Tuesday, September 14, 2021

A Date with Truck driver

Because I went to the shops a lot, mechanics from these shops and I ended up friendly. Some, more so than others. I was in Salt Lake City. The company has a terminal there. I’m friendly with one of the guys. No preferential treatment though. This is not South Africa. Just kidding - ish. My truck was due for service. There was a long line. I joined it. When you live in your vehicle, it makes no difference where you park it. So what if you’re in line overnight? There were 2 trucjs ahead lf me. The guys ahead of me and I cracked up a conversation. One guy seemed much younger and the other older. I was the middle child. Story of my life. Not really.

The younger one was talking about how he’s one of the highest paid driver in the whole company  he pretty much claimed that he makes almost double what we make per mile. I get this a lot, I’ve yet to meet a trucker who doesn’t make an exuberant amount of money. The older one seemed nice, they both did  we all exchanged numbers. It made sense as we had parked each other in. Another driver, who was in the shop already, came out. He talked to me a bit. Then he asked if I wanted to go eat. I declined. He insisted. I thought to myself; what’s the worst? Plus, I was over the boastful young guy. This driver l, owns his truck but he’s retired, so he only works when he feels like it. Great! Whatevz. I ended up going to the mall with him  what’s the worst that can happen? We all work for the same company. In hindsight, you know what could’ve happened? Any number of things! 

We arrived at the mall, called the restaurant we were going to for directions because we couldn’t figure out where it was in regards to where the guy was parked. He told me to wait in the truck while he looked for the correct entrance. He would come back and find me. I thought that was not smart, so I got out and walked slowly behind him. Weird, I know. Nobody we asked about the food court knew where the food court was. Go figure! Most people were on vacation. Who knew so many people vacation in Salt Lake City? 

We found the food place, ordered and I sat down while he needed to step outside for god knows what. When he came back, he asked me what I meant by blah blah blah. Something that I had said to the waiter AFTER this guy left. I guess, he pretended as if he left but stood behind me? I still don’t know wtf that was all about. He knew about things that happened while he was gone. He asked me why I refused my bread and fries. He wasn’t there when that happened too. I was so confused! We sat there and had zero to talk about. My meal was $10. It was a sandwich place, Philly something something. He paid. I had my credit card and cash. Don’t be caught without means to lay for your own sht. Definitely don’t let a stranger treat you to something you can’t afford to pay them back for, in a pinch.

We went to a shoe store. He tried to buy me shoes. Do you know how many pairs of shoes I have? I asked him! More than a hundred. You do not want to buy me shoes. I don’t want you to buy me shoes. Thank you though. He told me they’ve a Buy one get one something sale, I could get the discounted pair. No thanks. 

On out way back , he stopped at Walmart to buy snacks. He then asked if I wanted anything. This was getting uncomfortable! Guy and I have same job. Why can’t I buy my own snacks? Like, I’m good! Enough! Can we head back, please? I guess that was the worst thing that happened. I got trapped. I sat in the truck while he went inside Walmart. He came back with a bunch of snacks and offered me some. I refused. When I got off his truck, no pun, he gave me a can of soup. I took it and left. 

Heading back to my truck, the guys I was in line with were still there. The shop was closed. I vented to the younger guy about the awkwardness of the trip to the mall.

I went to bed, woke up in the wee hours of the morning to use the bathroom. Lo and be fcking hold, there’s a rat in my truck! 

Driving a Golf Cart In Salt Lake

Tell u more about that soonest, gotta go to bed  it’s 11pm

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