Sunday, September 05, 2021


 So, I met a guy in person! He had green eyes. I like blue eyes. I also like brown eyes, especially on girls. I like eyes in general. The truck had an issue. My truck has had several issues. This time, it was just lights. I was in Wyoming, before Kanye West moved there, haha! It was dark out, when I realized I didn't have enough light in front of me. I pulled over in a rest stop and noticed that one of my lights was not working. Wait! This is not the story I am trying to tell! This was taken care off in Wyoming that very night. I had a different issue. I think it was lights still but bulbs couldn't fix the problem. I was in Kansas when I encountered this particular one. I had taken a load there from Colorado. The load turned out to be lost. It was FROM Kansas to Colorado.

Dispatch made a mistake and made me take it BACK where it came from. So that was interesting. Customer was like, this paperwork looks familiar. It was! It was theirs! Anyway, I am in Kansas, shopping for a mechanic. It was the weekend, so the places were closed and blah blah blah. I stuck to driving in the daytime, which is what I always do anyway. I was in Wyoming, different story. Stay with me here! Dispatch had made me an appointment with a Freightliner shop. I got there in so much snow! I had never been to this location before, so I didn't even know where the entrance was. All I could see was snow! I went in, turns out, not truck entrance. I parked right at the entrance and walked in to enquire. They had a big thing of candy. I was on the carnivore diet then. But I made an exception for a piece or six of hard candy. I dropped trailer and parked bobtail along others (bobtaill is the truck part of horse and trailer; I guess, it's the horse. Also called a tractor). While there, someone comes to find out what's going on. It's the guy! At first, I was like, I don't know about this guy, he's giving me too much attention. I can be someone who is repelled by people who give me attention. Surely, I'm not alone in this? Thoughts? 

He climbed up my steps,held on to the mirror and whatnot to talk to me. I was inside the truck, the heat was blasting, it felt divine in there! I love me some warmth. That is one thing that does not repel me! I ended up going inside the shop. Everyone was so nice and funny, we did a lot of inappropriate jokes. At the end of the day, they left. It was around  5 or so. Wyoming so office hours are not like California times. No tea, no shade, just saying! I had to spend the night there. They took me to their lounge across the street. They gave me the door code and everything. It was a nice experience, I tell ya! I cranked up the heat in the lounge. There was no one else in there. I took off my sweater, took a couple of selfies, grabbed a few magazines and lounged. When I drove to the lounge, I got stuck in snow/ice. The green-eyed bandit came and saved me with his own vehicle. I was like, ahhhhh! He's my hero! What woman doesn't like superhuman characteristics in a man? Turns out, he also stole more candy from the office for me. Insert heart eyed emoji here!

We chatted a bit, he let to Thanksgive with his family. Oh yeah, it was thanksgiving time! Wow! What a way for me to spend the holidays. Please go ahead! Feel sorry for me! While in there, doing my own thing; eating a lot of junk! They had a huge sale on their vending machine stuff. 25cents for items. I mean! WTF? I'm frugal and I love junk. Could this have been the best thanksgiving ever? 

Someone opens up the front door. What? In, walks this guy with buckets and mops! It's the cleaning lady! He seems shocked to find me there. Granted! I introduced myself, he did too. Then the air got super weird. The room felt smaller. It's a giant room with big sectional couches. Then there's another one right adjacent to it. All open plan. I couldn't tell you if this cleaning lady guy did actually clean or not, I just remember the awkwardness. He stared at me, told me I was beautiful (where is the lie?)  Then he crept closer and asked if he could give me a hug.I'm like, no thanks! As I walked further back, trying to figure out where I would exit if this creepo tried something. Did I mention this was possibly the best thanksgiving, ever? Luckily, he left.

That left me feeling uneasy. What else will the cat drag in? Not long after, the door again. Oh gosh! Whoo hoo! It's Green Eyes, everybody! I didn't know I could be that happy to see someone I hardly know. I literally screamed. He came in with great energy too. It felt really nice. I'm smiling ear to ear just recalling that moment. I told him about the guy. He told me it's their cleaning guy. But he was surprised that he gave me the creepiness. He told me he would report him to the boss on Monday. He hung out for a bit. I felt the feels. I'm like, what am I going. Turns out the guy's married. His wife seems cool. I asked to see pics. It didn't get weird at all. There was an undeniable chemical thing in the air. It was nice to experience. To all you married people, don't come for me. I don't want your husbands. I'm just telling a story. I don't want anybody's husband, maybe their wives. Just kidding. He showed me his house that he renovated with his bare hands. It's gorgeous. I say, he should moonlight as that when he's not fixing trucks and stealing candy for random African female truckers. It was time for him to go. We hugged. And he left. That hug felt nice, it's amazing the difference between consent and not. 

Night time, I locked up, went into my truck, drove across the street, in order to be first in line when they get back in the morning. I was woken up by someone knocking on my window. My truck was frozen onto the parking lot. They have tools for that, cos, you know, Wyoming! They fixed me up. 

Look at all that snow on my truck behind me!

Good bye everyone, hooked up to my trailer, THAT was stuck on the cement too. It took longer for them to get me off the lot than it did fixing what was wrong with my truck. Which, it turned out was wiring, no electricity was getting to the lights. I finally left. Didn't get too far, due to road closure. I ended up parking at the library. They offer free coffee / tea. I went in for tea and ended up having a nice and long conversation with the librarian lady. She had great stories. I love a good story from someone who has lived a little. A guy came in to ask for directions. He and his family were on their way to Utah for a wedding. All the roads were closed. The library wasn't going to be able to help him. 

The following morning, I woke up to tons of beautiful snow white snow (haha) all over the place! Very romantic! Except, I had to get out of the truck, open up the hood, climb the tires to get to the windshield. Snow was piled up on the windshield. I couldn't even move the wipers. Nor, was windshield fluid able to squirt out. It was a thing! And a half! I was able to dance my way out of there onto the next destination. Not too far, due to weather conditions. Welcome to over the road trucking, folks!

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