Wednesday, September 01, 2021

My Truck got Stuck in Ditch

 Happy new month of September, Everybody! How was August for you? For me, well, let’s just say, I’m glad it’s over! Keep on trucking, right?

We left off when my truck was stuck in a ditch in the middle of America, trying to find my way to Walmart. One of the few times I’d driven in Montana in the daytime, now this. You’d think it would be the other way around! 

A lovely couple going for a walk, saw my giant truck blocking traffic. You must understand, I’m trying to make a U-turn (not advisable in a semi-hauling a 53 ft trailer), I went into a shoulder type deal and went as wide as I could, in order to be able to utilize all the space available. I just about made it out but my last left wheels of the trailer got stuck.

The edge of the shoulder was soft, with some grass and heaven knows what else. That’s what did me in. In more ways than one. There was a business right where I was but closed because it was a Sunday. Not that they could’ve saved me but perhaps, I could’ve use their phone to call somebody. Speaking of which! Somebody must’ve called the cops on me. A nice very young police officer came by. Man! That camera right on their collars is hard to ignore! I even asked if I were being filmed. He said that I wasn’t. I don’t see why not. Like, when do you decide to start rolling? Once somebody shoots at you and you die? But you're dead, officer?

I have the cop all my info and the truck’s info, he kept radio-ing people. He then told me somebody was on the way to help me. Fire people came by too. The cop had to go but someone needed to be with me cos God forbid they left me unattended, right? The firefighters were much more fun. There were two of them, hot, tall good looking guys. They kept thinking that if I got out of where I was, and go back in, but wider, I'd be able to get out. Except, I couldn't get out of where I was in the first place! Also, why would I go back in there? Last time I did that, I got stuck in the ditch. They were cool though, they thought I was brave to drive a truck, that and to do so by myself across the country AND they thought I was funny. Who doesn't like people who enjoy their jokes? 

Two or three cars came by and had to turn around. Luckily, it wasn't a busy street that I inconvenienced... or busy town / state. A tow truck finally arrived after more than an hour. The guy pulled the back side of my trailer off the ditch and got done in less than 20 minutes. Give me that job! It took him longer to get to me than to do the actual gig! Now that we're done, let me head on over to Walmart! I had never gone through something like this before, luckily no one got hurt. I wanted to talk to someone about it. Maybe I'll call my boyfriend,, Derrick.  

I arrived at Walmart. Giant parking lot with a section for semi parking (semi as in semis, not half). I backed into a spot with my muddy wheels from the ditch and ran inside. I remembered that they have wifi, took my iPad with me and video called the lover. When I went through all that thinking about our relationshit, I went through a few scenarios. One of them was to call him and officially break up, thereby making it hard for my own self to call him again thereafter. But then opted for the easier version of that. Which was to do nothing. Now, here we are! He picks up, looks familiar, and handsome, with that beautiful smile. He only wears white tees from costco around the house, so everything was just like I remembered it. There's a certain comfort to familiarity, especially with everything I was going through. My job was new, the cities were new, all the experiences were. I immediately asked why I hadn't heard from him and if we were broken up. He told me he was wondering why he hadn't heard from me too. This is only the smartest guy I'd ever dated and one of the smartest people I'd ever met. I wasn't surprised at his attempt to throw me off. I asked if he wanted me to contact him again or preferred I didn't. He said he wanted me to. I don't know about you, but when I ask questions, it's not about your answer but the in between and how I feel about what you say. I don't know how to explain it. 

I'm that assh0le who's walking around Walmart on video call. A random older gentleman comes by to see what's going on, so he starts chatting with Derrick. That was fun! I mean, I was the only other black person in the store, probably city and or state of Montana, who knows. It felt like Georgia all over again. If you're new to my blog, hi, I'm Brook and I'm black. Just kidding, who cares?

I felt better having talked to Derrick, He did initiate contact thereafter but, my mind was already made up that we were done, so I let it fizzle out again. When you've already started moving on emotionally from a situationship, why set yourself back? 

Another one bites the dust!

Let me pack my lunches and get ready to go to work. Thanks for checking in. I wish you a great month ahead. Do find me on social media @BabalwaBrook #BabalwaBrook #TruckerBrook

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Cheers for now!

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