Friday, September 03, 2021

Seeking Sister Wife

 I have to tell you, when my Truck stop date didn't go great with the online guy, I felt a sense of relief. I did continue to chat with guys online. I was on a number of dating sites. Some of the guys were as well, one guy, from Utah, was even messaging me on both sites. Actually, two guys! Both from Utah, come to think of it. Both of them were good looking. One was totally my type, he had outdoorsy pictures, bikes, boats, trucks; good looking but not too much, athletic; he could totally get it. He would send me one message at a time. It never was a conversation. He was more interested in meeting up as well. Kinda like Truck stop. He'd be  like let me know when you're in town. Sure! The other guy from Utah was from the same town I used to deliver in out there. He and I would exchange several messages. He was good looking, but in a way that was like, alright! Why are you on these sites? Are you a catfish? I even asked his Pink t-shirt wearing self to video call.

He did! He was much older on video and he looks better with a hat on. I get why he's got hats on in all his pictures; something I didn't even notice at first. He told me he lived with his mom. His mom had the upstairs of the house and he had down. Mh kay! He had pictures of himself in UPS uniform. I thought we had something in common in that we both drove trucks. Turns out it had been a while since he had that job. Great! Another red flag. The conversation was a yawn fest. He wanted to meet up. I told him I would let him know. I knew I had no intentions of talking again. No hard feelings.

This was when my face was recovering. Use your imagination 

I talked to a guy on a different site to the two these two guys were on. He was a ginger with light eyes. Great hair and model like pics. Then there was one pic that was a bit fuzzy. Usually, that's the one that's more of a depiction of what they currently look like. We gelled in our messages. He's a little older than me. On his profile, he had mentioned that he was looking for multiple women. So that was an automatic NO for me. We messaged for a few says. When he seemed legit, I asked to talk on the phone. He agreed. I also asked for more recent photos. They weren't as clear as the ones online. That was suspicious. 

I end up in Illinois, at one of our company terminals.I was going through some health issues. Something was going on with my face and I'd no idea what had triggered it. This guy was really cool and supportive. I dropped my trailer and drove to the emergency room with the truck. Luckily, there was one within 5 miles. There was practically nobody else there. We did the whole vital signs thing, pee in a cup, etc. Doctor told me I was in ketosis, too much protein and fat in my blood. He wasn't sure whether that's what triggered my condition. Doctor prescribed me steroids among other things. The process to get my pills was a trip and a half. Luckily, they gave me my first dose at the hospital. The pharmacy that I had gone to to pick up the meds, took my paperwork, told me to go back 20 minutes later. I did, and was met with a CLOSED sign. I was leaving the following morning. They were going to be closed by then! I was so frustrated I could cry! Why couldn't they page me? The pharmacy is inside Walmart. People get pages all the time at Walmart, WTF? Man! I asked to see the manager, he told me all the pharmacy store had left. I felt like I was being punked. The Wallmart manager, comped my groceries. So at least I got free groceries out of that deal.

Hospital wristband 

I got back to the terminal and chatted with Ginger. It was nice to have something to look forward to. Guy lived in Savannah Georgia. Apparently, he owns his house, which is in 5 acres of land. Good! Great for ya! I always have my Zillow on, so I have a decent idea what properties cost across the board, or I can look. That's neither here nor there. The very next day, my face looked almost back to normal. hallelujah! I was ready to facetime. Ginger and I did. Oh, by the way, when he did call me the first time, his voice sounded nothing like I imagined. In so much that, it was hard for me not to say anything, so I did. He kept being like, what do you mean? I was like, you sound much younger. I mean, he sounded like a girl, but that's OK. I can sound like a man sometimes, so maybe we are a match in a twisted kinda way. He had a sense of humor about that, he made his voice deeper and was like, were you hoping I was going to be like (insert deep voice) hey, baby, how you doin'? That was great! I love a lighthearted person. 

On Facetime, he showed up looking ten years older. Here we go again with this sht! I'm like, wait! Are we gonna talk about the fact that you look nothing like your photos? He was like oh yeah, those were taken ten years ago! Fcking hell man! You're out here looking for at least two women to live with you but you can't even be honest. What is this? I wasn't that bothered. I enjoyed his company and I'd read his photos. I knew I wasn't going to be one of his several women. When that came up, you could tell he was bummed. He thought that ten year old photos and 5 acres of land was enough to attract several women. Maybe it is, but I'm good! I can get my own acres, I'm not looking to be nobody's sister wife.He didn't seem to wanna talk to me again since then. Which is understandable.

I'd love to sit and chat some more but I've a 2am wake up call tomorrow. It's 6pm now, perfect time to go to sleep if I want 8 hours.

Love ya, mean it!

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