me that that's where I come in. Me? What'd I do? Well, I need you to call in or fax a letter to work reporting this girl. Tell them that you saw her pocketing money from the cash register blah blah blah. I knew there and then that I was doing no such thing, screw him, let his dodgy s go down! Chances are he's guilty anyway! He told me he had already asked Sister to write a letter to the job, he told her how to word it. She is working on it. I was like, I'm surprised she agreed to that. He was like, She owes me a lot, she will do anything I say. Wow! I'm glad I don't owe you sht then cos I ain't doing that!

We went in, got what we needed, then left. It was a really weird ride back home. With him dropping a bomb like that to me. He had been talking a lot about quiting his job around those days. It all made sense!

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