Saturday, September 11, 2021

Holidays away from Home & Family

 I'm Back, back, in Cali, Cali! My usual stops during my time in town while on the road, were: Storage (sometimes), Definitely mailbox, Walmart for groceries and other necessities and bed. I always tried to be done early with whatever I'd be doing in order to rest. When Derrick was still in the picture, I spent most of my time in town with him, naturally. He used to marvel at how much I was capable to sleep. Most people who know me are. Not so much how much, but how easily I can fall asleep. My ex Calvin, used to backhandedly compliment me for how good I am at relaxing. I mean! What kind of a compliment is that?

He's not wrong, I know how to shut my mind up and relax. Which is something he isn't capable of. this is the guy who would wake me up at 1 or 2 am to discuss our marriage cos he was "feeling lost" What that really meant was, give me your vagina you f*cking C*nt! I haven't f*cked in 36 hours and you live here rent free! That's what that meant! It wasn't about a marriage, it was about his genitals. Actually, not even genitalia, it was about control. It was a form of abuse. It seems sexual because it involves sexual organs, but why do I wanna say it was more emotional? Like, how dare you rest when you haven't paid your rent bill for tonight? You wake the f*ck up and bend over!

Man! Do I miss being married to Calvin! Best time of my life! 

Speaking of being relaxed, I once was getting an ECG done. Do you know that the nurse called her supervisor because my heart was beating too slow? I was relaxed! Haha! Oh, to be me! Try breathing exercises. They're very good for your relaxation. Breathing is good if you're tryna stay alive. Ain't I hilarious?

I got a package in the mail. The handwriting looked familiar. This lady has had the same handwriting since middle school! It was a Christmas box from my sister Pumla of PumlasFood. Find her on social under that name. She's a TV chef and posts free delicious recipes. She also has two cookbooks out if you're looking for a Christmas gift for someone or yourself.Speaking of which, that's what I got for XMas. It was mailed all the way from South Africa! How special am I?


Thanks #PumlasFood

This was at the end of one long day! The gifts brightened up what was left of that day, moving forward. Pumla had previously asked me to choose between a pair of gold ear rings and violet. I went with the latter. Then I got a little confused. Included in my package were BOTH pairs! I page through the book and quickly found a note. PS, you may not be able to tell but  I have on the gold ear rings in the above picture.

Second Pair of ear rings

This was such a special gift. A small piece of home. 

Outside Post Office

Did I tell you I found out that our favorite, my WASband, Calvin read my blog? Click below to watch me escape that situation!

I will try to chat more soon. I'm pooped. 

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