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Trucker Dating: Truck Stop First Date

 I just attached a picture of when my truck was stuck in a ditch. That story is in the previous post. Now that my lover boy, Derrick and I have officially broken up, in my heart; what's next? I didn't waste too much time before going on the dating sites to see who all is in there. Much to my chagrin, it was majority of the guys I left there a year prior when I started dating Derrick. Man! Funny thing about dating sites is, the more things change in the world, the more they stay the same in dating sites. This was my experience when I would go off and on them. What's your experience like on there?

I remember when I first seriously considered becoming a truck driver. It was a truck driver I had met on a dating site who talked me into it. He would drive across the country and keep changing his location on the site to fit wherever he would be at the time. I was like, let's see what that's like! It was an interesting way to see America's eligible bachelors, throughout the United States. I joined a few sites and didn't put any energy into searching. I just replied to whoever wrote me. I mean, what was I going to do once I found a match with someone from Wisconsin? Speaking of which! I went to Wisconsin for the first time. It was prettier than I had expected. I went through quite a few cities and even spent the night at one of our company yards in one city. It was hailing the night I was at the company yard. I met a fellow trucker there, while I was doing laundry. He kinda rubbed me the wrong way (it doesn't take much!), then I found out he's Nigerian, so we ended up chatting for a while. He, not like everyone else, had marital problems. He became a long haul truck driver to escape his wife. At the end of the convo, he gave me my number or something. Nothing came of it, because I am not really into contacting people like that. All the numbers don't really get used. Sorry, everyone. It's not like I asked for these numbers. Plus, the guy did rub me off the wrong way, so. He wasn't trying to date me, he told me he wanted someone to talk to about this stressful life. I thought I'd already given him enough of my time to do that.

I also did my dishes in that rainy yard and cooked my meals for the week ahead. From there, I made my way to Illinois, I wanna say. My point is, I got a message to a guy on the site. I couldn't get a good read on him. I asked him for more photos. He asked for my number, in order to text the pics. I'm like, why can't you just add them on here, so that other people will be able to see them too. Do you want people to keep asking you for your photos? Anywho, my reasoning and his didn't seem to align. I gave him my number. He looked good. Well, he looked normal. Let's put it that way. We exchanged a few messages. It wasn't a conversation of two people trying to get to know each other. It was just a text exchange. A meaningless one at that. It was also harmless, so I'll take it. I stopped somewhere for a breather. When the guy found out my direction of travel, he told me I would literally pass his condo. He asked to meet  me. Wow! This is moving fast! Sure, why not? I couldn't tell you why any of us would wanna meet up. We knew nothing about each other. I guess it didn't matter to one of us, so, why should I care?

There was a giant Petro truck stop en route, I told him I would let him know when I got there. I did. I couldn't believe I was about to meet the complitest stranger I've met online. Normally, I screen them first. I put on lip gloss, check myself out for boogers and walk to the convenience store. He was already waiting for me in the parking lot. He gets out of this nice, maroon, newer SUV looking so much better than his photos. I thought to myself: who is this guy? what is he going here? What does he want from me? (the last one was totally rhetorical). We went to the Iron Skillet restaurant, my first time eating there. The last time I ate in a truck stop restaurant is mentioned in this blog. We had brunch. Nothing to write home about, I'm always on some kind of a diet, so I didn't have much. As he was seated across from me, he resembled Derrick a lot. That part was weird. The conversation was about nothing, just like the texts. Then we got up, he bought me some Wisconsin Cheese Curds for the road. That was nice.

Cheese curds from Wisconsin 

He bought himself Donuts cos growing up, his mom, bah. As we were parting ways, me secretly asking myself, what just happened, he came for a kiss. As in came for a KISS! His whole tong was already sticking out his mouth while his face was still reaching for mine. I gagged! Who does that? Not only cos we hardly knew each other but I could already tell it was going to be a bad kiss. I turned my face and gave him and his tongue my cheek. As he walked to his car, he said: Don't forget about me! Oh I won't! 

I texted and thanked him for coming out, dinner and for not shoving his tongue down my throat. That night, he asked to chat. Luckily, I had cell signal. We talked some, I was like, wanna video? Sure! We went on video. I had already established that none of us were naked. (wow! This fcking street sweeping truck is only sweeping the street now at: pm. Their window is . Imagine if someone got a ticket for being parked during that window and the truck is late. Who gives them a ticket. Sorry, I had to vent). He had on his pyjama bottoms and long sleeved top.We were just talking to kill time, when this mutha trucker thought it a good idea to flip the camera and face it to his groin area. He haha'd as if he were kidding as he stuck his finger in the pyjama bottom opening. I was like, are you trying to get blocked? Flip that camera back to your face. He did and told me I was overreacting, he was touching his belt. Who in the fck wears a belt with pyjamas? Even in Wisconsin, I'm pretty sure, that's not a thing. I got off that call, blocked his number. He messaged me on the site, telling me I misunderstood, he missed me, blah. I blocked him there as well. And that was the end of that!

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