Thursday, September 09, 2021

Rest in Peace, Trucker!

Alright! On our previous blog, I promised to tell you more about my fellow trucker friend in the future. Well, guess what loves? The future is now! We met at the company terminal in Phoenix, Arizona. In the bathroom, to be precise. This woman can shower, yo! She was one of two people already in the shower when I arrived there. The other stepped out, so I used that shower. This gorgeous one and I almost finished at the same time. Neither here nor there! We cracked up a conversation. She is so generous, she ended up giving me some of her supplies. She had a bunch of plant based canned foods. I was on my high protein diet at the time. I gave her some of my stuff. She wouldn't take it, but I gave her no choice. She also gave me some Hyaluronic or whatever that skin stuff is that Eva Longoria spells out in the commercial. I felt so lucky!

We parted ways after we added each other on Facebook. I don't normally add people on Facebook. I save that for people I don't know. Just kidding about last part. She would like most of my posts but she herself doesn't post much. A link of injured animals here and there. She's a vegan and an avid animal lover. Once in a while, I'd message her and ask where she is, etc. She is based in Southern California, like me and was also on the road full time like me. This was February ish. We never saw each other again. This is not unusual. 

About six months later, I send her a message. The company had placed me in a hotel for a gross story that will follow in the future. She and I chatted cos I was comfy and chilled and she was home too. Get this, She had recently been diagnosed of stage lung cancer! What the actual fck! This lady already had cancer when she and I met. She was so healthy and so fit! I was shocked. It's true that we all are dying inside. Not to be negative, but we ultimately are going to be so dead that will really will be dead. If you catch my drift! She was bedridden. Whaattt? I was so shocked. I immediately didn't have a good feeling about this news. I just couldn't imagine her making full recovery. She had plans for when she was recovered. I wanted to keep her in that head space but I myself didn't see it. Of course, I didn't say anything to her. 

I found out that they used a wheelchair to move her around, like to go to her doctors' appointments. Wow! What is life? 

I made a concerted effort to stay in touch with her without making her feel like a victim. I had wondered if I would be able to visit her but you know, pandemic! I know how serious she is about her diet, so I asked if the people she lived with  were vegan too. I couldn't imagine feeling like a burden on people and them having to cook special meals for you. She told me that they were as well. I told her I was relieved for her. She went on to tell me that she has seen my food pictures (meat only, oops!), she then posted a throwing up emoji (🤮) and followed it with,  no offense. Someone please explain to me how that is not meant to offend? My goal was to be there for this person in need and here I am getting personally attacked. What am I missing here? I thought to myself, god forbid this be the last conversation I have with this lady. 

Not long thereafter, I messaged her to see how she's doing. I got a reply that her sister passed away. She lived with her sister.I was shocked. I asked if her sister was sick. The reply was that her sister was very ill and they finally lost her the night before. Imagine that! To check up on somebody within  went on her page and saw pictures of what looked like a funeral and hospital visits. It looked like she had hours of such a tragedy! I was so confused, cos I had no idea that her sister was sick as well. I wished her well, and thought, I would check on her again. Can you imagine the unfairness of one sibling passing away and another one being bedridden? Now what?

Not long thereafter, I went on My fellow trucker's facebook timeline and saw pictures of her looking like death. She had sent me photos of herself, her drips, blood whatnots, surgery scar, which was gigantic, etc.The pictures were gruesome, but what do you say to someone for whom that's a reality? 

Turns out, silly me; it's the sister that I was was messaging me! She was talking about my friend. My friend had passed away from the lung cancer! Gosh darn it, man! She died within a year of it being discovered. She would always tell me that her doctors told her, it wasn't looking good. I didn't like that for her, but I guess they didn't want to give her false hope. 

Friend's sister's patience is beyond! For her to answer all my dumb questions when I thought she, the sister, was the one who had passed on. I felt stupid and embarrassed. I went back into that DM conversation and apologized, thus explaining myself. She immediately replied and accepted my apology. She told me that she understood. Everyone is hurt from losing her sister. 


May her soul rest in everlasting peace! 


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